BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1 Episodes 36, 37 & 38

*****EPISODE 36*****


My expectations were dampened but not so much cos the person I saw was welcome. Deji had been discharged from the hospital on Saturday but before he left I had given him tips of what to do during his spare time. He had been scheduled to come thrice a week.
He look so smashing and I gazed at him with a smile on my face.
“You were not expecting me right?” he said and I knew he had caught my earlier facial expression. I smiled at him embarrassed
“Not really. How are you doing young man? You look exceptional”
I said meaning it.
“Yeah yeah, my life has changed. I am better than fine cos my memory is back”, he said almost yelling and my eyes opened wide. I was out of my seat in an instant and I started asking technical questions and when passed the test, we both laughed happily. He brought out a cheque and stretched it towards me but I refused without even checking the amount. We argued for a while but he later hands down when he saw that I stood my grounds. We chatted for a while and when he left, I was smiling, very happy for him.

I threw my pen on the table furiously and hissed. I hadn’t been able to concentrate at all, I was always thinking about Richard. It was like he was tactfully dodging me cos I did not cross his path once. I had wanted to go to his office many times but I thought better of it but now, I wasn’t finding it funny. Everyone and everything makes me angry and I could not focus at all,
even music did not seem to wipe out the feeling of emptiness I felt so I decided to remedy the situation by taking away the façade and doing what my heart dictates.
I left my office and got to
my secretary’s desk. “Joke, please postpone any engagement I might have for the next one hour, I need to get somewhere. If there is an emergency, you can call me”, I said.
I was about getting to Richard’s office when my brain started bugging me with the fact that I should not be doing this but I was past caring.
I saw his secretary and greeted her,
“Hello Tolani, how are you doing?” I asked to sound casual.
“I am fine Miss Belina”, she responded.
“Please is Doctor Richard in? I need to see him
urgently”, I said hoping to get a positive response
“Yes, he is. Wait let me inform him” she said
picking the intercom
“NO. Please don’t. I want it to be like a surprise visit, please”
“Aaahh, please o, I might get into trouble.
He has been so harsh on everyone recently and I don’t want to lose my job”
“Don’t worry, he won’t do anything like that, I
promise”, without waiting for a reply, I went to the door and knocked. I heard the familiar voice say come in, a little above the normal but I entered. The sight of him made me forget all I wanted to say but he was not looking at me, his eyes were on the books on his table
“Yes?” he said without taking his eyes from the
I took a deep breath and said, “Richard” His head jerked up instantly and his
blue eyes pierced into my soul. I was shaking there, not knowing what to say so I looked at my hands and said whatever came to my
“Richard, I know I have offended you and I am
sorry. I should not have said what I said but I just could not imagine myself falling for a man so I tried to push you away with my words. I
know you have been avoiding me and you should cos what I said was bad, it is very bad but I can’t concentrate any more, I have been trying to work but I just can’t, I… I…” I stopped unable to continue. My eyes were wet and I just wanted to run out of there but I noticed a finger raise my head up and I was surprised that he was already at my front. We stared into each other’s eyes and I just wanted him to hold me close cos my heart was pounding wildly. I don’t know who moved forward between the two of us but I noticed that the space between us
had thinned and all I wanted was to have him kiss me. He bent his head forward like he read my thoughts and closed his lips against mine.
I was totally lost and when we finally
broke off some minutes later, he placed his head against mine and looked into my eyes.
“You don’t know just how long I have wanted to kiss you, heart. I love you so much”, he said
“I love you too with all my heart Richard”. He kissed me again. After the kiss,we just held on to each other and seemed to melt into one another. We went to the couch in his office and there, I explained everything that happened with Kelvin, my mum,
everything and he was so sympathetic. He promised never to hurt me but respect me always.
He then went forward to explain everything about his family, mother, love life
especially his affair with Tonia and how it had
become his nightmare after her supposed death and I felt his pain. I remembered that I had felt he had a dark side but I never imagined something as serious as that. He apologized for keeping away and said that he wanted to give me time to get over what I was going through and that he had climbed the steps severally on his way to my office but had returned back after a 2nd thought. We kissed, talked and laughed, by the time my phone
started ringing, I discovered that I had spent 3hrs with him.

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