Chapter 11

By Monisola

Gosh…and I kssed her.
Hmm, she mo..aned into my mouth.

Her lips were so soft and it feels good

Kssing her gave me this kind of feeling, I felt like doing all those dirty things to her, more than kssing.

Suddenly she b!tes me hard.

Ouch!!I almost screamed.
I am sure my lips already have a cut.

Huh, fake boyfriend it pained you right..she laughed foolishly.

That’s for pulling my tips the other day.

Then she winks at me and like a magic she slept off.

STUBBORN HOUSEKEEPER : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo.

I was lost staring at her, pretty face.

Gosh I don’t know that she is this beautiful. She is even pretty without makeup.

Her body shape was a ki
.ller. It can turn any man on.

Won’t I fall for this girl, with her pretty face .

No, I will make sure, I don’t fall for her.. because of what she did to me. My ex.
All girls are the same.

Chasing after rich guys, making them fall for them and then dumped they after running away with their money.


After getting home. I came out of the car, my guards rushed to personal guard offer to carry Skylar.

Okay you can. If he carried her, he will be touching her soft body..and he will even see her cIeavage.

And her body is mine, she is mine. “H’ll no” I shouted he was about to carry her.

When he heard my order he quickly stop and bow to me.

But what did I mean that she is mine, what am I even thinking huh?

It’s not that I like her.
Then my mind screamed why don’t you want your personal guard to carry her.

What? I mutter, I just want to feel and enjoy her soft body on my arms.

She surpose to be happy, Because her boss carried her.

I took her in my arms..
All the maids were giving me this weird look.

Would you stop looking at me, and show me the way to her room?

Ariana offers to show me.
“Brother” why would you carry her and what happened to the wtch.

Sis, I will tell you later huh.

I put her on her bed.. I was about to go, when..

She draws me to herself..
And said this “Drake don’t go” I miss you brother.

Boss…Drake is here, he is inside his room sleeping.
Oh I forget she is still with me.

Off her cloth and wear her another one.
You can do it right?
Yes sir.

I went to my room to have my bath, after some minutes I came out of the bathroom wore a shirt and a short.

And what I saw make me surprised, some one is sleeping on my bed. Like she was the owner.


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