Bryce’s eyes dilated to a confused one as he stared at Alex.

“Here you go..” Alex spoke while handing him back the paper and that brought him back from his thoughts.

“Oh… Thanks” He muttered and collected it.

“So sir, what do you want to know about my family” Alex asked, standing back straight.


“Well… First, I’ll like to know. Is that a birthmark on your right palm?” Bryce asked and Alex nodded.

“Yeah, I’ve always thought it was weird but I’ve learned to like it” Alex smiled.

“I see.” Bryce said and sat down.

“Have a seat” He added and Alex did as told.

“So I wanted to ask you if you can tell me everything you know about your family… Their business, deals, everything”

“I would be very frank with you… Your family and the Cooper’s are the prime suspect of the mass kidnapping going on in this country” Bryce said and Alex’s eyes widened.

“Do you realize what you’re saying!? My family is innocent, it’s true we aren’t that family goal kind of family but we can’t do what you’re accusing us of” Alex flared up and Bryce chuckled.

“That’s what I thought of too… I once had a best friend, we were both cops.

I thought he was the most kind police officer I’ve seen and guess what.. He was just a spy sent to kíll me” Bryce said.

“See? Reason why I’m telling you this is no one is to be trusted blindly.. We all have our dark sides.

I’m sure you already figured out I’m here because I’m on a mission so if you would help me facilitate my task I’d be glad” Bryce said

Alex thought about it and sighed then nodded.

“Fine… I’ll tell you everything I know about my family” He muttered and Bryce smiled.



“… That’s all I know” Alex concluded.

“I see.. Well I don’t see anything suspicious in them.” Bryce said.

“Told you so”

“Except one thing… This thing between you, your girlfriend and your brother, something definitely doesn’t sit well with me” Bryce muttered.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked

“It’s not certain yet… Just a pointless thought of mine” Bryce said.

“Though I’ll need to speak with that girl… Abigail” He muttered

“You can now go to class.. Thank you for-”

“No, there’s another thing” Alex said, remembering one detail he forgot.

“There was this period, one thing led to another and we visited the shaman, the shaman asked me to save her…

Then that very day someone made an attempt to shoot me but failed.

Then last two weeks I got ambushed and the person still said I should breakup with her or else they’ll kll me” Alex said.

“Yeah you told me about this” Bryce said and began reflecting once more.

“Then all these means that that girl is their next and main target” Bryce said inwardly.

“Alright, thank you for your time.. You can now go” Bryce smiled

“Sure” Alex nodded and left too.

Bryce leaned back on his swivel chair and looked at his own birthmark on the palms.

“Is it possible to have such a striking coincidence? If not then does that mean he’s my brother and if it’s so then that is a crystal clear fact that Marshall Leighton is Don” Bryce said.

“Guess I’ll have no choice than to come home… Mom, dad”


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