The Ray of sunshine woke the man up, the man stood up from the bed and without glancing at the woman beside him, he got dressed and left the room slamming the door angrily.

An hour later, Chanty regain her consciousness, she found herself alone on the big bed, the other side was cold but her body remember what had happened last night vividly

Last night was her bachelorette party, she had gotten drunk but she remembers that it was her fiance Sean who brought her into this room


Chanty subconsciously touch the bruises on her body and smile, Sincerely she never regretted giving her vrgnity to Sean as they will be getting married today

She was still in thought when the door burst open revealing Sean

She smiled widely as she saw Sean, but the smile wipe off from her face as she saw the bunch of reporters behind him

??Ms Liu,is it true that you cheated on your fiance?

??Were you with another man last night?

??Ms Liu, how could you do this to your fiance?

?? How could you be so shameless to sleep with another man when you are getting married today!!

Chanty head was messed up, how did she cheat on Sean?

“Sean what is going on here? Why are the reporters here? She asked Sean who staring at her disgustingly

Instead of replying, Sean walk closer to her and landed a sI.ap directly on her face


Chanty hold her cheek in shock before staring at Sean with a teary eyes

“You shameless wh*re! After everything I did for you and your family, you dare cheat on me with another man”

” What are you saying Sean? It was you I slept with… you took my vrgnty last night” she stuttered with her lips quivering

“You are really shameless, i only left you for a minute but you left before I could return, stupid me was looking everywhere for you.

Thinking you have lost your way not knowing you were here having a heated night with another man just a day to your wedding!! Sean yelled disappointedly

?? She is really a sI*t

??I can’t believe I respected a woman like her” another snorted disgustingly

“I formally announce to everyone that my marriage with Chanty Liu is officially cancelled,we are no longer a couple

“No.. no… You can’t do this Sean”Chanty cried holding Sean’s hand

“Let go of my hand wh*re! He snatch his hand and pvshed Chanty

Chanty fell off the bed and her nked body was revealed

The reporters stared at her body full of bruises in shock and started recording

Chanty grabbed the sheet and covered up her body but it was too late as it has been seen

Sean smirk seeing the pitiful state chanty is

“Now I’ll be free from you” he thought

“Let’s go reporters,I can’t stay here with this sI*t anymore” he said to the reporters who nodded in agreement to his words

??You are right

??I can’t bear to watch her bruised body

?? Let’s leave” they all started dispersing till no one was left in the room except Chanty

Chanty who was still in puzzle of the allegation she had been accused of regain her senses and burst into tears


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