Authored by Rowland Chukwueke

This must be a joke, Leona, I said internally, trying to convince myself it was all a lie but a part of me spoke rather.

On the day I was welcome by the king, I felt very nauseous that morning. I had thought it was just food po!soning.

The thought of carrying a child brought icy chill that shivered down to my spine.

HIS WEAK SURROGATE : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

Terr©r engulfed me. How would I face that d’mon? How would he react?

The room seemed to spin crazily, as it seemed I was viewing it through a dark tunnel. There was a frightening jarring in my head, my heart kept pounding violently, my body trembled, while my hand kept sweating.

I felt a lump on my throat as I climbed down the bed, and rushed to the bathroom.

There into the toilet, I threw up until I became exhausted.

I was really pregnant. I can’t have this baby.

I entered the room in trepidation. Seated on the chair was him that I feared most. The servants already left.

“Heard you’re pregnant “, He spoke stiffly without sparing me a glance.

I felt faint, and the nausea was threatening again as my body began to tremble, not for the baby, but out of fear.

He looked up starring deep into my eyes.

“That ba$tard in you isn’t mine, you know that right? “, he queried.

Though he sounded calm, I could still sense the anger at the edge of his words.

What does he mean, he’s not the father? He was the only one I had sx with.

“False. You’re responsible”, the words escaped my mouth in flash.

His eyes narrowed and his lips pressed together in anger. He was angry but he forced out a smile.

“How wrong I was to believe, you’re innocent. You didn’t only get pregnant by another, but tries to lay it on me. Such a faithful sinner with a notch of holiness “,

What’s he trying to say. That I was being pert with another?!.

This d’mon has apparently lost his sense of reasoning.

“Are you accusing me of infidelity after forcing me into a marriage against my own will? “, I asked calmly, trying not to provoke him.

I watched with terr©r as he stood up and went over to the bar and offered himself a glass of wine.

“Yes. I never released inside you, not even for once. I didn’t trust you and look I was right. Clean face with a bchy attitude “, he spoke harshly.

My heart sank as I remembered my first day here, was it the man of that night? Was I really carrying a ba$tard in me?

Tears wailed up in my eyes as I tried not to let them go. How could my once perfect and happy life turn into such a sad life?

Now he was really going to kll me with the ba$tard in me, without remorse.

“What punishment should I give you for trespassing? “, his question came like a blast to me.

My teary eyes met his cold and dangerous ones, as I shivered in fear. How could fate ever bring me together with such a heartless d’mon?

I was pregnant but he still wants to punish me. When would I ever be free from his torments?

Yes, that’s it. I only need to be free from him.

“Then let me go”,

My voice came as a whisper. He sharply looked at me, as it seems the universe stopped on his look.

‘Clash!!!! “, the sound of the breaking glass echoed through the room as my body began to tremble in fear.

He smashed his drinking glass on the floor.

“Never!!!!!. You would stay and suffer. My revenge must be”,

With that he left the room as my knees sank to the floor, my tears coming down in big droplets.

What have I done to deserve such destiny?

No, Leona, You have to be strong now, for your child. No matter what, it’s still your baby, my subconsciousness whispered.

I wiped my face, got up, and went over to the full-length mirror beside my bed.

“You now have another life in you”, I breathed touching my belly while starring at my reflection.

All this is happening because of Rita. If she didn’t betray me, I won’t have been in such a situation.

I won’t forgive her, never!!!!.

“Your Highness “, a guard said coming into the room.

He bowed stretching out his hand which held a phone.

With trembling hands, I took the phone from him.


? ” Leona, my dear”, mom’s voice came from the other end.

?”mom!!! “, I breathed a tear trailed down my face.

?”Leona…. “, mom cried making me cry the more.

Her sobs brought tears down my eyes. How do I tell her that I’m pregnant with a ba$tard, as Romeo said he wasn’t responsible.


?”Mom. Mom, I’m pregnant “, I breathed after some seconds of sobbing.

?”I know honey. I know”, her shaky voice came through.

?”I’m sorry mom, I’m really sorry… “,

?” No, Leona, I should be the one sorry, for what I have done and about to do”, she sobbed.

Her words were strange to me as I became curious.

?” What’s it mom? Tell me. You sound strange “, I breathed anxiously but no response came.

Only the sound of hard breathing and faint sobs was coming from the other end.

?”Mom? “, I called out.

A few seconds passed before her voice came from the other end.

?” I’m sorry, Leona, but from today henceforth… “, she stopped.

What’s going on? Why does my mom sound so strange.

?” Henceforth what? “, I asked nervously as I felt it wasn’t something good.

?”You’re no longer my daughter, and I, no longer your mother…You’re a disgrace for carrying a ba$tard. I’m cutting off every tie between us. I. I. I. Disown you, Leona. From today, you don’t exist to me”

The phone fell from my hand, as it seems my world was crumbling bit by bit.

“Your highness ”

“My lady ”

“Her grace”,

The servants called but it seemed to be a faint whisper as my tears gave way again. What have I done?.

It was all because of this ba$tard in me. I will get rid of it. Yes, it deserves not to live!!!!


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