? Daddy’s Spoilt Brat?
(A bet on her)

Written by Blês Sîng

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Meet Cali Salvador,the daddy’s girl, Her father is a multi billionaire and also is the famous man in manila.

Her Father which is Adam Salvador spoils cali with money just because she is the only child.
This makes Cali behaves arrogantly,she is rude and talk to people anyhow.

She hates commoner,she despises them like h.ell.

She is eighteen years old and also in high school which is named after her (Cali High School)the CHS is the best school and only the rich can afford it.Her father built the school in her name.

But those who can’t afford it is on scholarship.

Well who won’t want to be in CHS
The best school in Manila.

Cali has only one friend who is the same class as she is
Arielle is her only friend and they did everything in common.

Student doesn’t associate with them because they don’t want to be Cali list which will send them out of the school.

She is a proud girl and doesn’t tolerate sht from anybody.

Now meet Brian,Ryan and Neo
They are best of friends and they are also known as the BRN.

They are in cali school and in the same grade with Cali.
Actually Ryan is on scholarship and he is very intelligent,handsome.
The girls always drool at Ryan.
But Ryan did not take any interest in that.
He is not a player like his two friends who always have anything under the skirt.

Well,they made a bet on Cali that whoever meet her and date her for two weeks will have some cash and a car.

Well, Ryan did not like the idea his friends place on him but they persuade him so he doesn’t have a choice.

Ryan really needs the money so he can get his own apartment.
He lives with his aunt and uncle who has a girl named Natasha Gold.

His aunt always maltreats him anytime his uncle travels.
His uncle is a business man and doesn’t always have time with them and this makes his aunt sleeps around with different men. And this irritates Ryan .

This makes Ryan to need the money badly.
But Ryan’s friends want to have their way with Cali just for fun…


Who is gonna win this bet.
Get ready guys and don’t miss this interesting story.

And please invite your friends to read this story.

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?Daddy’s Spoilt Brat ?
(A bet on her)

Written by Blês Sîng

Episode One


“Hey, you fool, get me a cup of coffee.” I shouted at one the maid

“Okay miss Cali”She said about to walked to the kitchen when I called her back.

“Hey, are you dumb or what,
How many times have I warned you to stop calling me by my name”I said angrily

I hate it when someone call me by name.
only my dad can do that.
well about my mum

She is dead,I didn’t get to see her when I was growing.
My dad acts as a mother and father to me.

“Am sorry miss ca…..”
I landed a sl@p on her cheek and did not allow her to complete the name.

“ahhhhhhh ,am sorry ma’am”She said as she bowed her head and tears streamed down in her face .

I did not care.
“You are fool “I hissed and walked to dinning.

“Good morning princess”
I looked toward the stairs and saw my dad coming down.

“Good morning Dad “I smiled at him

“How was your night baby “my dad said kssing my cheeks.

“I guess it was fine “i said

“Common,let have breakfast”my dad hold my hand and we walk toward the dinning room.

The maid came with the coffee and trying to passed it to me.
The cup slipped off her hand and the content poured on my clothes.

She ga$ped and quickly went on her knees.

“Hey, are you stupid”I looked at my body and stood up .

My dad looked at the maid and went to her then landed a hot sl@p on her cheek.

“Dad look at my body, see what this clumsy maid did to my clothes”I said crying.

“Sorry princess,
And you for making my baby to shed her precious tears,
You’re Fired “my dad said and the maid was begging
“Am sorry sir, it was a mistake,Am sorry,please forgive me, it will never happen again,please” She was saying but my dad did not pay attention to her.

My dad and I walked upstairs to my room and i quickly went to the bathroom.
I stripped my clothes and enter the bath tub.
Thanks Goodness the coffee did not poured on my skin. that maid would’ve been in jail by now.

I washed my body and picked a towel,then walked to my room.

I saw dad operating his phone.
I walked to my closet and wear a nice outfit”

“Baby”dad called
“yes, dad ”

“on vacation, we are going to California”
my dad said

“yes dad, I love it “I said hugging him.

“you are the best dad”I said

“Anything for my angel”he said kssing my cheek.

I smiled

“Actually, baby you looked beautiful in this outfit”s Dad said

“Thanks dad”

We walked to downstairs and dad see me off to my car.

The guard opened the door and I entered the car,

My driver greeted me,but I I just hissed and concentrate on my phone going through any update in school.

We got to the school and the driver parked the car in my garage

Well, I know you are surprised I called it my garage,
I have my own special places in this school because am the queen here
I have my own library, my special seat in class.

so when you heard I called it MY
just know it is for me and me alone.

The guard opened the door and I came out and began to walked to my class.
on getting to the class, someone bumped into me and making my books that I held fell.


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