Oluwatosin F

Chapter 21

He pulled the door handle and noticed it has been locked..

He pulled it harder but to no avail.

He muttered in frustration and roughed his hair.

He exhaled and pulled off his coat..

He threw it on the sofa and entered the washroom.

LITTLE MS CEO : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo



Minutes later, he came back to the room wearing a three quarters shorts…

He was shirtless, he moved to his closet that looks like a mini mall..

He put on a white top and sat on the couch watching as Lisa turned on the bed sleepily.

He got his phone and started playing candy crush game.

Lisa turned on the bed still sleeping..
She suddenly nudged up as she rubbed her beady eyes.

She sat upright..
She glanced at her side and saw Reece..

She flinched up..
Reece scoffed still playing his game but he knew she’s awake.

“So you decided to stay in my room right?”
He Said in a few.

“Biane,,I I’m sorry”
She said nervously and bowed her head slightly.

She rushed to open the door to leave the room..
She pulled the door handle and noticed it’s been locked.

She looked at Reece questioningly.
Reece rested his back on one of the throw pillows on the sofa.

“What do you think?
That I locked the door?”
He scoffed.

“then,who did?”
She asked annoyed.

“Guess who and stop asking me questions”
He said calmly but coldly..
He shut his eyes and rested well on the sofa..

Lisa thought and bit her lips really hard.

She wanted to bang the door but she knew it will be effortless

She slowly Walked to the bed and sat heavily on it.

The silence was really klling that she had to speak up..

“It’s becoming boring”
She groaned but Reece didn’t reply

He just kept his eyes shut.
She rolled her eyes..

She stood up from the bed and leaned closer to him..

She waved on his face but he’s actually asleep.

“He’s asleep,,He must be really tired”
She said lowly and adjusted his neck.

She pulled off the duvet from the bed and covered his body with it.

She sat back on the bed..

She was dozing already when she heard a movement from the door..

Someone actually pushed a tray filled with delicacies inside..

She spranged up and wanted the hold the door..

It was shut from the outside.
Lisa exhaled.

“Ella,stop doing this and open the door,,My Baby, please”
Lisa pleaded.

Ella giggled like an excited kid that just got a new teddy.

“I want a baby sister and I heard Alina saying her Mom and Dad stays indoor together to make babies”
Lisa widened her eyes at her na.ughty statement.


“Make a little one,,I promise to be a good sister”
Ella said and ran away.

Lisa sighed and bent down to carry the tray..

She dropped it on the small stool beside the bed…

She sat on the bed and palmed her cheeks.

“Little ones”
She repeated.


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