By Terri Savage

Episode 41

They got home and Naomi came down from the car and walked slowly to the house, Shelton look on with a confused expression before following her inside

” What is wrong baby ? ” He asked, turning her around

” I am fine ” She replied

” I know when you are alright, you were happy before you stepped out to go get ice cream and now .. Gosh what is it ? He asked

” I am said, I am fine ” She yelled

” I guess you are not in the mood to talk, good night ” He said and made to go but Naomi spranged up and grabbed him, wrapping her hands around him, resting her head on his back

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” I am sorry for yelling at you, baby, I .. I met my ex at the Ice cream shop ” She replied, stuttering

Shelton slowly removed her hands and turned facing her

” You still have feelings for him ? ” He asked, piercing through her eyes

Naomi nodded her head negatively and began fidgeting

” Are you sure ? ” He asked

” I don’t love him anymore, I just felt bad seeing him, believe me baby, I only love you ” She said, hugging him, he hugged her back, patting her and stroking her hair

” I love you ” He said

” I love you so much ” She replied

” Are you sleeping over ? ” She asked

” Yes, or you don’t want me around ” He replied

” Stop asking annoying questions je.rk ” She pouted

” The jerk you love ”

” Can you touch me baby ” She said shly

Shelton chuckled on how she said it.

He leaned in and claimed her lips in a frenzy, Naomi m*an softly in his mouth, his hand travelled to her bum and he grabbed it.



Some where near a pizza shop, a cab can be seen with a man inside looking around

Jasmine stepped out of the pizza shop and went in again offloading the packages, after an hour, she stepped out ready to go home

Her phone rang and she took it out from her pocket, she looked at the screen and saw it to be a new number

She hesitated for a while before picking it up

? Hello , who is this ? ” She asked

? Jasmine, if you really care about your friend Brandon, come to Nouvelle street no.24 now, come alone if you want to see him safe and sound now ” The booming voice said, disconnecting the call

Jasmine started shaking as a result of fear

” Brandon, what really happen to him, no, is he kidnap, no my sweet Brandon ”

She dialled her mum number and after a while she picked up

? Mum, I am sorry, I might come home late ” She said and cut off the call

She ran and hailed a cab and got in immediately

” Where are you going to miss ? ” The cab driver asked

” Nouvelle street no.24 , drive fast please ” She said, getting impatient

” Okay ”



She got there and hurriedly came down from the cab, she payed the cab driver off

She walked to the address and saw no one

The lights flashed on her face and she went deeper into the place

She came face to face with a well decorated and expensive house, she looked at the door for some seconds before opening it, she went further in and the light suddenly turned off

She gasped, becoming scared but she is trying to be bold

“Who is there? ” She asked but got no reply

” Who is there ? ” She asked, almost yelling

The lights suddenly came back and she sighed before looking around, hoping to see someone, roses started falling on her and all over the room, she looked around but saw no one

” is some one playing games with me ? ” She thought

” Hey ” She heard a familiar voice and turned swiftly

Her eyes widened as she saw Brandon descending the stairs with his bare chest

Jasmine swallowed hard looking at those well chiseled abs, his soft smooth skin and his perfect body, he is looking so sexy and irresistible

Brandon smiled widely as he walked to her, he held her hand and she only look at him without saying a word to him, she kept staring at his sexy body

She found her voice back and glared at him

” You.. You were behind all this right ? ” She asked

” I hope, I didn’t scared you too much ? He winked

” Jerk, you almost gave me an heart attack ” She replied

” I am glad you care about me princess ” He replied, taking her hand into his

” So why did you deceive me into coming here ? She asked

” So I can be with you, I got something special to tell you ” He replied, smiling

” I can’t wait to hear it ” She pouted, feeling happy about it

” I got a surprise for you, close your eyes ” He said

” For what ? ” She asked cutely

” Just do it please ” He replied

” Fine Brandon ” She said, closing her eyes

Brandon took a remote and pressed a button on it, then an already set dinning table emerged out with different kind of dishes

” Open your eyes ” He said

Jasmine slowly opened her eyes and gasped loudly as she saw the dishes in front of her

” Oh my God, this is so cute and delicious, this is too much ” She said, checking the dishes out

Brandon pulled out two chairs and made her sat on one while he sat on the other

” These dishes are too much ” She said, licking her lips

Brandon smiled at her cuteness and looked at her wet lips, the only thing in his mind right now is to grabbed her and hissed her now, so hard

” Let me serve you baby ” He said

” Huh, what did you say ? ” She asked

” I said baby ” He replied, looking at Jasmine and smiling

” When did I become your baby ? ” She asked

” Since day you agreed to be my best friend ” He replied

” So funny and cute , sweet Brandon ” She said, but within her she is happy with the name, she almost blushed but quickly covered it

” What will you like to eat, we gat Italian dishes, Chinese dishes, African dishes … ”

” African dishes, I have been anticipating to taste it ” She said

Brandon took out a plate and dished jollof rice with salads and chicken and gave it to her

Jasmine hummed at the aroma of the food, she took a fork and scooped it, she looked at Brandon before bringing it into her mouth, she chewed it and a wow escape her mouth

” So yummy, so delicious Brandon, I didn’t know African has such great meals ” She said, eating it more

” Easy, you don’t wanna choke right ” He said

” I won’t mind ” She replied, just as Brandon said it, she choked on her food and he quickly pass a bottle of water to her

” Thanks ” She said

” You are just so stubborn and cute Jasmine ”

” You don’t need to remained me, I know I am beautiful jerk ” She replied, smiling cutely at him

” I feel like kssing your lips right now ” He said, and her brows creased

” Huh ?

” Kssing my lips comes with a heavy price you know ”

“But we kssed before remember? “He said and she immediately went mute

She remembered the scene and her heart started racing, she would love to have that moment again, but she can’t really tell if Brandon is in love with her, she would gladly kss him back if he made the move

“Did I say something wrong? ” He asked, bringing her back

“Nothing ” She shook her head

” You are cute, just know that, let’s try and finish up, there’s a lot of fun coming ” He winked at her

Jasmine nodded and smiled faintly



Clicking of the camera is heard as Brandon took different pictures of Jasmine as she posed in different styles

” Wow, this pictures are so beautiful ” Brandon said, showing the pictures to Jasmine, she can’t possibly believe she is the one in the pictures

” Thank you ” She said

” For what ? ” He asked

” For bringing me here ” She replied

” And thank you for agreeing to stay, follow me ” He said, holding her hand

She followed him as they went upstairs, he pushed the door opened and went in with her

He pressed a button and the light came on showcasing the beauty of the room

In the middle of the room, there is a design of love with classic flowers and a big heart design

The bed is decorated with different colors and the room is luminated with different lightsaber

Jasmine stood bewildered about the whole thing, clueless of what is going on right now

Brandon is some meters away from her, took the few strides between them and pulled her to himself holding her waist, she reacted to his touches and looked directly at him, their hearts thudding so hard, that both of them can felt it

His eyes became creamy with affection as he stared at her

” Jasmine, I have always wanted to say this to you but lack the courage to say it out, but I can’t hold it anymore and I am ready to voice it out today, you can hate me if you want , I .. I ..”

” You what ? ” She asked anxiously

” I love you Jasmine ” He said sincerely

Jasmine gasped, she wasn’t expecting this, but it is good to be true, this is the moment she has been waiting for to come.

” You love me?

” Yeah, it may seem weird and crazy but that is the truth, I never believe in love until I met, I was a play boy until I met you, I love you with my everything, I never believe it will happen and I never figure it out in until recently, I came to understand that it is love, can you be mine ? ” He asked, hoping she would say yes

” No I can’t be yours ” She replied

Brandon world crashed immediately she said that, he looked at her with tears gushing out of his eyes

” Why Jasmine, coz I am a play boy ? ” He asked hurtfully

” I am no longer a play boy, I am no longer a Casanova, can’t you see ”

” Yes, one more thing, coz , I will not only be yours, I will be your everything, I love you Brandon Johnson, so so much , yes I will be your girlfriend ” She replied, pouting cutely at him

Brandon face brightened immediately

” You almost gave me heart attack baby ” He said

” But never hurt me coz if you do I won’t be able to survive it ”

” I promise with my life never to hurt you ” He said and slammed his lips on her

Jasmine reciprocated, kssing him back so hard

Right now nothing matters to her more than this

They kssed hungrily and possessively, the kss is full of hunger and need for each other, it became more intense as they kssed each other

He brings his teeth to her bottom lip and bite it lightly, she m.aned in response, their t®ngues found each other and they began dancing in their mouth again

He lifted up and took her to the be.d, he placed her there and the decorations scattered as a result but no one care about that sht now

They are both breathing heavily

” I love you so much baby ” She said, and that seems to add to his power as it ignite him immediately

Still breathing heavily, his lips found her neck.


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