Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ??

? Episode 1?

? Authoress POV?

“He’s mine! Get your pig hocks off my man!! ” The girls yelled at themselves while he stood shaking his head as they displayed their dramas.

Girls girls girls!! He will never understand them.

He didn’t even look at then twice… Why are they getting at each other’s neck over him??

David left the reception and got back into his car.

They can kill themselves for all he cares.

“Sir…where are we heading? Are we heading home?” His driver asked.

” Home? Ahh,no. Those headaches of sisters are gonna be home now. Just take me to the beach house.”

David replied with a smile, looking out of the window.


? Marianne ?

“Two bottles of red wine!!”

“Get here with my gin!!”

Ugh!! So much noise for a night!

I got behind the counter again and started serving another round of drinks.

I was at the middle of finishing the last cups when my phone vibrated.

I needed not to look at the screen. I already knew who was calling me at the middle of my night shift.

“Robert.. please I’m busy! Let’s talk later.”

” You won’t dare say that to me face to face! I need some cash.” He grumbled from the other line.

I sighed. ” How much?”

” Just fifteen bucks?”

“What? Did you just call that a “just”??” I yelled into the phone.

What type of a stupid boyfriend have I finally got for myself??

“I was just joking. I need you baby. I’m h©rny.” He said like a baby.

” I’m.busy…”

” What is keeping so long!!” A customer yelled from the crowd.

” Um…. Robbie….I’m gonna call you back please. I’ve got so much cow’s here.” I said quietly into the phone and switched it off before walking into the noisy crowd with a tray of full of drinks.


“Oh what a night!” Taylor gasped as we undressed in the dressing room.

I pulled off my apron and yelped out in pain. “My neck hurts like h’ll.” I sighed and collapsed on my desk.

“Are you okay? You seem to be much busier these days. What’s up?” Taylor asked and I smiled.

” What else can I do,baby girl? I gat to work my a$$ out so I can get a better job than this.” I replied.

” Why? Don’t you like it here?”

” Oh no! I get humiliated here often!!”

” Well you can’t blame the boys. You are beautiful.” Taylor said and winked while I dramatically rolled my eyes.

“Oh no! I’ve got to rush off now. See you tommorow!” I said hastily, suddenly remembering Robbie’s call.

I ran out straight to the road with my jacket and umbrella in my hands and flagged down a cab.

I got in and minutes later, I got in front of Robbie’s cabin.

I payed the driver before walking towards the door.

The cab man drove away while I knocked at the from door but no one was opening the door.

“Robbie?” I called, peering into the window but the room was dark.

Has he gone out? Without me??

I rummaged through my bag and brought out the spare key of the door and opened it.

I got in and switched on the light.

I was shocked or maybe a little shocked at the sight before me. A bra… Carelessly throw over the chair.

A p@nties…. A blue bag… A white lacy tube and a red heels carelessly thrown all over the floor.

I gasped at the sight cos I knew I wasn’t the owner of those.

I glared upstairs and suddenly, I began hearing some funny noises.

My heart beat fastened as I climbed up the stairs.

Oh Robbie… I hope it’s not what I’m thinking…

I gasped as I got to the door and heard all these crazy screams from a woman who Robert is actually having in his bedroom.

How could he do this to me… after everything!!

Angrily…I pushed the door open and got in only to get another greater shock…!!


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