©?Opeyemi O. Akintunde

Oba, Ola, and Ope were in a big farmland rushing towards a particular farm.
They seemed very angry over something. Ope was the one leading the squad.
They got to a very large farmland, and written on it was “Sunkanmi
Ola was carrying fuel, which she poured on the few crops on the Land. Ope
followed suit by lighting a fire.
The farmland caught fire and out of nowhere, 10 strong valiant looking men
appeared. 2 of them spat out water from their mouths and quenched the fire,
while the remaining 8 of them rounded the trio.
With hands as strong as a hammer, they beat the trio to coma, and with their
long legs, they tossed Ola, Ope, and Oba like footballs and kicked them
faraway from Sunkanmi’s farm…
Mama Aladura snapped out of her vision…
“Ha!,” Mama Aladura screamed. She stood up from the mountain while
placing a call to her son…
“ Lucky, who is Sunkanmi Emmanuel?” Mama Aladura said to her son…
“He is a guy claiming to be a pastor…”
“ Ha!, he is not just a guy, he is a servant of God, a great one at that, I don’t
know what business your wife has with him, but she must have done
something against him, which made some heavenly beings to be angry with
her… The man has angels working with his ministry, it is those angels that
defended his interest…”

Ha! Mother!, What can we do, I told them I am bringing Ope to you, my
wife is not dead…” Lucky said weeping
“ I am on my way to town already, which hospital are you at the moment?”
“ State hospital!”
“ Ok… in the meantime, let’s find how you can get to the pastor… it is very
“ Why?”
“Lucky, stop your questioning and obey me for once…”
Lucky knew there was a deeper meaning to what his mother had just said.
He was the only son of his mother who had three other daughters. He was
the rebellious one.
His mother had trained them in the way of the Lord, but he had always
wanted to be on the other side of
He wanted the drinking, clubbing, smoking, womanizing part of life, but his
mother would not agree, which made him become rebellious very early
always arguing with his mother…
At that point, he knew arguments were not going to solve his problem as Ope
had been confirmed dead 5 minutes earlier, but he trusted the God of his
mother could raise her up…

Sukki had heard the bad news from Austin. Sexy Sasha was dead, Strawberry
and her brother were in a coma…
“God, three souls can’t be lost because of me, please father, bring them back!”
Sukki cried in his bedroom.

The kick the valiant men had given the trio landed them before a big gate,
that opened up to a large farmland…
A man dressed as a farmer who was the gateman of the farmland saw the trio.
He walked up to them and told them to follow him…
The trio walked quietly behind the farmer as they approached a beautiful
Farmhouse ahead…
When they got to the farmhouse, the farmer said from below looking up to
the tall farmhouse.
“ Father, your children Oluwasomidoba, Idiopemipo and Kikiolaoluwa, the
earthly children of Jenriayegbe have arrived…
HIM who was called FATHER Stepped out of His Farmhouse. He looked
Ancient but Handsome.
The trio found themselves bowing before FATHER…
“ Oluwasomidoba, Idiopemipo, and Kikiolaoluwa, what are you doing here?
I wasn’t expecting you back here so soon, Oluwasomidoba, you still have 56
years more to spend, if you wanted to, while You two girls still have 57 years
more to spend, so why the rush back home?”
“ We were cut down by the men watching over Sunkanmi Emmanuel’s farm,”
Oba said with regrets…
“ I know, I was just asking you why you let anger, unforgiveness to get the
best of you. You caused your untimely return yourselves… “FATHER said
“ We are sorry, we felt he was trying to grow poisonous crops on his farm that
will destroy the lives of people since he wasn’t a well-trained farmer,” Ope
Really? Interesting! Idiopemipo, you seem to know so much about
Sunkanmi’s farm, what about your farm?”
“ My farm ?”
“ Yes Idiopemipo, you have over 8 million people eating from your farm,
what do you feed them?”
Ope became mute immediately…
“ What’s wrong Idiopemipo?, You have no answers for me… Well, Let’s take
a stroll to your farm for inspection. Let’s see if you are better than
FATHER walked down from the tall Farmhouse and the trio followed him…
As they moved on and passed different farms, they saw a name that was
familiar “ JUMOKE JOHNSON”. The farm was very green with different
fruits on it.
“ You remember her?” Father asked and the trio nodded as they remembered
the first angel in human form they had met.

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