By Succie

Chapter 61

“So you mean they didn’t come back to the dorm”. Ryan asked the security man.

“No Ryan, I didn’t see them entering the dormentory, if you said they went home, then they will probably spend the night there”. The security man answers.

“But we have called both of their numbers, and is switched off”. Clark said.

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“Maybe they ran out of batteries”.

“At the same time”. Ryan asked.

“Well, I don’t know what to say to you both, but my advice is that, you both should go back to the dorm, and wait for them until tomorrow, is just few hours, still it becomes morning, just be patient okay”. The security man said.

And both Clark and Ryan looks at him and sighs, and they faces was filled with worries.



Ryan sighs and throws his phone on the bed, when he couldn’t get in contact with Leah.

“Something doesn’t feel right here Clark, is impossible for their phones to be switched off at the same time right”.

“I was also thinking the same too, is not possible Ryan, or should we call Ma Emily and asked her if both Cora and Leah are in the mansion”.

“You are right Clark, even if she is so furious at us right now, for hiding the truth from her, I still need to the needful”. Ryan said.

He took his phone, which he earlier throw in the bed, he was about dialing Emily’s number, when an unknown number call him instead.

“Who could this be”. He muttered, before picking up the call.

“Hello, who this”. He asked.

Audery smiles from the other side of the phone and said.

? someone you know so well.

“Someone who I know so well…look I don’t who you are, but just so you know, I don’t have time for your stupid games, I….”

?You are looking for Leah and Cora right. She said cutting him short.

“Who are you, and what have you done to Leah and Cora!”.

And Clark looks at him the moment he said that.

“You want to know who I am that badly, fine, am going to reveal myself to you”. Audery said and ended the call.

“Hello, hello, where is Cora and Leah!!!”. Ryan yells, but he soon discovered the call has been disconnected.

“What happened Ryan, who was that”. Clark asked anxiously.

“I don’t know who she is Clark, but her voice sounds a little familiar, I think she has both Cora and Leah, she is the culprit we have been looking for”.

“What!!!, Call her again Ryan, let find out what she is up to”. Clark sad with a worried voice.

Ryan nods and was about to call the unknown number again, when a video call came in his laptop.

He looks at the caller, and it was the same number that has called him on his phone.

“She is the one calling Clark”. Ryan said and quickly picks it.

And to the surprise of both Clark and Ryan, Audery appears in the screen.

“Audery!”. Both Clark and Ryan said at once looking so surprised to see her on the screen.

“Hi cuties”. She said over the screen, waving at them Smiling .

“What are you up to Audery”. Clark asked.

Audery’s looks at him and sighs.

“There is no need explaining anything to you guys, since I already explained everything to your LOOK ALIKES girlfriends”. She said smiling and also playing with her fingers.

“So you are behind everything that has happened to both Cora and Leah, you were the real culprit all this while”. Ryan asked in annoyance.

Audery looks at him and smiles.

“I see why you are the top 1 in our class Ryan, you are so intelligent, thanks to you, I saved my strength from explaining to you both, you figured it out yourself, just that you figured it out so late, and now I have those Two LOOK ALIKES wrapped around my fingers”. Audery said demotrating with her hands, as she giggles.

“You mon$ter, what have you done to Cora and Leah!!!”. Ryan yells as he looks at her in the laptop.

“Relax, Ryan, I just gave those two looks Alikes, the taste of their own medicine”.

“Your Evil, give Cora and Leah back”. Clark yells.

She smirks and said.

“Relax Clark, I know you love Cora alot, but you have to play a game. if you want her back you have to save her, and the same goes for you Ryan, you also have to save your precious Leah too”. She said laughing.

“What do you mean, where are you hiding Cora and Leah!!!!”. Ryan yells as tears falls down his eyes.

She smirks and said.

“Do you see this old and condemned cars, which will soon to be grounded by the grounder machine, your precious Leah is in one of those cars, unconscious of what is going to happen to her, and you can’t be able to know the particular car she is in”. She said laughing so dangerously.

And Ryan held his fist in anger, as his eyes turn red.

“You are a mon$ter,,,,how you could you do that to Leah”. Clark yells at her inside the laptop.

“Tsk tsk tsk my dear Clark, you shouldn’t be so cooked up about Leah being in danger, because your treasure, Cora is in danger too”.

“What do you mean”. Clark asked shaking in fear.

“Fine let me show you were your precious girlfriend is, just be patient okay. Audery said smiling.

And both Clark and Ryan watch as she walks to where they couldn’t tell.

Audery smiles and said.

“Finally we are here”. Audery said.

And both Clark and Ryan could see alot of tankers from inside the screen.

“Do you see these 50 tankers, it all filled with water, and it happens that your Cora is in one of those tankers, but which of them could she be in”.she said giving out an Evil smile.

And both Ryan and Clark jaw drop as there was tears in their eyes.

“How could you be so evil, Leah and Cora are your friends Audery, how could harm this way!!!”. Clark yells in tears.

And the sounds of Ryan’s hiccuping could easily be heard.

Audery looks at both of them from the laptop, and pouted out her mouth sadly.

“Awwn, I feel so bad for the two of you, but instead of sobbing in tears, why not try to save the precious lives of your look Alikes girlfriends, because in 30minutes time, they are gone forever”. She said and laughs so wickedly.

“Where are you Audrey”. Ryan asked between tears.

Audery looks at him and smiles.

“Well since we are playing a game here, am going to tell you where the gaming section is, Clark, you know where my dad’s warehouse is located right, that where am keeping your precious girlfriends, so you should save them, because your time for the game is already clicking, Tit Tok, Tit Tok, Tit Tok”. Audery said laughing.

And Ryan and Clark without hesitation runs out from the school dorm, to save the lives of their girlfriends.


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