By Mha Rhy


Mrs Gunner disengage from the hug and caress Minnie’s cheek

“Thanks for being my daughter” she said

*Thanks for being my Mom” Minnie replied wiping her tears

“Your principal called”


” I don’t know but he asked to see me” so I will be the one to drive you to school”

” Ok that will be nice Mom”

” Let’s go” Mrs Gunner said picking her purse


” Yeah” they both left for outside where the driver is already waiting for them

“Good morning ma’am”

“Good morning Charlie

” Morning Charlie, Minnie replied and they all boarded the car

“To Minnie



“Michael when will Rihanna come downstairs? Jackson asked as they sat at the dinning

“I don’t know but am not sure if she will be able to come cos she is furious,I even had to take my bath at the guest room”

” What did you do?! Am sure you did something to make her angry?! Because Rihanna is not the type of person to get angry easily?”

” I did not do anything” I only help her to quench her thirst”?

” What did you mean by that?! I don’t get you” Jackson said in confusion

” It’s not for children” Michael grinned

“What are you talking about?_

“Good morning Jackson” Rihanna greeted walking out

” Hey Rihanna” just asked of you from this foolish friend of mine” Jackson smile

” Really?! Rihanna limped to where he was it was then Jackson notice how she was walking

“Rihanna what happened to your leg? He asked aloud in shock

“Hmm?! Actually I….. She itched her head not knowing what to say,

She couldn’t possibly tell him what had happened that cause her to be limping and it all because of this douchebag” she thought and glared at Michael who in return winked at her

“Rihanna you haven’t answered my question!”

” Yeah, actually_

“She was hit by a bulldozer” Michael laughed cutting off Rihanna’s words

“Bulldozer?! What bulldozer?”

“My bulldozer” Michael replied naughtily, and Jackson understand immediately

“Oh you mean you hit her with your manly mon$ter?! Jackson asked and Michael nodded

Oh my God” Jackson laugh

” Michael I will kill you today!” Rihanna shouted and pick the knlfe on the dinning

“Lord! Michael shouted picking his race as Rihanna Chase him around


*”Catch me if you can” Michael stuck out his tongue



Mrs Gunner car drove into the large compound and park at one side”

” Wow such an amazing car”

” It will definitely cost a fortune”

” Who is the owner?”

” I guess the owner must be inside the car”

The students commented as they awaited to see who the owner is, they couldn’t see the inside cos of the tinted glass”

” I just don’t understand why some people don’t mind their business” Minnie grumbled

” C’mon Minnie, Mrs Rosa laugh

Mrs Rosa stepped out of the car and the students gasp

“Wow! She looks beautiful”

Minnie followed and the students couldn’t believe their eyes

Let’s go Mom” Minnie said holding Mrs Rosa hand

” Is that her Mom? Mrs Gunner!”

“That was why she looks familiar”

” She is one of the richest in Singapore! ”

” Donna’s family is nothing compared to Minnie’s family worth

“Her Mom look so beautiful and young

Minnie shake her head listening to their comments

“Jobless people” she hissed

Minnie! ” Mrs Rosa said with a warning tone

” What Mom!” Minnie smile and Rosa shook her head

Here we are” Minnie announced as they got to the principal office

Mrs Gunner was about to knock when Minnie hold her hand

“What did you want to do?

” What did you think? Knock of course” Mrs Gunner replied and Minnie scoffed

” Knocking door means being disrespectful but barging in means respecting, Minnie and in a jiffy she barged in the principal office

“Everyone present at the office turn to look who could just barged in”

Minnie look at them round, and scoffed as her eyes landed on Chris whose head was already bandage

” Mr Elliot who is she? Mr Desmond asked

“She is Minnie Gu_

” Why are you asking him” you should rather ask me” Minnie caught off his words

“She is my daughter” Mrs Rosa said walking in

” Mr Desmond gasped in shock as they saw Rosa

” Welcome Mrs Rosa” The principal said bowing in respect

“Thanks” she replied simply before sitting at the free chair

“Mrs Gunner” Mr Desmond called smiling

“Oh Mr Desmond” you are here”

” Yeah” what are you doing here?

” I got a call from the principal with a complain about my daughter

” Dad do you know her? Chris asked in confusion

” Yes I do” she is my business partner

“Oh is this Chris?! Mrs Rosa asked and Mr Desmond nodded in response

” Wow you are more handsome than I thought” Mrs Rosa said and Chris blushed earning a scoff from Minnie

“Thanks ma” Chris smiled glaring at Minnie

“Mom how did you know this useless leather?” Minnie asked pointing at Chris

“Useless leather?! Did you just call me useless leather?! Chris asked furiously standing up

“You children should stop this” Mr Desmond warned

“Yes I did” what will you do? Minnie asked daring him

“Don’t cross your limit pigtails

” Chris” Minnie, it’s enough” Mrs Rosa but the two ignored her

“Did you just call me pigtails?

” Yes I did” what will you do?” Chris mocked

” It seems you are ready to visit your ancestors” and I will gladly help” Minnie said and drag his shirt and was about to punch him when she heard something that made her stopped

“He is your Betrothed!!” Mrs Rosa shouted

“What!!! The two screamed at once mistakenly Minnie fist collided with Chris bandaged head

“Lord!! He said silently and passed out

” Doughnut”!! Minnie gasped

” Chris!!

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