Episode 41

By Chidimma Mirabel

She walked into the house and removed the cap of her hoodie.

“Where were you? You were gone for so long” Jackson said as she entered the room.

“I just went to see an old time friend, don’t worry I can trust her on my secret” Angela said.


She sat down on the bed deep in the thought.



“Do you know anyone in this country who’s a spy, preferably a female?” Angela asked.

“Yeah, her name is Hazel.” Jackson said.

“Alright, contact her I need to speak to her” Angela said and stood up then walked to the window.

*Since Paulina is the person who sold me to the brothel, then I’m sure she has the number of that woman or someone related to the woman. On the day I was taken there, I heard her call the person who took me Mike. If I’m able to get Paulina’s phone and search for that number, I can contact him and he will lead me to the new hide out of flora.* Angela thought staring out side the window.

Jackson snaked his hands round her waist and placed his head on her shoulder.

“Remember Angel, you’re not alone in this fight. I’ll always be there for you so whatever plan you’re making, please share them to me” Jackson said

Angela turned to him and explained her plan to Jackson.

“Dmn it, you’re so intelligent for coming up with this plan” Jackson said and pinched her nose.

“Thanks love” She replied.

“I’ll contact Hazel and we’ll meet up with her tomorrow but for now, let’s go have some fun together. You’ll show me the different places you used to go” Jackson said.

He dressed to in a simple outfit such that he will be able to blend with the crowd.

They held hands and walked out of the house.


“Thanks for this hot round handsome” Paulina said as she buttoned up her dress

“No probs. So do you have any goods to sell to me?” Mike asked as he laid down on bed, nked.

“Well not yet” She said.

Her thought drifted to the girl Mindy talked about.

“Mike, please could you help me trace a certain lady.” She asked as she threw circles on Mike’s chest.

“Who’s the girl” He asked.

“Well I don’t know her name but I know that she looks so much like that girl I sold to you. The one who died in a fire accident” Paulina said.

“Oh I see she looks so much like your step daughter so you want to make sure that she’s not the one” Mike said.

“You got me, please could you do it for me?” She asked making her best puppy eyes.

“Sure anything for you” He replied.

“Thanks, I’ll be leaving now. Bye handsome” She said and blew ksses at him before walking out of the room.


William was sitting in his office deep in thought.

“Is she Kaila, no that can’t be she isn’t Kaila. Kaila is dead, I saw her body with my own eyes” He thought.

“But she looks exactly like Kaila. Maybe it’s her look alike…But even if it’s her look alike why would she get married to my best friend,,,And also I felt something different in her…Something dangerous like she was haboring hatred for someone.” He thought.

He ruffled his hair frustratedly. Suddenly his phone began ringing. He looked at the caller’s ID and decided to ignore it but the call came over and over again. He decided to pick it.

“What do you want Jordan?” He snapped…

“Hey, watch your mouth kid, that’s no way to talk to your father” He said as he was busy fvcking a b*tch.

William scoffed dryly…

“Father, what kind of father are you? You abandon mom when she needed you the most, you are the reason why she died due to so much stress and you call yourself father while you were out there with your b*tches, she was fighting for her life. The day you’ll abandon your illegal activities and report yourself to the police, then I’ll think of considering you as a father” He yelled.

“Watch your tone kid, that’s no way to talk to your dad. You know I can’t quite my job, women and drugs are my life ahh…” He moaned and pressed the butt of the b*tch who was giving him a blow job…

“Don’t you dare call me again or else I’ll report you to the police” William threatened.

Jordan chuckled….

“Oh please, don’t make me laugh. You know you can never report me because if you do, you’re going down with me. Remember I’m not the only one who has bI.ood in his hands” Jordan said.

William clenched his fists..

“That was mistake dad, I wasn’t in my right senses” He said.

“Now you know how to say dad huh?? Its useless for you know that no one will believe you. Now if you don’t want trouble, stay out of lane. Back to business,, I called you because I wanted to tell you that I’ll be visiting in two days time, expect me there” He said and hung up without waiting for a response.

William threw his phone and it shattered into pieces. He scattered everything that was on his office in anger.

“Why must that old man frustrate my life? Why?” He yelled.

“All because of that one night” He thought in tears.

He sat down on the floor and cried…


Jackson and Angela walked hand in hand through many places. They took as much pictures as possible of the places they went to…

“How about I go and show you your new company” He said.

“Sounds great” She replied.

They boarded a cab which dropped her at the company.

Angela stared at the building with wide eyes as her mouth hanged open. The building was so huge and also super tall…

She walked to the entrance and made to enter but the guard blocked her way.

“I’m sorry miss this place Can’t be accesed for now” The guard said with an expressionless look on his face.

“It’s okay she can come in, she’s my wife and tomorrow she’ll be the CEO of this company. Give her some respect” Jackson said angrily.

The guards eyes widen as he saw their faces. Never in his wildest dream will he imagine that she’s the CEO here. They were both dressed like commoners which made it hard for someone to recognize them.

“I’m sorry sir, so sorry” He said with his head down.

“It’s okay” Angela said with a smile.

She held Jackson hands and they walked in. She marveled at the sight of the company, so huge and luxurious. The building was still empty because it hasn’t been inaugurated yet.

“This is so amazing” Angela exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it. I spent millions on this place, I’m happy to see my efforts wasn’t in vain.” He said as he followed her…

She turned to him and smiled.

“Thanks Jackie” She teased.

“That name again, I’m not a girl” He said

Angela chuckled.

Jackson walked closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“There’s no one here” He said.


“Let’s make some few babies” He said

“You’re possessed I swear.” She said and ran away from him…

Jackson ran after her…

“If I catch you I’ll make it two rounds” He said behind her.

Angela ran out of the company and sticked her tongue out to him.

“Let’s see what you will do in public” She said.

He chuckled and caught up with her. They both walked home…


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