By Terri Savage

Episode 11

Lee gasped, they both looked at each other and then looked away

“Sorry” They said at the same time

Min looked away embarrassingly

“It’s my fault, I was too close” She said

“It’s no one fault, not like it happen intentionally, it was a mistake okay” He smiled and she smiled too

“So can we continue?” He asked

PRINCE IN DISGUISE : EPISODE 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“Are you sure you ain’t mad at me?” She asked to be sure

Lee smiled and nodded

After rounding up the assignment even though she didn’t understand anything he said since her mind was not there, he gave her books back to her

“Any questions?” He asked

“No, you are so brilliant, I understand everything clearly, thank you”

“You’re welcome, any time you need any help I’m here to help” Lee said

“Okay, I need to sleep now, goodnight” Min said, packing her books together

“Good night” Lee replied

Min opened the door and walked out, she released her breath immediately she stepped out, she smiled and moved to her room

Lee touched his lips after she left

“Our lips touched”

“It’s a mistake Lee, not a big deal, I hope she thinks the same ” He muttered and closed his eyes


Min collapsed on her b.ed and remembered how their lips touched

A smile crept up her lips as the scene played in her head

“His lips are so soft even though the kss is not deep, I’m going crazy”

She lay on the bed and started kicking her legs in the air like a child

“I kssed him” She smiled



No matter how hard she is trying to sleep, sleep is far away from her

She kept tossing on the bed, she got irritated and sat up

“What’s happening, why can’t I sleep already, I got to wake up early” She frowned

“Hey you! you should goggle how to smile” Lee’s voice echoed in her head and she smiled

“That bad-mouth j.erk, he is the first person to make me talk this much ” She said

Strangely she is wishing they should be arguing again

“I miss our fights, imagine we pulling each other hair” She said and laughed

“Jimin is ¢razy”



Lee walked in to Jing’s room with a basin and a mopper, the room is a bit disorganized like a five year old child room

Jing is sitting on her bed

Lee looked around and sighed

“Nice room” He said sarcastically

“Are you here to clean up this room or to admire it” She snapped

“When has admiring something becomes a crime? or commoner no longer has the right to admire a good thing ?” He smirked

“Do what you are here for loser” She said

Lee drop the basin and the mopper and walked to her mirror stand and lean on it

“Hey what are you doing, that mirror can buy the whole of your wretched family, stand up from there ” Jing yelled

“You look more cute when angry” He smiled

Jing scoffed annoyingly

“I hate you stop talking to me” She said

Lee stood up from the mirror stand and walked straight to her bed sitting on it

Jing’s eyes widened

“How dare you sit on my bed with that flirty clothes ” She shouted

“Hi calm down stop shouting”

“Stand up now”

“Why do you hate me?” Lee asked

“Cos you are a commoner and I hate associating with poor people ” She replied

“Well I am thinking about getting married to you”

Immediately he said that Jing burst into laughter

“You! marry me, you must be loosing your brain to say that, a wretched guy like you, awnn” She pouted

“What if I become rich, will you consider?”

“Yeah I might, but for you it’s an impossible thing, cos you will never become rich, read my lips” She said

“Beside I will be getting married to a prince in the next one month time” She said proudly

“He must be unlucky” Lee said

“What! why say that?”

“You’re so harsh, sassy, proud and so rude”

“That’s who I’m and I can’t change beside he knows nothing about me, why am I even talking to you, get up now and clean my room up, I don’t want to come back here and see you in my room, I’m going down for breakfast” Jing said and walked out leaving Lee in the room

“I got what I wanted ” He said



Dayiun just joined her daughters to have breakfast

“Morning babies” She said

“Morning mom” They chorused

“I have something to tell you girls” She said


“I will be traveling to Singapore today” She replied


“Yes, I want to establish my branch there”

“How long will you stay?” Yang asked

“Let’s say five days..yes five days” She replied

“We miss you mommy” Min said

“I will be back before you girls will know, stay good okay”

“Yes mom”



Ariel came out of a shop with two bags in her hands, she has just finished purchasing some cooking ingredients from the shop

Her phone ring and she put one of the bags down

She picked the call

“Sir Steven how are you” She said

“Ariel, I am fine, your grandmother want to speak with you” Steven replied and gave the phone to her grandmother

“My sweet child” Her grandmother said

“Grandma, how are you?” She asked excitedly

“I’m fine child”

“Sorry, I didn’t come to see you or even called, I haven’t been paid, I will come and see you soon, I love you” She said getting emotional

“I understand, I love you too, don’t worry too much Steven is doing a great job taking care of me”

“Okay, I got to go now, give the phone back to him”

“Thank you so much for looking out for my grandma” She said

“It’s nothing, keep being a good girl okay” Steven said

“I will….”

A guy from nowhere snatched her phone and started running away with it

“My phone, thief!!!!” She screamed and was about chasing him when another guy ran passed her and started chasing the criminal

Lee caught up with him and use of his legs to block him, the guy leg stumbled over it and he fell to the ground

Lee pvnched him

“Give back the phone” He said

The guy quickly gave him the phone, Ariel rushed there breathing so hard

“Now get out of here” Lee said and the guy took off

He turned and Ariel gasped as she saw him


“No! you” He replied

He gave the phone back to her

“Thanks” She said

“Ion need your thanks, I did what I would have done even if it was another person and I still hate you” Lee said

“Must you be annoying and proud always?” Ariel asked

“I’m not proud just saying the truth” He replied and began moving

“Wait, what are you doing here?” Ariel asked walking beside him

“You should be grateful I saved your a$s, stop interrogating me”

“I didn’t ask for your help in the first place” Ariel frowned

“Huh, I shouldn’t have chased the guy ”

“I would have got him even if you didn’t show up, so stop being cocky dude like you did something more accomplishing” Ariel said

“Fool” He muttered

Ariel h!t him so hard on the hand

“Ouch!! what is that for?” He groaned

“For calling me a fool, you haven’t answer my question, What are you doing here?”

“I came to see someone ”

“Who! a girl or a boy”

“A girl” Lee replied

And Ariel scoffed


“Nothing” She replied

“Hey stop giving me that look, actually I’m crushing on her ” He said

“I didn’t ask you and don’t talk to me again” She said



They got home and both went into their respective rooms after she drop what she bought in the kitchen store, Ariel got in her room and her eyes widened immediately she saw a cockroach on the floor

“Ahhhhhh” She screamed loudly

She shifted back in fear

“What is this damn thing doing in my room? How come, This room was cleaned up today” She asked herself

The cockroach started moving towards her

“No, no don’t come closer ” She yelled but the cockroach kept moving towards her

“Ahh, don’t come closer… stay back”

She started running around the room, jumping on her bed, the cockroach started climbing on her bed, she screamed and jumped from the bed and went for the door

She opened it and jumped on the person she saw


He actually ran to her room as he heard her screaming

They went down together with her being on top of him

Lee’s hands are on her a$s


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