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In a fear away village, two boys could be seen running through the bushes, it get to a point where the eldest one couldn’t hold it anymore cos he has many injuries in his body and he was also weak

“Adam what are you doing? We need to get away from here before they will find us,” the younger one said

Seems like they are running away from home

“River we need to rest, am tired,” Adam replied and has a seat on the floor

The other person sits beside him and they embrace each other, turns out they are brothers

“no matter what happens Adam we will always be brothers and I will always protect you, and even if am not around don’t be scared in times of difficulty cos I might not always be around you,” River said.

“Are you leaving me too? Am I going to be alone now?” Adam ask

LOVE IS A CRIME : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

No, I will never leave you Adam, we are brothers and we will always stay together” River replied

Just then they heard voices coming their way and sprang up immediately

“This way,” River said running forward

Cos of the injury Adam has on his leg he wasn’t able to run fast, and River, on the other hand, was still running trying to find a better place they can hide when he got to a cliff, it was late at night and everywhere was dark that was why he didn’t notice the cliff and next, he missed his step and went falling

“Adam,” he called loudly and grab hold of a tree branch.

The people coming after them heard the voice and start tracing it. Adam on the other hand also heard the voice and increase his steps thinking that something bad might have happened

He got to the cliff to see River holding onto a tree branch and handing onto a cliff

“River,” he called shocked, and start pulling him

“Adam help me, pull strongly,” River said with teary eyes

Cos Adam haven’t eaten in days he wasn’t able to pull in out, he wasn’t going to give up either so he continued pulling, seeing that he wasn’t making any effort, River started crying

“Adam,” River called with teary eyes as his hand start to slip

“River, I can do it, I just need to pull strongly,” Adam said sobbing and still trying to pull his brother out

Seeing that the tree was about to brake and that means the two of them will die if the tree broke, River let go

“RIVER!” Adam shouted as he started falling

“No ooooh!!!” He shouted with all his strength



Meet Adam Monisha, the first son of king Monisha in Mumba village. Because of Adam, the king has to marry many wives to bear him many sons

But they kept dying, just because of Adam, all his family members hated him except for one person which is River

The youngest of them all, Adam was forbidden to love or be loved by anyone, he wasn’t allowed to know what love is all about and he tried klling himself but failed several times, even the members of his family can’t love him because of an unknown reason

Now the question is :

Why can’t he love someone or be loved by anyone?

What will you do if you’re deprived of love?

How will he overcome this?

What will happen if he loves someone or someone else loves him?

Will River be able to survive the fall?

What will happen to Adam now?

All is left for you to find out, join me let’s make it happen.




The king of Mumba village is a very strict man everyone knows him as a powerful and Crue king, no one messes with his subject even his sons and daughters

He has 15 children all from his 2 wives, Adams’s mother has four children which includes Adam and the second wife has 7 children all boys and one girl

The only princess of the community, no one knows that Adam is part of the family cos the way they treat him, today is his 19th birthday and because of that they decide to celebrate him for the first time

“Happy birthday Adam,” River said with a smile

“Thanks, bro,” Adam replied

They are all gathered in the big hall, he waited for his brothers, father, and mother to wish him happy birthday but they didn’t

“I guess you know that you have become a man,” his father said

“Father,” he called not knowing what to say

“Stay away from love, no girlfriend no love,” the king added

“Dad, you’re being mean, at least let him take his crush to prom next week, then you can ban him from loving again he has a crush on that girl for like ages now,” River said

“What did he know about love?” His mother asked staring at them

Everywhere was quiet

“I have made it clear to you and that’s final,” the king added

Adam looked at River and stood from the table River follow him immediately

“Hey Adam, you don’t have to be sad, today is your birthday,” River said to him

“Why me, ever since I can remember father have been mean to me, what did I do wrong,” he asked

“He’s not mean, besides you don’t have to let anyone spoil your mood today, I will make Sharon go to prom with you,” River assured

“Promise,” Adam asked

“Anything for you bro,” he added and they hugged immediately

A thunder struck outside his window and his chest start hurting forcing him to pull away from the hug

“Are you alright?” River asked

“Yeah….umm… I think you should go before your mother comes here,” Adam replied

“Sure, I will come back later,” River replied and left

Adam looked out from his window to see smoke in form of a human watching him, he becomes terrified and run under his bed hugging his knees




The family of five seems to be celebrating their daughter’s birthday in a fancy restaurant

“Mom and dad hope am allowed to have a boyfriend now?” Karen the celebrant asked

“You just turned 18,” Mr. Brown said

“What’s wrong with being 18?” Olivia the youngest daughter ask

“Olivia what did you know about this? We are talking about how to protect your sister from bad boys,” Mr. Brown replied

“What about me? Can I have a girlfriend too?” The little Eddy asked

“That’s when you turn 18,” his father replied

“It’s not fair Dad, am 18 now and I plan on getting a boyfriend that will go to prom with me,” Karan said

“Karen sweetie, we are just trying to be careful,” Mrs. Brown replied

“Fine, am going home coz you guys are being inconsiderate, Eddy can get a girlfriend when his 18 and i can’t have a boyfriend when am 18 already,” she added and stand ready to go

Mr & Mrs. Brown looked at each other

“Fine, you can have a boyfriend but I need to see him first,” Mr. Brown said

A smile appear on her face

“Thank you, Daddy,” Karan said and hugged him

“What about me?” Olivia asked

“You’re just 15 so you still have many more years ahead,” Mrs. Brown replied

“That’s not fair, I wish I can become 18 as soon as possible,” Olivia replied and rolled her eyes



The celebration had already ended and they went back home, Karan was so happy that wasn’t going to be the school nerd anymore and no one will pick on her again cos she was finally going to have a boyfriend

She Went into her room to freshen up, she was still in the bathroom when someone opened her door

“Olivia gets yourself out of my room, I always told you to knock before coming in didn’t I?” She asked

The person didn’t respond

“Olivia!!!” She called

The person still didn’t respond

She tied her towel around her chest and decide to check since she hasn’t started bathing already, she saw someone going out but the person is already gone

“Am sure that someone was here, I saw the person’s shadow but where did the person go,” she asked herself looking around

After some hours of not seeing the person, she went into the bathroom, seeing that she was gone the person comes out from their hiding place.


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