By Kebby NG

The ride home was quiet, the only voice that was heard in the car was Tia’s cry. But it didn’t last long because Sharon fed her.

Jasper was uncomfortable with the awkward silence and wanted to ask what was wrong but he decided not to because Sharon didn’t look that happy.

The silent went on even after they got home, she took Tia to her room.

“Sharon” he called her name the moment she stepped into the room and she turned to face him with a faint smile, he knew the smile was not genuine and his worries increased.


“Are you okay?” He asked with concern. She nodded her head in response before sitting on the couch, her voice seems to be lost.

She feels so sad as she thought about nothing in particular. She ought to be happy that the people who treated her like a piece of trash finally apologized to her.

She was able to make them pay them back in their own coin, but why does she feel nothing, nothing at all. She feels so empty and lost.

“You can talk to me, you know?” He reminded as he wheeled closer to her. “I know” her voice came out as a whisper.

” What’s going through your mind? ” He inquired. ” Nothing” she replied.

” Nothing? But you look like thousands is going through your mind” he said

” Maybe thousands of things that I am unaware of” she chuckle, awkwardly.

” Wanna share?” He arch his brows making him look cute.

“I would love to but I just want to sleep” she said standing up. She was about to walk past Jasper when he pulled her arm and she fell on his leg.

“What are you…?” She could not finish her what she wanted to say when he hugged her.

“What are you doing?” She finally asked but in a whisper. ” A hug from a loved one makes you feel better” he said

” Where did you read that?” She asked. ” In a book” he replied. She free herself from his grip before saying.” I didn’t know you like reading, I thought you are one of those people who hates reading”

” Why will anyone hate reading? Haven’t you heard the saying, the more you read the more knowledge you gain” he said

” You are right, but you don’t have a library in your house” she said. “Do you want one?” He asked

” What if I do?” She replied.” Then I will make one available, just say the word and I will make it happen” he said, proudly.

” You sound like a magician” she said. “I can perform magic for you baby” he wink and she scoff, “really”

“Wifey, you really have no idea of what your husband is capable off” he click his tongue in pity.

“I know a few things you are capable of” she said,” what do you know?” He ask.

“You are capable off….” She paused and notice the excitement on his face, he was so eager to hear what she has to say.

She chuckle as she said, “No” the moment she said that word the excitement on his face dissappeared. “I won’t tell you…. You might even up thinking that I am praising you” she added

” I won’t” he pouted, he really wants to hear what she has to say. “I am feeling sleepy, excuse me” she said and stood up from his lap before jumping on the bed.

“Cute” he mutter with a smile before his phone made a notification sound, he removed it from his pocket to check the message.



Ben and Sheila was sited in their living room each person in a deep thought, different thought to be precise.

Sheila was thinking of a way to get back with Aiden, she can’t have her baby out of wedlock. She sigh in frustration as his words rang in her head.

Ever since he broke up with Sharon he has been cold towards her or was it when she accused him of cheating on her with Sharon.

Was he always like that and she just didn’t notice? But either way Sharon is to be blame for everything, if not for Sharon. Her sweet Aiden would not think of calling her names or breaking up with her.

Either way her goal is to get back with him. Whoever dares to stand in the way will regret it. She loves him and she is not willing to let him go, never!.

Ben on the other hand was trying to find a perfect answer or a reasonable explanation to Alex sudden wealth.

He was nothing but a nerdy boy when they were in school. But he is now rich and powerful, he was able to buy all the shares of his company.

He kicked him out of his own company within a blink of an eye. How was he able to do that?

But he won’t accept defeat not from Alex, if he was able to get rid of him years ago, he can still do it now. All he needs is some money and power and he knows just where to get it.

From Sharon, he is going to use her but how? How will he get close to her? He needs to think of a way, he can’t just be tossed aside, he always make a come back and he will this time too.

They both sigh at the same time after their deep thoughts. They were about to have another deep thought when they heard the door bell ring.

They have been locking the door ever since Aiden barged in few days ago.

“Who could that be?” They asked each other at the same time.

“Sit, I will go get it” Ben said to Sheila as he took slow steps towards the door. He opened the door to see his parents, almost unrecognizable.

“Mom… Dad” he called as his jaw dropped.

Mrs Winston looked like she will pass out anytime soon, she held her husband for support. He wrap his hand around her waist but he was already tired too.

The moment Sheila heard what he said she stood up and rushed to the door.

“What happened to you guys?” She ask staring at them as if they were just her parents prototype and not her parents.

“Will you guys let us in or not?” Mr Winston ask as he struggle to help his wife stand.

“Mom?” Ben call with a questioning look as he carried her in a bridal style while Sheila support their father.


Few minutes later a doctor already attend to them and Mrs Winston was sleeping while Mr Winston sat beside her lost in thought.

“What happened dad?” Sheila ask and Ben got angry at her foolish and stupid question.

“What sort of question is that? You were there when they were Jasper abduct them, isn’t it obvious he t®rtured them and you are still asking what happened? Use your brain Sheila!” He snapped

” Was that wench there? Did she hit you?” Sheila ask referring to Sharon.

” No, it was just Jasper boys but she have us this” he said dropping the wedding invitation on the bed.

“They are making it official? We will be Jasper’s in-laws?” She mutter with a glint of happiness on her face.

” Are you sure this pregnancy is not affecting your way of reasoning? You are excited that the man who kidnapped and torture our parents is getting married to our ugly sister?” He asked

” She is not our sister, we are cousins” she blunted, ” Cousins? What are you talking about?” He ask

” Mom and dad made it clear that her dad is just our uncle, dad’s younger brother. Dad just took pity on her and adopt her after her parents died” she explained

” But she doesn’t know the truth right?” He ask

” Of course she does, dad told her himself” she replied and Ben felt angry. His chances of getting to her is slim and he hates it.

“That is not important” Mr Winston said and they turned to him. He groaned as he sat up properly. ” Once Sharon get married to Jasper she will become powerful and unstoppable, we need a plan to stop the wedding or get on her good side” he said

” Why do we need to get on her good side? We should be happy she is out of our lives” Sheila said

” Shut up will you! Do you think Sharon won’t come back for us? You think she won’t want revenge for everything we did to her?” He asked

” She already had her revenge on our parents, take a look at them, we barely recognize them because of the way they were beaten… What more does she want? Their lives?” She ask

” If you were in her position won’t you want more?” He asked

” Don’t compare me to her… I can never be in her position I am not an unfortunate bch like her” she spat.


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