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Marrying a Duke has always been Enya’s dream since she was a child. She has always hoped to be recognized, to be called a Mistress.

But unlike her two younger sisters, Anna and Arwen, who preferred being the native girls who cared less about the royalty or famousity life.

Now Enya had turned twenty five, though many suitors had come to take her as a bride, she never loved them. All she wanted is to be with Lord Rodriguez, the man of her dream.


But what does destiny have for Lord Rodriguez and the three sisters?? Will Enya end up being the chosen bride?

Find out in the intriguing, yet suspenseful story.



By Cisca. H.


King Neheb was the ruler of Pendamour, a kingdom located at the south west of Amador.

He has ruled for twenty seven years now, and has three daughters known to be the finest in the land.

Enya, the oldest of the three had turned twenty five a month ago.

She has always dreamt of being a queen of a great kingdom. She declined any suitor who came for her hand in marriage.

She has heard a lot about the king of Brok, Lord Rodriguez, the man of her dreams.

Despite every convincing words she got from her parents, Enya’s heart seem not to have change towards her decision.

She will marry no other man but the man of her dream. She finalized.

Her younger sisters, Anna and Arwen, who seems not to be interested in the royalty life. They prefered the library over to anything.

They’d spend most of their time reading books and they didn’t find suitors quite interesting like Enya always do.

They hated the ball dance. It su¢ks.

They hated the men who attended it. They all seem they same to them.

Their promises are nothing but lies. They lie to get what they want.

But that was contrary to Enya, she felt heaven especially when Lord Rodriguez is involved.


Enya angrily dropped the book she was reading on the table after several flipping of the pages.

She has been sighing and hissing at the same time for almost five minutes now.

She hated the fact that her mother had forced her to read ‘Spinster’s Duty As A New Bride.’ By Floride Fleur, one of her worst writers and her books were her worst too.

She believes it has nothing to do with her and doubts she needed guidelines on how to become a bride.

“ I hate the library.” She said aloud, picking it up and tossing it to the ground.

“ I’m not surprised.” Anna said without looking at her.

“ I can not believe mother have to force me in here after all my pleas.”

“ Come on, Enya, this is the hundredth time you have said this.”

“ Because I hate it in here!”

“ Then you can go to the music room and play the cello rather than complaining.”

Enya sighed again.

“ Can you be this quiet now, I really want to get this passage, the story is becoming a lot interesting than I thought. Mind to join?”

Enya scoffed, leaving Anna in laughter.

“ Are you just going to keep quiet?” She asked Arwen who has been quiet since the conversation started.

“ There is nothing to say, sister, Anna has said it all already. Either the library, or the music room, your choice.” She said, not sparing Enya a glance. “ And besides, every prince wants a dancer for a bride. You can make a good one if you learn.” She added.

“ You are definitely not helping at all. We all know quite well that I cannot dance.”

“ That’s one good reason why you need to practice, and we’ve got the music room for that.”

“ Practice?” she stood up, walking to the window. “ I hope for the man in my dream to come find me. I cannot wait any longer.”

Anna and Arwen stared at each other for a while, then at Enya who looked lost. “ What man in your dream?” Anna asked.

“ I do not know him, but I believe his is out there, looking for me. Any time I close my eyes to sleep, his face is the first thing I always see.” She turns to her sisters, “ Do you believe in dreams?’ she asked.

They both shuddered. “ sometimes.” Anna said.

“ I don’t.” Arwen added.

“ Well, I do.” She looked outside the window.

“ Hey, very soon you will be getting married, and just as you will be moving to your new home, you need that book more than anyone.” Anna concluded.



Dinner was served and they all sat at the dinning. Enya has been smiling since dinner started and only Anna seem to have noticed that.

Anna chuckled, they all stared at her. she shook her head, covering her mouth with one hand, “ Nothing serious.”

Arwen shook her head, which explained her hidden word. “ Crazy.”

Anna chuckled again, and it didn’t stop Enya from smiling awkwardly.

“ Thinking about Lord Rodriguez, aren’t you?”

They all stared at Anna, and when they discovered she was referring to Enya, they moved their gaze to her.

Enya eyed her, “ It’s none of your business.”

“ Of course, it isn’t. You’ve been smiling since we started dinner, I was only concerned if they seem to be a problem…” she touched her head, demostrating what next she wanted to say.

“ Mind your business.” Enya snapped.

“ What’s the problem, guys?” Asked their mother.

“ It’s Anna, she won’t mind her business.” She complained.

“ Of coourse, I will. But you’re acting weird lately. Look, you haven’t even touched your food yet.” Anna said, pointing at her food. “ I think Lord Rodriguez has affected her brain.”

“ Don’t say that, Anna, he has only affected my heart. And it’s totally different from what you think, okay?”

“ Well, I was just saying , though. You know, men are really unpredictable and you can not detect them when they lie from when they speak the truth, especially their feelings.”

“ What are you trying to say?” Enya queried.

“ It’s simple, they are lots of girls around and there is probably one who must have won his heart. Or, he is the kind of king, who picks no interest in women.”

“ Well, like you just said, he is definitely not into women yet because he hasn’t find his true love yet. And talking about having another woman after his heart, I doubt that.

Don’t worry, when he chooses me as his future bride and queen, I will make you the first to know.”

Arwen giggled, while her spoon was halfway to her mouth.

“ Hey, what’s so funny?” she snapped at her. “ Are you jealous?”

“ Come on, Enya, Arwen is the least person who will get jealous of you.” Their mother said.

“ No, mother, she is.”

Arwen sighed, “ You want my advice, sister, stop wasting your time.”

Arwen has always been the quiet one. She talked less and minds her business. But at that, she was Enya’s anger.

“ And why would you say that?”

Arwen shuddered. “ Anna has said it all, men are unpredictable. It’s not like I don’t want you to get married, don’t get me wrong.

You just have to understand one thing, sister, you’ve got to be careful with marriage.”

“ Oh please, don’t lecture me. Your’e just a kid, what do you know about marriage?”

Arwen kept mute at her, slowly grinding on the food in her mouth.

“That’s enough girls.” Lady Moreen finalized.

Enya and Arwen didn’t talk for the rest of the night. Arwen locked herself in her room, reading on her book.


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