(Earth, Water, Fire, Air)

Episode 1

Written By: Author Kelvin??

Eunice’s pov:

“So, when is our first target??” Sofia asked with keen interest.

“I Don’t really know for now, maybe tommorow but you need to hand over some powers to me, because i can’t fight with my little powers” i mumbled holding my palms.

“Get me my staff and my Talisman” she ordered as i ran to her room and soon came out with the Talisman and the Staff.

“Open you mouth” she commanded as i did so.

“She stretches her Staff towards me as bunch of lightening started entering my body.

Five minutes later, she was done..

” G©sh!! I feel so strong, thanks anyways ” i beamed.

“You’re welcome Bestie” she pouted as i hugged her.

Bruno’s pov:
“How could you?? After warning you to stay far from the S.T.A.R, you still went there” Donald muttered.

“I’m sorry bro, i thought i could revenge” i mumbled painfully.

“I Warned you didn’t i??” Donald asked.

“Yea, you did” i replied.

“So, you deserve anything that is happening to you right now” he fumed.

“Like serously?” i mouthed.

“I Thought you were suppose to feel for me??” i said as he laughed.

“Are you kidding me??” he said in laughter.

“You deserve everything” he snapped in and stormed out of the room making me chucked.

Few minuter later, the doctor walked in.

“Doctor, doctor” i called hoarsly.

“Yes” he replied.

“When will i be discharged??” i asked with keen interest.

“Next week to be prescise” he replied with a scoff.


Alex’s pov:
We walked hastily to the school compound so as not to be returned back by Mrs. Walker when Sylvester suddenly brought out a conversation.

“Guys, i’m having this feelings that Eunice is not dead.” Sylvester doubted..

“What’re you even saying? Are you trying to tell us that the Talisman is fake?” Taylor fumed with a scoff.

“Don’t just go there, i’m not ready for any batle again” Raymond smirked.

“Guys, don’t say such a thing, Mind readers are alarmed when bad things corcerning them is happening” i chipped in.

“What are you insinuating?? That Eunice ressurected herself??” Taylor said.

“Someone might have ressurected her” i said icily.

“How possible is that??” Raymond asked in a confused look.

“A magician can ressurect a close friend if he knows how to cast the spell” i muttered.

“Like seriously, so for example, i died, will you be able to ressurect me??” Slvester asked.

“I Will if i know how to cast the spell” i shrugged.

“Do you know how to cast the spell??” Taylor asked.

“I Don’t know” i replied as we entered the school compound.

Taylor’s pov:
We walked into the class room – as usual but luckily, lectures hasen’t started yet.

We began to talk more about Eunice when the head boy came interuppting our conversation.

“The principal asked me to call the four of you” he stated pointing at the four of us.

“Really??” Sylvester said.

“Yeah” he replied and left.

“Let’s go” Alex commanded and started walking while we followed him.

We were already close to the office when bunch of lightining struck while someone apperared in our midst.

I Couldn’t see the person clearly because everything was somehow dark.

Everything was later bright as it dawned on me that it was Eunice.

“Oh my God” Sylvester exclaimed in shock.

“Eunice, what are you doing here and how did you surive it” Alex yelled.

“How were you able to come back to life” Raymond said in anger as i starred at Eunice bilwidered.

“That’s a question to be answered another day but first, i need to tell you something important” she said in laughter.

“To h.ell with you and your stupid talks” Alex fumed angrily.

“You know what?? I’m back to revenge my death and also the Talisman. I’m not alone, i’m with someone that you’re gonna find out soon” she said and disappeared making me chuckled.
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