THE MAGICIANS SEASON 2: Episode 11-The End

(Earth, Water, Fire, Air)

Episode 11

Written By: Author Kelvin??

?Episode 11 (41)?

I Charged towards him with a punch on his eyes as he groaned in pain.

Before he could regain his sight, i pushed him on the floor and descended on him with punchs and slaps followed.

As i was beating him, something hit my back as i let out a hard cry.

“Argh!!!” i cried out in paim as i turned my face and discovered that it was the nked lady, she used her hills to hit me.

Alex, Taylor and Raymond rushed to the scene.

Alex and Taylor rushed my Dad while Raymond ran to rescue me.

With the force in me, i used my hands to push her roughly as i soon discovered that it was her b©©bs i pushed.

Raymond rushed towards her with a punch on her belly as i turned and continue to deal with the boy on the ground.


“G©sh!!! That was a good fight” Alex said.

“Yeah. I enjoyed fighting with the nked lady, i have acess to most of her body raymond said as we all laughed.

“Everyone was Tempted though” Taylor added.

“Thanks guys, for the fight. I really really appreciate” i thanked.

“You are welcome, nevermind, what are friends for?”

Eunice’s pov:
The words sanked deeply into my head as i heard what he said.

“No – he didn’t said that, maybe my nerviousness makes me think he was the one that said that.

“Sir, i didn’t hear you clearly” i said politely.

“Are you deaf??” he thundered.

“Sorry sir” i said scratching my neck.

“I Said if you want me to aceppt your deal, you’ll have to have sx with me” he said as i felt my lungs dry.

At that moment, i felt my heart has already left my body.

“$x?? With a m©nster?? A Z©mbie, oh my God” i thought in my head as i starred at him confusely not knowing what to do or say.

“Sir it’s there no othere option?” i asked itching my nape.

“Yes” he replied.

“Sir, what’s it?” I asked in happiness.

“De.ath” he thundered.

“Oh no” i said in my mind as a tears dropped on my legs.

“How can i have sx with a Z©mibe, how is it gonna be??

“What i’m i going to do now, i’m still a vrgn, i don’t intend to loose it this way. What do i do??” i said and keep thinking of what to do.

“There’s nothing i can do because if i try to escape, they might end up kill me” i rasped in my mind.

“So, which are you picking?” asked after a long silence.

“Please can i think about it??” i asked in a pleading tone.

“Yes two hours. I give you two hours to think about and choose wisely” he said and stood up from his throne.

“I’m going to my room now to rest and i’ll come back here in two hours”

“My room is located at at the first door in in the passage here, If you’re ready, come to my room before the two hours complete but if you disagree, just remain here till i come back and you’ll face my wrath” he said pointing at the passage and later walked away as i became more afraid.

“I Should have listened to Sofia’s words. Look what revenge has done to me now. What do i do??” i whimpered in tears already spilling of my eyes.

I Placed To and Fro looking for a solution to my problem but nme came.

“This King is just so heartless” i said in my mind.


I Roamed at the kings palace as my legs began to itch me because i’ve been standing for close to one hours.

“I’ll just give him what he wants instead of me to die. Perhaps, they will still help me in defeating The S.T.AR” i rasped in my mind as i followed the passage he described for me.

After what seems like eteternity, i reached his door and didn’t bother to knock because i’m giving him what he likes.

“H©lly Molly” i exclaimed as i barged into the room and saw him m@$turbtîng.

“Sorry Lord. Sorry for not knocking” i said.

“It’s alright, so are you ready??” he said starring hungrily at me.

“Yes lord i’m ready” i replied bowing my head in shame.
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