I felt loved but used at the same time.

– Our going home together was really hurting my pocket.

– She took my love as an avenue to pillage me of my hard-earned money.

– I was just tired of being a mugu.

Read his story below:

I met her at a bus-stop somewhere in Abuja about to board a commercial bus home. When I noticed we were taking the same route, I immediately went after her. This lady was so beautiful that every eye was prying at her. Since I knew she would be alighting in the next few minutes I had to hurry up with getting to know her. Long story short, we spoke for minutes without anybody noticing because I was typing and showing to her. Finally I got her number.

As I got home, freshened up, the next thing I did was to call her. She redirected me to WhatsApp and we got to introduce each other a little. The next day, I called her to wait for me so we could go home together, she waited and when I saw her, she wasn’t sound, it was rainy and she was ill. To make matter worse, there were too many passengers around and too few buses/cabs to convey people home, one would have to jostle to get a cab and she wasn’t sound for that. I had to cross to the other side to get a cab at 4X the normal price just so we could leave the rain and go home. I was supposed to have continued my journey but I chose to accompany her till she got to the gates of her apartment. She gave me a hug and we parted. That night, our chat on WhatsApp became intense and we got along well. I didn’t tell her I wanted us to be dating, we just started dating since both of us were single. We continued going home together for weeks to the extent that some drivers and passengers started taking notice of us. Our going home together was really hurting my pocket as I was financing the transportation, and she never for once protested that I let her pay for herself (that was a bad sign, but I ignored it)

Three days into the relationship she told me she needed money for body cream and hairdressing. What? “Was that registration fee” I thought to myself. I only gave her about 5k for hair and told her I there was no money for her cream, she was disgruntled but I didn’t care. She started coming regularly to visit me, say twice in a week and each time she came, I paid her transportation fare since she always claimed she had no money. cry I practically reduced her coming to once in a week, until it became one week, one trouble. She once told me she’s my responsibility and I thought it wasn’t going to weigh me badly since it won’t cost more than 5k a week to maintain her, and it was normal to spend on your girlfriend. But I realized I was getting far from my family (my parents and siblings) I started giving excuses each time my younger ones ask me for money, I gradually became a debtor and it was devastating.
One day, I stood up to her and told her we need to be a little frugal if we really need to take the relationship far. She became upset and accused me of listening to friends, if she’s becoming burdensome, I should tell her. Well, we resolved the issue and then we continued. Some days later, she invited me to her friend’s wedding and I told her I won’t be available, she then said I should give her transport for the wedding, then it dawned on me she’s not a nice girl. Before I knew it, she was already at my place, I had to give her the last 1k note I had. She knew it was all I had yet she collected it.

I felt loved but used at the same time. What do I do now? How do I correct this?
I called her almost every hour, I reduced it gradually till it became twice in a day, I started declining her requests, became cold, stopped her from coming for weeks. She lost her phone recently and told me about it, she wanted a phone for Valentine’s, but I told her we couldn’t continue one week to the Valentine’s day. I was just tired of being a mugu. Spending on her wasn’t the problem, but she took my love as an avenue to pillage me of my hard-earned money. I learnt she got another phone, a costly one for that matter the next day after the breakup. She was my first girlfriend, and I’m not getting another till further notice.