??Betrothed to
Mr Arrogant??

(High school love)

Episode 11

By Humble Smith

Adrian’s POV continues

I took a deep breath and walked to school…

The only thing in my mind right now is what I’m gonna do to make her feel bittered,

I had mercy the first time, but it’s not gonna happen again..

Right now, I would fk her and take the video which I would share to every single student..

It would make her really ashamed and I guess that would teach her a lesson not to play with me..

I can’t believe I fell for that..

I thought I hated her so badly..
How then did I let her play with my emotions,

How was it possible that I wanted to kiss her..

How did my heart suddenly changed its best when my face got nearer..

I don’t know what just happened to me, but all I know is that Rose is my enemy and I would keep hating her till she disappears from my sight…

She played on me and got me..

I don’t even know how she was able to get me do easily..

It was so easy and I felt really ashamed that it took her less effort to make me fall…

I turned back home and entered my car before driving to school…

I’m very angry right now..

The only thing that would make me happy is seeing Rose being laughed at..

I just need the video clip of her screaming under me.

It would make her a laughing stock..

I got to school and didn’t give any student a glance..

I’m too angry to even look at those obsessed students, I have a lot running in my mind..

“Is it true that you are living with Rose??” Someone asked and I turned sharply to that student..

It was Rose’s seat mate..

I sat on my seat without giving him any reply..

His question is even annoying..

Am I the one living with Rose or Rose living with me..

He must be stupid..

I couldn’t look at Rose all through the lesson,she wasn’t even glancing at me…

We just sat like nothing happened…

The bell rang for break and I bend my head on my desk as my thought ran through many dimensions..

Rose is really beating me in this game, her own always get me badly even when I tries to overlook it..

I raised my head and gave her a quick glance, she was chatting and laughing with some students..

I suddenly felt angered the more..

She was happy while I burn in anger right here…

Just then, she turned her gaze to me and our eyes met..
I quickly threw my head away,

I don’t know what I am feeling..a mixed feeling of shame and anger..

I need to make her regret every action she had taken..

The fact that she is living with me would really make it a little bit easier..

I would make her feel pain like I am feeling right now…

I just pray I don’t have any stupid pity on her when she cries…

I bend my head on my desk and hadn’t even close my eyes when her voice sounded in my ear..

I didn’t move an inch, anger was boiling in me..

Seeing her would always bring that shameful memory, she had really hit me harder than I thought…

I never knew she is this good in pulling those stunt like that…

“Ady..” She called softly making me smile,


Why was I smiling????

She called me Ady…

It was so sweet in her voice…

I looked up and my gaze fell on that glistening eyes which was on mine..

“What!” I half yelled trying to contort my in anger

“I’m sorry if that stunt made you cry..” She said in those sarcastic tone that makes me feel like slapping her..

Why would she always come and say sorry..

This girl is something else..

“Do you even know what awaits you for pulling that stunt on me??” I asked with a smirk and she shrugged..

“I did no wrong, didn’t know you would fall, I was just playing, how would you even think I was serious, you fell easily and that means you have a huge feelings for me” she said with a smile placing her hand on her waist..

Could what she say be true???


I want to have sx and that is all….

“ having no single feeling, the only feeling I have is that of hatred and disgust, stop daydreaming!” I snorted making her giggle .

“You are the one day dreaming… You thought I am already falling for you, wow.. Its not that easy, make me fall for you..learn those tips to get a woman heart..” She chuckled and winked at me..

Some students who heard that couldn’t hold their chuckles…

I am just tired of this girl,

I’ll make life miserable for you…

I $wear!!!

I waited in patient for school to close,

As I sat there gazing at the space, my mind drifted to what happened at the roadside,

I could remember how I felt when her eyes pierced into mine, when she held my palm, there was a kind of sensation I felt.

I don’t actually know what all this mean, but like seriously, I was just wishing it could happen again,

I was wishing, she would hold my palm again and repeat those words seriously this time…

I don’t know why, but I just want her to fall in love with me,

I glanced at her and she wasn’t even looking at me,

A deep sigh escaped my lips as I lay my head on my desk with my head buried into my palm..

There is no doubt she is beautiful, she looks so stunning and enchanting,

There is no doubt that she is really affecting me in a way I couldn’t explain at all,

When she looked into my eyes and held my palm..
I had felt weak and drown into her, my mind was lost in her beauty making me forget all she had done, I forgot she was my enemy..

I could have pushed her away and call her a desperate slut or b****h but I couldn’t, I couldn’t even move my lips…

You can’t tell how surprise I am about this whole thing,

I can never call it love because there is nothing like love in my system,

I can’t love any lady because they aren’t worthy of it, I need them for that urge alone…

I glanced at Rose again and she also glanced at me making out eyes meet..

My heart skipped beat as her eyes met mine, I quickly turned to the other side…


What is wrong with me…

Just then, a student walked into the class, I didn’t even tried looking up, not until Rose ran to him and hugged him..


I raised my head and saw a new student who was really cute but not up to mine…

I found myself getting angry as Rose hugged him tightly with his hand around her waist…

My fist tightened as I gnashed my teeth..

This must be her boyfriend she was talking about…

Is he a student here?


This is really annoying, but..

Why does it hurt me that he is her boyfriend???

Not like I am crushing on Rose..

I hissed and buried my head in my desk…

“Adrian” someone called and I looked up to see Rose and the new guy standing in front of me..

“Do you remember me?” He asked and I squinted my eyes before waging my head..

I don’t even want to remember him, I had suddenly hated him for hugging Rose,

“I am Alan, your childhood friend..” He said with a wide smile…

“Oh yeah!!!” I exclaimed as I recalled..

“I can remember, wow so what’s up..” I greeted and we shook hand..

“So great…” He sat on my locker..

“Who is Rose to you?” I asked not knowing when it even escaped my lips..

“She is my…..

“Eh, what else if not girlfriend, this is my boyfriend I have been telling you about..” Rose chipped In and wrapped her arm round his neck..

My heart grew heavy as I silently prayed she was lying…

Why don’t I want her to have a boyfriend?

Do I want to be her boyfriend??

I don’t understand myself at all..

I could catch a glimmer of surprise in Alan’s face when Rose said that..

“Please Adrian, I have something to discuss with him, give us some time…” Rose smiled and took him to her seat while I stared in frustration..

Rose Is affecting me so badly, her presence alone makes me get confused,

I am sure this is lust and i am sure all this would disappear when I have sx with her…


The school bell rang for break and Rose took Alan’s hand as they walked away..

I went berserk like mad, it seen true, he is her boyfriend…

I nearly cry,

“Adrian, you no longer give us a glance, do you love that girl Rose?” I heard a feminine voice asked..

I turned and saw tons of girls who had came to ask the same question..

“What does that mean?” I asked with a sneer..

“You seem to get attracted to her, you always want to talk to her, you constantly glance at her, it seems you are having something for her” another girl said..

“Shut up those smelly mouth and get out!!.. She is my e…get out all of you!!” I yelled but something was amiss in me,

I couldn’t call her my enemy in front of the girls..


So strange…

“Do you love her??” Another girl asked staring at me dreamily..

“Love who?” I asked even when I know who she was talking about..

“ are angry she hugged that new boy, we heard that you saved her from getting an eye problem by washing her eyes when a substance got in…that means you are having a deep feelings for her..” Another said out making me weak..

These girls should leave me alone…

“How does helping means you have feelings???” I asked and they all giggled..

“The Adrian we know would never help a are really acting strange when it comes to her..”

“You helped her even when you detest is clear you want her to love you, it even shows in your eyes that you need her..”

“Adrian must be falling in love!!” Another girl stated

I couldn’t get angry with them…

Their word seem true..

I stood up, pick my back bag and left home..

Only one word kept resounding in my ear..


Can I still fall in love???

I got home and saw Rose sitting on the couch in the sitting room..

I hissed and head upstairs..

“How is my boyfriend?” She asked with a smile..

“He looks like an ugly duckling, I never knew you could fall for an ugly guy like that..” I scoffed forgetting he was my friend..

I just hated him without any reason..

Maybe because he is her boyfriend..

“You suddenly hate him..why?? don’t just want me to have a boyfriend…that is really funny” Rose said and started walking towards me..

My legs started wobbling, my palm went sweaty with my heart beat increasing its pace..

She walked closer and closer with those eyes on me again..

“Do you love me?” She asked and I heard it five times in my ear,
It was like an echo..

I bend my head avoiding her eyes…

“I don’t…love you…I can’t..stop thinking about that…” I forced out those words before turning to leave…

“Alan is my cousin!!” She said out and I jumped in glee making her gawp at me..

My face became bright and joy surged into me like a wide fire…

I turned to Rose and stupdily hugged her…


Well, I know I am stupid…

I had always been stupid since Rose came…

How can I hug her if I am normal..

I don’t know how to explain, but as my body clung around her…

I felt what I had never felt in my entire life…

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