ONE LAST ONLY GIRL: Episode 11-20

Episode 11
By Juanita
I was still walking in the corridor when I heard some girls talking about me in a class room.

“Your right sitritha, a community secondary school is better of than this living h’ll”said a girl.

“All becausebof an dev1l bearing the face of an angel. Mmh, its too much, Stan is something else”said sitritha. I could not take it anymore so I entered the classroom.

“Hello girl, are by chance talking about me”I said and they both shivered with fear, “I hate it when people talk being my back and please, the next time you try to gossip about me, make sure to get permission first. You two are lucky coz I am not in the mood of expelling anyone but watch your backs”I said and walked out.
Weeks has passed and finally, here I am standing in front of my old primary school hall.

“You can do it Debbie sumei, fighting”I too a deep breath and walked towards the hall.
“Young girl, where are you going? “A security man asked me.

“I want to participate in the competition”I said.
,”where is your registration card? “He asked me.

“I don’t have any”I said.
“Sorry, you cannot go inside”he said and I felt heartbroken.
“Please, I need to participate”I pleaded.
“What is going on here? “, another man asked me, he was wearing a suit.

The security man explained the situation
“Young girl, you have to register first “the man in sit said, I pleaded with them and he took his phone and made a phone call.

“Yes, she is not registered and she insist her name? “She looked at me and I told him my name. In no time he ended the call.

“Well, I guess luck is by your side, you can go in”he said and I entered the hall only to see more than 60 participants.
An hour later
“Next contestant, Debbie sumei”the organizer said and u walked to the stage.
“I didn’t have time to compose a song but I will sing Heal the world by Michael Jackson”I said.
“Fine, let’s hear it”
I hold the mc tight and closed my eyes.

? there is a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place be
Much brighter than tommorow

? and if you really try
You’ll find there us no need to cry
In this place you’ll feel
There’s no hurt or sorrow

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