THE KING AND I SEASON 2: Episode 21-30



Written by: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Dawn’s pov?
“Okay…Mr Manuel…I still don’t remember you by your name…just your face” I muttered.

“Let me help you out…I worked as a waiter at the All-Kings conference–”

“Oh…now I remember” I besumed.
He took my hand and tried to kss the back but I withdrew my hand.

“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable, your highness” He said appallingly.

I nodded and lowered my head.

Loud noises of heels jamming the floor echoed and i looked up to see the Duchess approaching us.
She was carrying her bag with her.

Wait…are we done?
Thank God!

“Queen Simone is in labor, right now. We can’t be preparing for a wedding with something delicate going on…so, I suggested we dismiss for the day. Till tomorrow, princess Anna” She beamed.

“Thank you. Till tomorrow” I replied and she began walking away.

I thought this was over…
I can’t believe she’ll be back tomorrow…!

Hold on…Simone’s in labor?

Oh my goodness! I hope nothing bad happens to both her and the baby.

“So, your highness…would you mind having lunch with me? Your tummy’s so flat and I presume that you must be hungry” The Manuel guy said and I cringed.

“No…this is how my tummy is and I really want to take a rest from all the practicing with Duchess Tetrazzini” I replied and started towards the door.
He followed me??

“But, your highness…can I at least walk you back to your room?” He asked and I flared.

“No, thank you. I would appreciate it if you please leave me alone. Didn’t you hear the Duchess? Queen Simone is I labor” I said walking up the stairs.

“Alright. Till we meet again, my Princess” He stated and I went on my way to the bedroom.
Caroline was cleaning the room and I find it odd cause the room has always been spotless.

“Oh! Princess Anna…how’s your bleeding nose?” She said behind me as i sat on the couch next to the window.

“Its…fine” I muttered feeling my nose.
“Why were you hiding from Alicia?” I asked curiously.

“She’s the one that had me beaten up – she ordered her maids to beat me after I refused to join her in hurting you. Well, now you’ve healed me…I don’t want her to see that I’m well and suspect if I went to a healer” She replied and I twitched.

“I know Alicia will definitely be up to something. Its been a while since she stopped pestering me. Caroline, here’s what you’ll do; don’t leave the room till its late In the night cause her maids are everywhere. Find bandages and bound yourself…you can rub tomatoe paste on it as well. Cover up all the places you were badly hurt so she won’t know you were healed. You have to becareful, Caroline. Don’t fall for Alicia’s traps cause the King might hurt you before I can intervene”..

“Alright, your highness. I’ll do as you’ve said…you’re so kind” she beamed and I smiled wryly.

“Let’s just pray that Simone gives birth safely…cause right now…I’m scared for her” I said perturbed.

Simone’s pov?
“Aargh!!” I screamed again rolling my drenched head on the pillow.

“Why haven’t she started pushing?!” King Lee yelled at the doctor.

“Her ¢ervix is still at 6 centimeters…its not opening up…” The doctor wavered and I bursted into fresh tears.

What do I do to make it open?….

The king stared into my face and in anguish.
He stood up and went to where the doctor was standing inbetween my l.egs.

Just one stare from him, the doctor moved back away from me.

Whats he doing there…
Everyone In the room began to murmur and I was dazed as well.
Is he planning on killing me???

I clenched onto the bedsheets tightly as conniption gripped me.
Oh Lord…please save me.

The King wore some gloves on his hands and i felt him touching my tummy.

He inserted his whole hand in a slow pace into me and he turned it slowly.

I couldn’t stop wailing like a wounded animal.

He removed his hand from me gently and glanced at me.

“Simone…take a deep breath and start pushing” He cooed and I stared helplessly at him.
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