His name is Bryan Theodore; a well renowned hotel owner. He is a well known bachelor, he is one of the most famous business man in Korea, he is classy, smart, extraordinary hot.

That’s why most of his female workers admire him, especially his secretary.

He lost his parents in a car accident at the age of 5. Before his parents died, it was written on the will that he would be the owner of all their properties including their mansion. But because he was still young, the hotel was controlled by his parent’s manager till he becomes 20years.

He also has a bad side, he is arrogant and rude that’s why his workers hate him and he also hate women his opinion about them is bad.

“He thinks all women are slvt all they want is just a rich man who can spend on them that is why he is not yet married “.

THE BACHELOR’S MAID : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

His hotel won the most famous hotel in Korea because of how well known it is.

Here goes Maria Hendrixom. From a middle class family, she is beautiful and intelligent. Her mother died a year ago and from then, her life began to turn upside down. Her father is a gambler and a drunkard all he does is to take money from her and gamble it away. But one fateful day, something unexpected happened and it changed her life.

Would you guys like to find out what happened?




Maria’s House…

Maria!Maria!Maria!’’Mr Hendrixom called from the living room.

Yes dad…..she answered, she left her room and head to the living room only to see her dad starring at her with a dangerous look

Their living room is not that fancy but it fits their status and well designed. There are different frames pictures of her childhood with her parents which look good

Before she should ask her father why he called her. He spoke ” I need some money”

I don’t have any money to give you today, you still collected ten thousand from me yesterday all for nothing. All you know is to get drunk and gamble with my money I’m sick and tired of this dad. All I need is a father who cares for his daughter. I don’t understand you anymore since mom left us I thought you will change but you got worse, please dad change for you daughter it is getting hard day by day “ Maria said

Are you talking to your father like that” he replied, without wasting time he gave her a resounding sI.ap on her face which made her cheeks red. He went to her room took all her money in a purse which was inside a locker and left.

She could not control her tears, she cried out saying mom why did you leave me here. You should have taken me with you. I miss you alot mom she continued crying till tears fail to drop from her eyes. She haven’t eaten anything since morning because she was hoping to go to the market with the money her father took. She left for her room went inside the bathroom and took a shower………


Bryan’s Mansion

He just got home coming back from work. He was escorted in by five huge guards. When he got inside, a maid wanted to assist him with his bag but he stopped her with a deadly look so she withdrawn.

He left for his room went for a cold shower and came out for dinner. He sat down and the maid dished his food when he was about to put the food in his mouth, he saw a little stain on the plate and he immediately threw the food on the maid’s body. He stood up went closer to the maid without thinking twice, he sI.apped her and fired her instantly. The other maids could not say anything because they don’t want to end up like that. They cleaned the mess before he fires them too.

He left for the kitchen, open the fridge took his favorite wine with a glass cup and left for his room

When he got to his room, he did some works on his laptop sipping his wine and later he went to bed to get a nice sleep.


Maria’s House

It is 9pm and dad is not yet back I’m so worried she thought and immediately she heard a knock on the door and left for the door and it was her father

She dished his meal and left for her room. She fell on the bed then went into a deep sleep

Morning!! Maria’s House

A knock on the door made her wake up from the dreamworld. She left her room to open the door, but was surprised to see two different men in black suit. She was handed a paper but she was shocked after reading the content. It stated there that her house has been sold. They have only three days to leave or they will be ousted

She almost fainted after reading it, she was then told that her father sold it through gambling yesterday


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