THE KING AND I SEASON 2: Episode 41-50



Written by: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

I blinked rapidly trying to regain my pulse.

My ears are starting to hear nonsense!!

I can’t be pregn@nt.
For who???

King Lee!
He haven’t touched me for ages now.

I pulled myself to stand erect and just then another urge kicked in throwing my head back to the ground.

I noticed I felt even weaker and nauseous. There’s no doubt something’s wrong with me.

I just hope its not what I’m thinking.
It can’t be too late to get rid of the pregn@ncy, would it?

“Don’t be frightened Alicia. It can still be an ordinary fever” The lady cooed behind me and I made a grimace.

Its been long since I took ill and I barely get sick.

But all the same, I still hope she’s right.

“Cmon, let’s get you cleaned up” She muttered and took my wrist.

Everyone was staring all looking puzzled.

Especially Xenia.
Ohh, my little girl.

I just wish I can still give you a better life after the truth comes out.

I was completely blown away by the result and I couldn’t stop panicking unconsciously.

I’m going to have a baby for King Lee.
The king of Euphoris.
God! It was too much to take in.

I had told the doctor not to tell anyone especially not the king.

I don’t know why I feel this way but I think its best I wait for a while before letting him know about it.

I raised my head when I realized I had gotten to the garden.

The castle was lit and the soft noise of birds chirping from trees filled my ears.
I really needed some air.

I went further into the garden towards the water fountain.
I rather watch the water flow than to sit in my room doing absolutely nothing.

It would be dinner time soon.

I heard voices and I followed it.

I wasn’t quite surprised to see the king on a lounge chair surrounded by three girls who were occupied giving him a massage.
His guards were there as well grinning like animals.

I was terrified when I noticed that the ladies were nked and wore things.

Disgusting! I stared irritably at them.

There skin was so oily and orange in color. King Lee had his eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying himself.

The last thing I’d do is to be uncl*d before men.

Anyways, I’m in no place to judge.
Right now, I feel like king Lee’s mistress and not like his fiancé..

A mistress thats gonna give birth to his child soon?

I cringed and slowly stepped away from the area.

In fact, I left the garden entirely.

I couldn’t stand seeing those girls touch him as they please.
All in the dmn name of massage.

I’m sure if they had their way, they would offer themselves cheaply to him.
Because his the king and is also good looking?

Tears gathered around my eyeballs and I headed straight for the stairs.

I needed to see mom. She’s the only one that can calm me down right now.

But I won’t tell her I’m pregn@nt.
I cant imagine how she’d feel.

I heard a faint noise of someone throwing up. It sounded close.

I scanned the place with my eyes before trailing after the sound.

I was utterly confused to see Alicia on her knees next to a pile of what she had vomited.

It was awful to look at but I didnt mind as I rubbed her back.

She flinched and looked up at me making me stop.

“Are you okay?” I asked mutely.

She glared at me for a moment before standing up.

“I should be asking you, you look like you’re about to cry” she sneered and touched her tummy.

I sniffed and quickly rubbed my eyes.

“I’m okay. Something just got into my eyes” I said dryly.

Alicia laughed hysterically throwing her head backwards.

“You mean King Lee allowed something to get into your eyes?? I thought you were untouchable. I thought nothing at all could harm you since you’re the King’s sweetheart—”

“Yeah…whatever. At least I’m not the one who’s going around vomiting like a helpless dog. I would advice you to clean your filth up before you’re seen. Believe me, the walls have eyes too” I chided.

Before she could utter another word, I was already on my way out.

*princess Anna, are you pregn@nt?*

She asked from behind and I froze.

Does she know? How in the world did she know???!

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