ONE LAST ONLY GIRL: Episode 1-10

Episode 1
By Juanita Jenny Zamudunga
In Mr Patel’s Mansion

“Dad, we are ready to go”David, the first born of the family.
“Where is stanaziel”Jamie asked looking around.
“Dad, please can’t we just go without him? We are always late for classes because of him”Lawrence complained.
“On my orders, no one lives the house without Stan, if you know that you will trek, then its fine with me”he took the remote and tuned to news Chanel.
“My husband, why do you treat them as if they are not your children? “Caro, the wife interfered.
“I don’t see why you people are complaining, just to remind you, everything I have belongs to Stan and conai so let me have my peace”he said fixing his eyes on the television.
“This is not fair, this is not fair at all”David said and just then Stan come down the stairs.
“Dad, I am done”he said and Jamie smiled at him.
“Have a good day son, James, take his bag to the car”he said while pecking Stan.
“Dad, stop treating me like a baby,I am arleady 10″he said.
“You will forever be a child to me Stan, Mark, please drive then safely “he instructed the kids driver and just then all the kids matched out of the house.
The break time bell has already rung and all the kids are rushing out to grab something to eat but Debbie just slept on her desk.
“Debbie, its already break time, let’s go and eat”Luhina, Debbies friend said.
“To be honest with you guys, I don’t have even a single penny on me so just go without me”she said.
“Its fine, I and Luhina will pay the bill, by the way, how is tour mother? “Persina asked.
And it was like an insurt to Debbie coz her eyes immediately turned red.
“Girls, her condition has bot improved a bit, I think I was destined to cry for the rest of my life”she said.
“Take back your words Debbie, who knows, your tommorow might be brighter than today”comforted her Luhina.
“Girls, I just wish to die, there is no meaning in life”she, said
“Debbie! “Her friends chorused.
“Never mind, let’s go out”she said while standing up.

“Jamie! Jamie! “Caro yelled.
“What is it Caro? “Asked Jamie.
“Did you just gave Stan an ATM card”she asked in anger.
“Any problem? “He asked.
“How could you give a ten year old boy an ATM card? ”
“I see no issue in that”he said.
“Is it because he is that pro$titute’s son? “She said in anger.
“Point of correction, he is a son of a woman I really loved”he said and Caro looked at him in anger.

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