THE LAST SURVIVOR: Chapter 21-The End


?Chapter 21

“We need somewhere to sleep tonight”, said Osoba.

“I can tell you are not listening to me, this place is the last place you would want to be at this moment. Our land crawls with evil. The shadow your lady friend saw outside is gathering other shadows to take you all captive or worst still kill you all. You must leave tonight. The land you have come to is evil; it is a home for too many dem©nic powers, they will be glad to feast upon your flesh. I have left the ev1l ways I followed years ago; I do not want to start a battle with the Circle of Stars. They revel in bl©©d shed, they feed upon bl©©d like you and I breathe air. You must leave my house!! I am done helping you!!!”
His voice startled all of them and they sprang to their feet and hurried outside. As soon as they all were outside. Hungbo locked his metal door securely, not bothering to do much as he waved them goodbye. As if on cue they all ran outside the compound and headed straight for Osoba’s bus. Osoba started his bus and drove out of the small Ancient Kingdom, with no clear picture in his mind as to where he was driving to. After some twenty minutes of racing on the highway, Ochuma who had been silent all along told Austin that he was in much pains. The anesthetics given to him after the ceiling fan blade chopped of his arm must have worn off; he was in need of another shot. They all told him to hang on for them to get to the next town. The next town happened to be Ijaniki, they had thought of stopping at Agbara, but it felt too eerie and over crowded, so they chose to make their stop at Ijaniki.

Auatin and Etim were asked to find a durg store or some local hospital where they could find anesthetics. The two of them braved up and dashed into the night. Melinda was scared for Austin; she had to call him back and asked him to be careful. She kssed Austin as though that was the last time they were going to see each other. Reluctantly she let Austin go; Austin had to hasten his pace so as to catch with Etim. While Austin was with Melinda, Etim was already asking passers-by where he could find a hospital or drug store. A woman pointed him to a direction; there was something odd about her, but Etim was in so much haste to noticed it. When Austin caught up with him, he told Austin, that a woman had told him a hospital was somewhere around. The two of them headed in the direction the woman pointed them to.

There was a building full of light with a number of cars parked in front of it; they assumed it must be the hospital. They hastened down to it, chatting about their determination to live beyond the hours set for them by the Circle of Stars.

At some point Austin felt something was wrong; the building was right in front of them and for some unknown reason they were unable to reach it.

It was as though the building was moving away as they drew closer to it. “Etim stop! Something is wrong! How long have we been walking? Why can’t we reach the building right before us?” Austin turned back to see the distance they had covered and behind him was a vast thick bush.

Matters came to a head when the same Austin and Etim who were lost in some bush had returned to Osoba and wanted to lead them to a hospital which they had supposedly found.

When they returned no one suspected they were impersonations of Austin and Etim until Ochuma who was gritting with much pain asked to be prayed for. Melinda volunteered to say the prayer for Ochuma and asked the rest to lower their heads in reverence to God. The strange Austin who was with them took offence,

“What Ochuma needs is painkillers not prayers! I think we should hurry to the hospital and not waste our time on helpless prayers!”.

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