??Betrothed to
Mr Arrogant??

(High school love)

Episode 21

By Humble Smith

Adrian’s POV

Sadness was all that clouded my mind and body as I found my way home, today can be said to be my worst day in life. I just don’t want to conclude the fact that Rose is gone for real but the way things are going on, I’m very afraid it may be true.

I was driving home all alone, she declined my offer of driving home with me, she left without even letting me know, she is becoming cold to me, she couldn’t even give me a smile again, once again Rose is becoming my enemy…

She had stated it clearly that the only guy she had truly loved was Shawn, that word alone kept piercing my heart…

I feel like killing that Shawn, I love Rose so much, I don’t need any soothsayer to know this. I am really in love with her and the more she ignores or stay away from me, I feel my heart grow dimmer..

All the female student could understand what happened..they had gotten the message.. Rose and I is no longer together…

I kept hitting the steering as I head home, I am really frustrated about the whole issue..

If I had known I wouldn’t have taken that call, all this wouldn’t have happened…


I finally got home and parked the car before scurrying in, I need to meet Rose again, I need to talk to her… She really needs to understand how hurt I am, how pained her actions were causing me…

I got into the sitting room and saw her smiling sweetly to something she was staring at in her phone..

I got nearer and it was a pics of a guy who I guess may be the Shawn..

“Rose!” I called so she would notice my presence after being lost staring at the picture..

“You are back..” She mumbled without glancing at me..

“You left without making me know, you don’t want to drive home with me..why?” I asked

“We no longer have anything in common other than being in the same class and living in the same house, so I don’t see any reason why I should drive with you..” She blurted

“When you said I am now your enemy..did you meant it?” I asked with a deep breath

“Well, you aren’t either my enemy or my friend..” She said icily leaving my heart heavy..

“The reason why you can’t forgive and receive me back is what I don’t actually know…” I breathed

“Adrian, you have a bad personality which is dumping any lady after you want me to suddenly believe you have is a risk to have you in my life, one day you would surely dump me for another girl..” She seethed

“What made you so sure that Shawn is back for real??..don’t you think he would have a reason for suddenly returning after so many you think it is normal??” I retorted and her face went berserk..

“Hey!!..stop thinking negative all because you want me back to yourself…” She snapped and stood up..
For the first time since we started talking, she looked up and our eyes met…

I walked closer and held her palm softly, she couldn’t move away, her eyes was fixed on mine as I held her closely..

“ of us is making a huge mistake, do you know that we may be soul mates, do you even know that we are truly in love??..our hearts tell us this anytime we stare into each other’s eyes..

You may be hurt by what you heard from my mouth, but what if they aren’t true, yes..they are mere words that means nothing, we have to stand by each other because we need each other in this life…” I said with pain

Rose POV

I stared into his eyes which I had been avoiding, my heart beat increased and I felt something different, I tried to move my gaze away but it was impossible..I couldn’t stop looking into those glistening eyes which was sending something into me..

I could see passion in it, he was really in love with me..I don’t know if I myself is equally in love..I don’t know, it is confusing to me…

He had walked closer and held my palm..on a normal day, I would have shoved my hand away, I would have dashed away from the sitting room…

All these was impossible right now, I don’t know seems like the more i try to hate Adrian, it is still very hard..

“Rose please stop hurting my heart, you are my first real love, if I knew anything about love and the feelings, it was all because of you…” He paused and pressed my palm softly making some sensation flow into me..

“Whenever I look at you, I see my were able to get my heart even when I tried not to admit it, I got to know that I need more of your love and care than sx..I couldn’t hate you after sx which I thought would happen..please don’t break my heart…” he purred and moved my palm to my chest..

“This heart beats for you” he muffled and I shut my eyes taking a deep breath..

I opened my eyes to talk but nothing came out, his eyes were teary and mine was also wet, I was really hurt to see him hurt..

The great memories of the past with him came flashing through my mind, from that day he said out all his feelings to me, that day I saved him from drowning..all these memories clouded my mind and I couldn’t tell when I hugged him tightly…

Rush of shudder went down my spine as I hugged him, I could hear our heart beat together, I could feel it deep in my heart, there something we had in common but I don’t know if it is love, how can I love him when I still have feelings for Shawn,

“Can we start again?..can we forget the past and begin again?. I promise to show you love the best way I can, please don’t leave me..” He muffled pressing me to his body .

Just then, my phone rang and we broke the hug, I checked the caller and it was Shawn, my heart flipped in happiness as I clicked on the green button..

“Hello..” I purred with a wide smile

“Just want to check how my angel is faring, you know I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m even about to board a plane in the next flight..” He cooed and I smiled but the smile was cut short when my gaze fell on Adrian..

He was staring at me with a emotions in his eyes, I felt sober and didn’t even know when I cut the call and dropped my phone..

“He is the one calling right?” He questioned and I sighed and plopped down the couch..

“I don’t think I love you Adrian, you are just touching my emotions..the only thing I feel for you is pity, I don’t want you to be hurt, I don’t think I love you. I wish I’ll leave this house, you are really disturbing me..” I stated with a hiss..

I’m getting pissed up, Shawn is the mab I love but I had been familiar with Adrian and like him as a friend..that doesn’t mean I love him..

“You don’t love me??..i’m a disturbance..the only thing I feel for you is pity.. I can’t forget these’s too painful. I think I have to leave you no matter how hard it is for me, love is different from pity, you are making me look pathetic.. I don’t need a girl who just have pity for me..i’m sorry for disturbing you..” He breathed with a drop of tears..

He walked away in a slow pace but every step sounded more louder in me, every step warns my heart of something I can’t explain…

To be sincere, I feel great joy with Shawn, I had been with him for so long, he is my first love, he taught me love and made me feel it..

He was the man that even took my vrginity. I had thought he wouldn’t come back again that was why I tried being with Adrian but now he is coming back, I can’t just leave him, he is tii sweet to leave.. I’m sure of my love for him, Adrian can just be my friend but my heart belongs to Shawn and Shawn alone…

Adrian I’m so sorry….

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