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Jada is a two sided woman. She lives two lives; as an a$sassin for the FBI and the second one?

She takes care of children at the children’s home where she’s lived for the past six years. Her parents were ki lled by…

WORKING AS A NANNY : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo



BY Worthy stories

Chapter One

You sent your best agent and she messed up. Again!”

Peter Billiard shouts while hitting the brown mahogany desk with his left palm that is covered in a black leather glove.

His shoulders are tense and his face? I’ve never seen it so red! Oh boy.

I seat quietly and watch everyone talk about my ‘mistake’.

“Jada is never careless during her missions. We could call this… a mishap.” Mike tries defending me but I know when we’re out of here I’m in trouble.

Peter Billiard turns to me and I look straight into his eyes. His confidence somehow diminishes and I inwardly smirk.

I have that effect on everyone. From my bosses to my colleagues and everyone who knows me.

Well apart from a separate group of people but that’s a story for another time.

I look beside me to find Cole, my partner, looking away almost like he wants to hide under the desk.

“The man was a threat. His gvn was pointed at Lark’s head. It was either to ki ll him or let him ki ll Lark.”

I explain for the seventh time. And to be honest, that was the last time I would explain it.

“The id!ot was the last link to where the other safe was. You always mess up everything.” Peter says and adds in a lower voice. “You don’t have the balls to do this job.”

“I care for my team mates. Why would I spare a criminal who probably wouldn’t tell us a thing rather than let ONE OF US get ki lled out there when I could prevent it?

You might not have a conscience but I do. And it wouldn’t let me sleep knowing Lark died out there when I could prevent it.

I think if anyone isn’t ready to defend one of us, then they don’t have the balls for this type of job.

You only sit behind the desk and watch us out there.” I have never talked so much since I joined the FBI.

I take in a deep breath.
Mike clears his throat and opens a new file. He hands out the copies.

Leonardo Carter Williams
Nine years old

Blonde with green eyes

Home schooled


I look at his photo and notice he seems too pale to be healthy.

His face reflects a sad and lonely kid. I read other parts of his file. He has leukemia and his parents were mu rdered two years ago.

“His guardian who’s also his uncle reported two days ago that the boy started receiving death threats about four months ago and he suspects it’s from his parents’ ki llers.”

I look at the file in confusion but before I ask anything, Mike continues talking.

“The ki llers need something from Leonardo. We don’t know what or where it is. Jada and Cole, you’ll be taking this case.”

I look at him. I know my face doesn’t show anything but I’m full of questions.

“What am I supposed to do?” I finally ask but what Mike answers is not what I expected.

“Leonardo is homeschooled and he also needs a nanny. You’ll take up the job.” Mike says with finality.

“So now I’m a nanny?” I ask ridiculously. For once I think of this as a sort of weird joke or prank.

“Yes. Leonardo Williams needs protection. At the same time you should try finding out what they want.”

My eyes dart to everyone and I find Peter holding up a smug look. “Did you plan this?” I look at him but Mike comes to his rescue again.

“You’ve caused too much trouble for the past year Jada.”

“So this is some sort of punishment? All ki lls were required.”

I turn to Cole waiting for some back up but he already looks like a wet dog with its tail in between his hind legs. Some partner he is.

“This is final agent Costa. You will start your work as a nanny on Monday or hand over your badge this instant.”

A hot feeling raises inside of me as I look at Mike. I’m so tempted to hand over the badge but the FBI has become my second home. It has kept me sane.

Everyone gets up and leaves leaving me alone. Well not totally alone.

I turn to the slumped body of my partner to my right. He wants to say something but I get up. I can’t believe he let this happen.

I go towards Mike’s cabin and hear him talk to Peter. I really feel like turning around but I don’t stop. I knock on his open door.

“I’m here for Leonardo’s file.” I say monotonously. Mike hands it over and as I see his mouth open to say something, I turn and leave immediately.

I take my things and go to my black Audi then drive to my apartment. I head straight to my kitchenette and drink a glass of water.

I head to my bedroom as I rid of my blonde wig. I place it on the dressing table. I look at my face and now charcoal black hair as I think about the new task.

Being a nanny isn’t good enough to be a mission.

I take off the brown contact lenses leaving behind my papa’s blue-green eyes that I once loved so much. I change into black yoga pants and a black tank top. I stand in front of my full mirror.

I’m 5’7. An athletic body probably due to the intense exercises and workouts every day.
I take my laptop and file go down to my black tesla and head home.

The two cars are necessary for my life. As you figured out, I live a double life. I’ve lived it for four years and it has been okay. So far.

Nobody at the FBI knows me. You might not believe it but there’s nowhere where the real me exists or ever did.

I changed names and appearance before I got into the FBI. Let’s say my past life is something I’d never want to remember or live in. My past life made me who I am right now.

A cold, heartless and stone hearted bch. People call me ‘The Ice Queen’.

Abby, one of the women I’ve come to like in the past few years opens the door to the children’s home that has also been my home for the last six years. A place where I can show the people inside who I really am.

A place I don’t have to ki ll or argue with self-absorbed as$holes.

A place where I have no missions. This is a place that I can feel free and safe. A place that I can feel loved.

This is home.

A mop of black hair jumps into my arms hugging me tightly. “Jada!” A high pitch voice of a six year old boy follows and I laugh as I hug him back. I look at his green eyes and smile. Oh Ryan.

“And how has my favorite six year old been today?”

I ask playful and he instantly answers saying how good he was. I greet the other kids who just had their dinner and Ryan starts telling me how he got a new friend who came with his dad to visit them at the shelter.

I tuck him into bed and start singing him his favorite song until I also start drifting off to sleep.

My phone starts ringing as I find Mike’s name flashing on the screen.

“Agent Costa speaking.” I try to say professionally but I’m so annoyed.
“Lara is surrounded. She needs a hand.” I almost groan.

“Text me the address I’m on my way.” I run to my car even though Abby tries to stop me.

I drive to my apartment and change into my work look as fast as I can and drive to the address.

I find a bchy damsel in distress and I do everything to help like the good person I am.


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