Episode 21

By Kebby NG

“Miss, I’m afraid what she needs now is body heat,” the doctor stated. Lena was a little bit stunned. Body heat? What body heat? Which body heat?

“What are you talking about sir? Can you be more specific cause I don’t understand?,” Lena asked as she watched Sharon shake terribly on the bed.

Jasper left the room to drop the sleeping baby in her cot. Then he came back.

“What I’m trying to say is that since everything I told you didn’t work, you should try to using the body heat method. That is, you have to get her nked and sleep with her. You’ll also be nked. As soon you sleep beside her, try hugging her tightly so the heat from your body can make her warm,” the doctor’s loud voice came through the line.


Since the phone was on loudspeaker, Jasper could hear every word the doctor is saying. What type of ambiguous position is that?

Get nked… Get her nked… And hop into bed with her. I’m shaking my head right now at the stupid thoughts Jasper is having. Did the doctor mention hop into bed with her? Why must his corrupt mind interpret the doctor’s words into something else?

“Miss, once you are able to do that I’m sure she’ll regain consciousness and it may possibly relieve her of the cold. But I’ll still come over tomorrow morning and check her,” the doctor said.

Lena nodded and thanked him. She quickly took notes of everything he had said.

“Brother, you have to leave the room. Or do you want to stay and watch us get nked?,” Lena asked as she saw that Jasper made no plans to leave the room.

“Let me do it,” Jasper requested, ignoring her question. Lena looked at him, confused. What does he want to do?

“What are you talking about brother?,” she asked him.

“Let me do the…the…,” he couldn’t finish his statement as he glanced at the bed. The tips of his ears already turning pink with blush. Lena noticed him staring at the bed while wondering what he’s trying to say.

As she saw his intent stare, she suddenly realized something and smiled.

“Brother, you want to do it for her. Are you sure it’s okay to do it since both of you will literally be getting nked?,” Lena asked with a mischievous smile on her face. She couldn’t believe Jasper actually offered to do this without anyone begging or asking him.

Jasper looked at her and saw the smile on her face. He frowned and quickly tried to explain,“I’m only doing this cause of Tia. What if she wakes up again and I’m not able to pacify her? So it’s better I just do this, whenever Tia wakes, you’ll be available.”

Lena’s smile widened. He can try to deny it all he wants and even use baby Tia as an excuse but she knows something is going on between the two of them.

When will they stop denying it and finally admit it?

“Brother, I just don’t trust you. Body heat can turn to something else. Since you two will be nked, anything can happen,” Lena retorted.

“Shut up Lena, whatever you are thinking won’t happen. Look at my legs,” Jasper answered feeling irked.

“So? The fact that your leg is not working doesn’t mean that your thing can’t rise. Let it not be that body heat will turn to nine months package,” Lena replied mischievously.

Jasper was stunned as he understood what she means by nine months package. “Shut up Lena, you were also there when the doctor said it can’t work again. So stop thinking of weird stuffs and shut the door as you leave.”

“He’s even asking me to shut the door. Hmm… I hope she doesn’t break your skull tomorrow morning,” Lena mumbled and quickly left the room before he says or does something in anger.

“Brother! Getting nked doesn’t mean you have to remove your boxers too!,” Lena shouted and Jasper groaned in frustration. It hasn’t even been up to two minutes that she left. Lena quickly ran away again.

Jasper steered his wheelchair closer to the bed and watched Sharon shivering. He began to undress slowly as soon as he finished removing his last clothing. I don’t need to tell you guys what the last clothing is.

Well as soon as he was fully undressed, he got into b.ed with her. There was no need to undress Sharon cause she is already nked. He entered the thick covers of the bed and pulled her cold, shivering body closer.

As soon as Sharon unconsciously sensed the warmth from his body, she moved even more closer to him until she was practically hugging him tightly. Jasper chuckled as she hugged him as if afraid to let go.

But he soon realized that their position won’t be favourable to him at all. Cause the way they are so close, he can feel her smooth, full bbs pressed tightly against his chest. She’s moving closer like she wants them to become one.

So she’s like almost on top of him. Hmm, maybe he should have left his boxers on like Lena told him to.

What kind of temptation is this? Their things are dangerously touching one another.

She looks so innocent like she hadn’t just done something to his little brother down there. He slightly chuckled at the fact that he’s really having an er*tion for fatty.

Wait, she’s not fatty anymore. He put his hands round her waist as she hugged him tightly. She doesn’t even feel fat to him. Where has she been hiding all these juicy, sxy curves?

He tried to hide a smirk as his hands went below, slipping from her back to her bum. ‘I hope she doesn’t break your skull tomorrow morning,’ the words Lena spoke earlier slipped into his mind and his hands stopped their movement, resting on the upper side of her bums.

“Well she’s unconscious right now so she won’t remember or know anything,” he mumbled to himself and made up his mind. Then finally his hands slipped down to her backside and he gently squeezed it.

He couldn’t resist squeezing it few more times while marvelling at the softness. Now, Sharon is practically hanging onto him just like a koala who’s holding on tight to a tree.

He smiled and kssed her soft hair. Looking down at her, he thought,“What are you doing to me?” Just like that, the silence in the room coupled with her slow but loud heartbeats gently lured him to sleep.


“Yes father, what Ben said is true. Aiden wants to dump me and my baby for Sharon,” Sheila said as she stared at her father and then at Ben. The three of them are currently in the mansion’s study having a private family meeting.

Mr Winston was surprised when Ben didn’t leave for work this morning like he used to. So he had asked for the reason and all he had gotten in return was that he was waiting for someone.

Who knew that the someone he was waiting is actually Sheila? As soon as Sheila came, they had immediately taken him to the study for an important meeting.

He wasn’t expecting them to mention this at all. “Why? Are they still together even though you are expecting his child?,” he asked his children and Ben nodded.

Sheila wiped the invisible tears in her face and cried,“Dad, Sharon seduced him. I caught them together. I don’t know why sister is doing this to me. Even though she knows I’m already pregnant for him, she went ahead and took advantage of his druken state. I caught them together.”

Mr Winston frowned,“Sheila, I’m not support of what you did by getting pregnant for her fiance but what she did is even more unacceptable than yours. Where the he.ll is she and why hasn’t she be coming home every weekend like she used to?”

Ben looked nervous not knowing what to say. He hadn’t thought of this when they devised this plan. Before he could think of anything, Sheila spoke,“Brother sacked her.”

“What!!,” their father shouted as he turned to look at Ben. Sheila realized what she just said and tried to fix the situation,“What I’m trying to say is brother caught her sleeping with the manager so he sacked her out of anger.”

Ben looked relieved as their father said,“So she has upgraded from drug addict to a slvt. That daughter of mine is the worst mistake of my life. I’m going to get her here right away and give her the punishment she deserves.


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