Ryan stands in the rooftop of the school looking at the students from where he was standing.

He sighs again and ran his hands through his hair, only God knows how badly he was hurting right now.

“You have to forget about her Ryan,,she and Clark are together now,,,this are merely feelings, so you have to do away with us, after all she is used to be the Cora Tiva, whom you hate so much”. Ryan muttered to himself.

“Ryan”. Cassie calls his name and walk-up to him smiling.

Ryan looks at her without saying a word.

“I just finished helping the library lady out,,,let eat lunch together”. She said smiling.

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“Am sorry Cassie, but am not hungry”.

“Huh,,,,why,,,,and why does your face look so sad Ryan, is everything okay with you, you have been wearing that sad face since morning,,and you didn’t even pay attention in class, like you used to, what wrong Ryan”. Cassie asked.

Ryan was about to answer, when he heard a loud scream, he looks down and sees Cora and Clark.

Cora was sitted in the swing, while Clark was pushing her from behind,,and Cora was screaming and laughing.

Ryan gulmps down nothing and made a step to walk away, but Cassie held his hand.

“Where are you going Ryan”. She asked.

“I just want to be alone Cassie”. Ryan said in a voice that could hardly be heard.

He released his hand from hers and walks away.

And Cassie just look at him, wearing a sad face.



Ryan hits his head, immediately he found himself in the gymnastic practice building.

“How did you get here Ryan, you are trying to forget about her right, so what are you doing here, Clark is her boyfriend, and she is never going to be yours,,,,just go back to the dorm Ryan”. Ryan muttered to himself.

He turns to walk away, when he hears the sound of a Gymnastic song, and he found himself slowly walking towards the Gymnastic practice room.

When he got there, he peek through the door, and sees only Cora dancing.

“Cora”. He muttered.

He continues watching every step she made, admiring how beautiful she looks, and he could feel his heart beating already.

As for Cora, she was so sad about the fact that Ryan was avoiding her, is been a week now, and she has been trying to talk to him, but Ryan was always snubbing or shushing her off, and the fact that he was always with Cassie, breaks her heart into a million pieces.

She tried to get him off by dancing but still it wasn’t working, all she could think about was Ryan.

Due to over thinking, she lost her balance and fell.

“Ashwn”. Cora muttered in pain rubbing her foot.

“Cora”. Ryan calls her name and quickly enters the Practice room, he Squat near her, checking her feet.

Cora looks at him and jerks his hands off.

“Am fine”. She said sniffing back her tears.

Ryan looks at her.

“You need to apply Aspercreme on it, so it won’t get swollen”. Ryan manage to say.

“I already told you am fine, is none of your business if my foot get swollen!!”. Cora half yells and stood up to her feet, but fall, and Ryan quickly held onto her.

“Are you okay Cora”. He asked.

Cora bits her lips and push him away, and Ryan looks at her with surprised.

Cora without saying a word to Ryan, leaves the practice room limping.

Ryan sighs and went after her, he got to where she was and carried her in a bridal style.

“What are you doing Ryan, put me down right now”. Cora said struggling.

“Not until you have your foot treated”.

“I can do that myself, so put down, I can walk on my own, I don’t need your help,,,,,,,Ryan!!!!”. Cora yells.

“Scream all you want Cora, am not dropping you down”. Ryan said and walks towards the school clinic.

Cora bits her lips and looks at him scornfully.



“Her foot is okay now, she can be able to walk properly tomorrow”.the nurse said after applying Aspercreme on Cora’s foot and bandaging it as well.

“Really nurse, she doesn’t need any medicines to ease the pain”. Ryan asked with a concern look.

“No Ryan, she is fine, her foot will back to normal once she removes the bandage tomorrow,,,,,and you Cora what were you thinking to have lost balance while dancing,,,good thing is not that serious, else you won’t have been able to do Gymnastic anymore”.

Cora looks at the nurse without saying a word.

The nurse sighs and face Ryan.

“You should take her back to her dorm Ryan”.

“Is that allowed”.

“Just explain to the security man, am sure he is going to understand”.

“Okay nurse”.

“And also let this be the last time you will wake me up from my sleep, is surprising that you are always caring about her”.

Ryan looks at Cora, their eyes met, but Cora was the first to look away.

“I will go back to sleep now, you both can do whatever you want”. The nurse said and leaves.


After a minutes of silence, Ryan stood to his feet and walks up to Cora, he tries to carry her, but Cora shifts.

“I can go back to the dorm on my own Ryan”

“You heard the nurse right, you can’t walk properly until tomorrow”. Ryan said and tries to carry her again, but Cora jerks his hand off.

“What with you Cora, am trying to help out here!!”. Ryan half yells.

“Now you care, I thought I no longer exist in your eyes,,,I tried talking to you a million and one times, but you snub me a million and one times, and now you show up, trying to care about me, who are you to play with my feelings!!!”. Cora yells as tears falls down her eyes.

Ryan looks at her and gulmps down nothing.

Cora cleans the tears in her eyes and continue.

“Since you no longer want me as a friend, I no longer want you as a friend too, am going to pretend you don’t exist as well, thanks for hurting me Ryan” She yells

Ryan runs his hands through his hair.

“You were the one who started it Cora!!!!!!”. He yells back.

“I was the one who started it, what did I do Ryan, what!!!!”. She yells.

“You hurt me when Clark kssed you, and you didn’t do anything about it!!!!!!!”.

“Yes Clark kssed me, but I pushed him off right away,,is that why you are so mad at me,,,,I thought you like Cassie, since you are always hanging out with her, so what if other guys kss me huh, what does it got to do with you, and why are you so affected that Clark kssed me!!!!!” She yells.

“Because I Love you Cora!!!!!!!!!!!”.


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