I stayed with Jordan utill late in the evening when his mother arrived.She would be staying with him till the next day, so i was free to leave. Jordan’s mom thanked me profusely for staying with her son before i made to leave.I kissed Jordan lightly and left.
I met my foster parent having dinner when i got home, i greeted them and joined them on the table since i was also hungry.Mi dad asked about Jordan’s health and i told him he was fine.We were still in the middle of the meal when mi mom told me that the Stanleys came over during lunch, according to mi mom, they came purposely to see me but they met my absence.I decided to call Mr. Stanley later in the night or go over to there apartment later in the week.After the meal, i retired to my room.I went to the bathroom first to have a better clean up.
After taking my bath, i dressed up for the night and bounced on my bed.
I got my phone and unlocked it, to my surprise, i had more than twenty missed calls from kelvin.That was when i remembered that i activated the silent profile when i was with Jordan.For a moment, i asked myself a reason for my action. “Why am i hiding Kelvin’s reappearance from Jordan so much? Why am i hiding anything pertaining to Jordan from kelvin as well?” i asked myself.The only reason i could give for hiding kelvin from Jordan was because i do not want Jordan to see kelvin as a threat and my reason for hiding Jordan from kelvin was because i knew kelvin would never approve of my relationship with Jordan if i should tell him about the act of betrayal i caught Jordan and nelly in, years back.I took a deep breathe, hoping my reasons were good enough.
The beaming light from my phone brought me out of my thought.I looked at the screen and i saw an incoming call from kelvin.I breathe in and out before accepting the call as i searched for the excuse i would give to him.
“hey! Where have you been all day?” kelvin said almost screaming into my ear.”have been around the world.You missed me? I replied.gKelvin laughed for awhile and said “I know you’ve been around all the four walls of your room. Have been trying to reach you since dawn.At a point i thought you gave me a wrong number yesterday. What happened to you?”
i hummed and told kelvin that i was in the hospital with a sick friend.He asked after my friend’s health and i told him he was fine. Unlike Jordan, kelvin did not insist on knowing who the friend was.For the first time, i compared the duo.
Myself and kelvin talked about alot of things before i finally decided, we call it a day. Kelvin agreed and he said “Goodnight Love” before blowing me a kiss.At first i wanted to ask what he ment by “love” but i kicked against the idea.I told him to rest well and i ended the call.
I then called Jordan to ask after his health.To my surprise he asked for who i was on the line with for the past one hour.I frown and asked him “why?”.
“Been trying your line for an hour now and the reply has been, number bussy.Who were you talking with?” Jordan said.I told Jordan it was a friend and he insisted on knowing who the friend was.I told him he does’nt know that particular friend and he said “Ok, goodnight” before rudely hanging up on me.I stared at my phone for sometimes, trying to make out what was wrong with him.
I decided to wait till the following day instead of calling him back.
I layed on my bed to sleep with Kelvin’s last word echoing in my head.
At exactly 6:00Am, I woke up. I slowly came out of bed and said my prayer.I took my bath and i dressed for work afterwards.I packed all i would be needing and i went out of my room.I had a quick breakfast before going to greet my foster parent.I bid them goodbye and left in my car afterwards.
Immediately i got to work i called Jordan’s mom to know if he had been discharged. She informed me that the doctor was yet to arrive,she also said she would be leaving him soon because she had an appointment to meet.I told Jordan’s mom i would get him whenever he would be discharged and she thanked me with prayers before ending the call.
There was little work to do at my department and at exactly 12:00pm i was through with the work on my table.I signed out and left for the hospital.
Jordan was sitted in bed with his earphone when i got to the hospital, i gave him a peck and unplugged the earphone.”I thought you would’nt come for me” he said with a smile.”You know you are always on my mind no matter how naughty you are” i replied.”am sorry about yesternight mom, i just wanted to hear your voice so badly” Jordan said.I hitted him playfully and told him he was forgiven.Jordan told me he had been discharged long ago and i started to pack his things.I picked up his suit to fold and i noticed a small case in it b—-t pocket.I removed and opened the case. “what?!!” i screamed staring at me was a shinning DIAMOND RING!
The ring was so beautiful and classy, almost like the one i gave to Jordan. I removed the ring from the case and said “Jordan? What is this?”. I could see the discomfort in his eyes when he saw the ring, he frown childishly and said “OMG i did not plan for you to see that, how did it get to your hand? You are such an obstacle to my surprise package”.
The word surprise ring a bell in my ear. I remembered how khole’s proposal came as a surprise, i could not help but think about Jordan’s surprise as a proposal. “wait…. Did you just say surprise? Don’t tell me you want to propose right now” I said. Jordan walked up to me with a smile and said “what if i want to propose right now princess?”.
I sniffed unconsciously and said “you can’t propose to me right now. Are you planning on proposing to some other girl?” Jordan laughed for a while before he said “some other girl? No because you are the only girl i know and you are all i ever wanted. So tell me what is wrong with proposing right now?”
I fixed my gaze on him for a minute trying to find out if he was serious or not. I could see the seriousness in his eyes, so i quickly searched my head for an excuse to reject his proposal without hurting him because i was so not ready to get engaged at that particular moment. “Ehm, you can’t propose now, we still have a long way to go. You know am still serving, i need to get a Job and settle down before thinking about marriage” I said. Jordan hummed and said “you and I know that you can’t come across any difficulty in getting a job. But if you feel that you are not ready, its fine”
Jordan’s expression made me feel as if i had hurt him, so i moved closer to him and apologized.
He smiled weakly and said “Honestly, its fine baby. I wanted to propose in the middle of dinner that night, that is why i felt so rejected when you did not show up. But thank God you did not, this is how I would have been rejected. Its all good, i will give you all the time you need”.
I smiled and held Jordan so close to myself, deep inside of me, i felt as if i had hurt someone that loved me.
“Time to leave miss. Stop squeezing the live out of me” Jordan said and i hit him playfully, releasing him from the hug.
I carefully put back the ring and packed other things before we finally left the hospital.
The drive home was quiet, Jordan did not utter a word throughout. Not until i offload his belongings and i told him i was about to leave did he open his mouth. “why do you have to leave now? Thought you will stay with me”. Jordan said.
I kissed him lightly on the lips and told him, i had somewhere to go. He insisted on knowing the place and i told him, i was going to see the Stanleys. He said “Ohh, please send my regard to them” I noded and gave Jordan a quick peck before leaving.
I was just about to leave Jordan’s street when my phone started to ring, the caller I.D was kelvin so i connected my earphone and accepted the call. “Hey dear, where are you? You are not at work” kelvin said. I smiled and said “looks like someone has been monitoring me. I went to see a friend, am on my way back tho”.
” you wish. Just send me your house address, i need to take you somewhere” kelvin said. “But am heading somewhere, maybe next time you can take me there” i said. Kelvin bluntly refused and after much persuasion i agreed to go with him and i sent my house adress.
I turned the car around and went home.
I had a quick shower and wore a simple dress (a flowing short gown). I applied light makeup and wore a matching shoe and bag. I packed my hair and satisfied with myself, i settled in a couch waiting for kelvin.
Less than five minutes later, i heard a loud horn at the gate. I hurriedly informed my foster parent that kelvin had arrived and i went out to welcome him. Kelvin looked dapper in a simple round neck and a jean trouser, his dimple made him look so cute. He greeted my foster parents politely and we both left in his car with security men following us in another car.
Kelvin took me to a five star shopping complex. Everything at the complex carried a high tag. Kelvin shopped alot of thing for me, even though i told him i would not be needing most of them. He would pull me and put different dresses on me to know if they are my seize while i would try to free myself, telling him i do not like the dress. He would then tell me that he likes it on me and wink before placing it in the shopping basket. After shopping, we got big bowls of ice cream hand in hand and we settled in a chair to lick. Kelvin will sometimes act naughty and stain his lips with the ice cream while cleaning up for him, he would stain my face with it as well. I had lots of fun with kelvin. Adults behaving like a child.
We were still licking from the ice cream bowl when i heard someone scream “Nancy!” from behind.I turned back and the spoon fell off my hand!

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