Episode 21

Onella smile and brought her finger close to her nose to smell.

” How was it?? Ameera, one of the class member asked as everyone stare curiously waiting for her answer.

Onella smile and face the students.

“My instinct was right, afterall. It coming from her hole” She said and clasp her hand.

Everyone bursted into laughter.

Chelsea ran out of the class and the laughter increased.


Peaches smile as she watched the whole scene with tears on her face.

Snow made to run after Chelsea but Onella block her.

“Chelsea dog, huh?? Not so fast” She clicked her tongue and Snow move back instantly.

“What should i do to you, huh? Choose a punishment for yourself” Onella said, her arms across her chest.

“Forgive me, i wont do it again” She said, fear obvious in her voice already.

“Should i check your hole too??

” Yesss”The whole class scream and before Onella could move closer to her… She ran out and everyone laugh.

Onella moved closer to Peaches and wiped her tears.

“Come on, dont be a wreakling… Onella wink and she nodded.

” Give it up to Onella Leonardo”Ameera shouted and everyone scream.


Ameera walked to them.

“Hey, am Ameera…. We can be friends, right?? Ameera said with a smile.

” Sure, sure… I like you”Onella replied and rub her hair.

“Oh, please am not a pet” Ameera chuckle and they laugh.

“So tell me, who the hell is Finn?? Onella face Peaches.

Just when she was about replying, Finn walked into the class.

” That’s him”Ameera said and Onella eyes widened.

She recognised him immediately.

“This guys….. Wow” Onella clapped her hand.

“We’re gonna deal with him real bad” Onella said.

“Sure, let’s do it”Ameera grinned, looking at him as he walked to his seat.

Just then, the biology teacher walked in and they settled down.

” Good morning guys”He said and took the marker.

“Good morning sir” They chorused.

“So before we proceed on today’s lesson, we’re going to be having a presentation on our last topic, i’ll grouping you guys into three….

Here’s the list” He said, raising the piece of paper up.

“Presentation again…. They all started mumbling.

” Silence…. I’ll paste it now, check your name after the class… “He said and walked to the side of the board with the paper.

” He should just pair the three of us together”Ameera pout.

“Dont do that around guys, they might just grab you and kss you.. ” Onella said and they chuckle.


” So, that’s it….. And where’s Chelsea and Snow? He asked when he noticed their absence.

“Chelsea poo on her pant so she went to take care of herself” Ameera said and everyone laugh.

“Yes sir, she stink so badly, Onella confirm it” A student said and they laugh again.

“Am serious here” He shouted and they all kept quiet…

“So… Back to business….


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