What? You again. Bryan snapped

Yes me,,ohh so you are the so called boss…Maria said

What did you just call me? Bryan asked

You need to visit a otolaryngologist to get your ear checked because I don’t repeat myself…Maria answered

Did you just talk back at me…do you know who i am….Bryan shouted

You are a rude and arrogant man….Maria said

What effrontery,,what are you doing in my mansion…Bryan asked

As you were told,,I’m the new chef here…Maria answered

THE BACHELOR’S MAID : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

Not possible… are fired…get out off here right now if you don’t want to be thrown out by my guards…Bryan yelled

Well,that’s not possible…you can’t fire me…Maria said with a smile

And why are you smiling,,I told you to get out of my mansion right now….Bryan yelled again

As I said before…it’s not possible…Maria said

How???Bryan asked

I signed a contract with Mia in your hotel….Maria answered

What contract is that…Bryan asked

A contract stating that if you want to fire me you will have to give me five month salary payment and give me one month notice….Maria answered

What foolish contract is that,,Bryan shouted

Control yourself can’t just fire me anyhow,it also stated in the contract that even if you give me the five month payments I will still have to work for one month boss..Maria said

What I can’t approve it…Bryan yelled
But already signed the contract already…Maria said

What, Bryan took his phone and called Mia immediately

Good evening sir…Mia greeted ?

What foolish contract is this maid talking about?

Boss I gave you a contract paper to sign in the hotel today and you signed already?

What!Bryan yelled?

Yes boss,your signature is on the contract…I thought you read it already…Mia asked?

Are you crazy….who gave you the audacity??Bryan yelled again?

Boss,it’s not easy to look for a maid…so I made that contract…Mia said?

You will suffer the consequences you foolish wtch…he shouted then hang up?

Can I go now…Maria asked

Bryan left for his room and jammed the door with anger

I just hate her….anytime I see her…I get irritated…..first she bumped into me in a restaurant, secondly she broke my car window…..and now she is a maid in my mansion….he screamed and used his hand to scatter his hair roughly

I can’t allow her stay here for long…I must do something to make her leave my mansion for good…he shouted and scattered his bed….



What happened with you and boss…Ximena asked

We just encountered twice and it was not good at’s nothing much….Maria answered

Well,you need to be careful with him…he is a no nonsense man…Alora said

He should be careful with me…because I’m also a no nonsense woman,nobody dares to boss me around…Maria replied

This will be fun to watch…I like the feeling of this…..Lyla said smiling

What are we going to do with this food…Maria asked

We would trash it…Alora answered

But I’m hungry so I will eat…Maria sat down and started eating the food…

You ain’t allowed to eat here…boss will be angry if he sees you….Lyla said

I’m not afraid of anybody…Maria replied and continued with her food


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