By Worthy stories

Episode: 1

?Handsome man?

Clara’s Pov

I feel sun rays falling on my cheek suddenly.

Mom must have opened the curtains of my room.

My palm instantly went to my cheek to protect it from the harsh heat.

I turn to another side as I want to sleep more.

Moaning lightly, I pull the blanket up over my head to block the sun.

“Good morning, Baby girl! Wake up! It’s Monday morning.” She pulls the blanket off me and I toss around like a kid.

“Mom, please. Just five more minutes.” I plead and try to sleep.

“It’s seven thirty sweetie. You have to go to the office.

I don’t want you to skip breakfast.” She says as I stands up from my bed and leaves the room.

I groan and stand up. Office. I hate it. That ba$tard Kyle is going to be there.

I hate him so much. He tried to molest me last Friday.

It is becoming harder and harder each day to bear him. He went too far this time.


He is the head of the Human Resource department. I work under him.

I am going to complain about him to the high authority today, to our C. E. O.

Everyone thinks he is a perfect person, but only I know the true face behind that mask that Kyle wears every day.

I know it’s going to be hard and the C. E. O might not believe it, but I have to at least try and prove my point.

I groan and move out of the bed before going to the bathroom.

“Are you sure you want to go back?” Micheal asked. We are having breakfast and I am chewing on my bread.

Kurt, his boyfriend has joined us as well. Mom is sitting beside me.
“Yes. I am sure. I want to teach him a lesson.” I say strictly. “At least I want to try.”

“You can do it, Clara. Don’t worry. Everything must be taken care of by now.” Kurt says and I look at him confused not understanding what he is talking about.

“Taken care by now? How? No one knows.” I am truly confused. I see Micheal giving him a look and mom silently eating her omelette.

“He means that in the sense… In the sense of… That everything will be all right.” Micheal says and I smile at him not wanting to prolong it.

“Okay. I will go now.” I stand up and take my bag. “I want to have coffee on the way to the office.”

“Bye, sweetie.” “Bye, sis” “Bye”. Mom, Micheal and Kurt say at the same time. I open the front door.

“Bye.” I close the door and take a cab to the coffee shop. I feel a bit nervous as I think about how to approach the C. E. O. Maybe I should relax. I should think about something else.


I sit back relaxingly in the back seat of the taxi and pull out my phone.

I go through the contacts in the phone and there I am stuck at the MDalton.

I have called that number once and even spoke but there was no response from the other side.

I thought to just not think about it, but I can’t stop myself.

I shake my head at myself. Maybe it’s not that important.

It’s just a contact, Clara. You have other things to worry about . I put the phone back in my bag and sigh. It’s been six months.

Everything around looks same, but nothing around me feels the same.

Something changed. It’s true that I have lost my memory of two years, but I feel like I lost something.

Maybe that’s just how one might feel when they lose their memory.

I don’t know how to explain the feeling of something that deep down hurting me badly. Don’t know why.

It frustrates me. It makes me want to know what happened these two years.

Maybe it’s all just in my head. Maybe I am thinking too much.

I should stop this obsession of thinking too much about what happened these two years.


The taxi stopped in front of the coffee shop that is near our company building.

I pay the driver and get out of the taxi. The weather is chilly today.

Walking into the cafe, I stand in the queue to order my regular.

I am late today and the queue is long. I let out a breath. Relax Clara.

Everything is going to be fine. Don’t take too much tension.

Just have your coffee and go to office like you do every day. There are still fifteen minutes . I think to myself.

Looking up I find a young college going student with earplugs in his ears.

He is bobbing his head to some song. He is now jumping on his feet almost dancing.

Before I know it, he accidentally stepped on my foot and an ‘ow’ left my mouth.

Due to my high heels, I almost fell down, if it was not for the man behind me who caught me on time.

His hands went around my waist and my hands rested on his shoulders.

One word left my mouth after looking at him.
“Wow.” It was almost a murmur though. Like I never said it.

His black eyes are mesmerising as if they are holding a mystery.

Those deep brown orbs hold my gaze for a second.

He has a long sharp nose as though it is particularly sculptured.

He has five O’ clock shadow and
that’s looking so right on his face.

Not too much or not too less. He has a rugged appearance.

He steadied me before I had a chance to stare more at him.

I sling my bag back on my shoulder as it fell down to my elbow when I slipped.

“Can’t you just stand straight?” I look up at the handsome man and find him scolding the guy in front of me who stepped on me.

The Handsome Man is wearing a black suit with white shirt.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to step on you.” He apologizes. I smile at him.

“It’s fine. I am good. Don’t worry.” I assure him and he smiles before turning back.

I turn back to my rescuer and find him staring at me. He doesn’t even look away when I catch him staring.

His eyes are so deep and intense, they are boring into mine.

His gaze made me statue for a few seconds. I turn away from him giving him an awkward smile.

Ria, the lady behind the counter smiles at me. “Regular?” She asks once it’s my turn.

“Good morning. Yes, please. My regular.” I smile back and wait. Maybe I should buy this man a coffee .

I just want to look at his face once again. I turn around to ask him.

He is still looking at me. Not in a creepy way, but that gaze only makes me more curious. “Can I buy you a coffee?

A small treat for helping me.” He looks away thinking about it.

“No.” He says and I feel rejected.
“Okay.” I feel stupid and turn away to take my coffee. God! I am so stupid!

Why do I have to make a fool out of myself? Today is not a good day at all. Stupid Clara! I look up and find Ria glaring at the man.

“All the men are assholes.” She mutters giving me the bill. I take it and my coffee before moving out of the way.

“Your order, sir?” She asks. I give up on it and still feeling stupid I took two steps towards the door.

“Whatever that lady had?” He orders and I turn around in confusion. He is again looking at me. I feel some tingly sensation build up in my heart.

“Don’t want to buy me a drink anymore?” A grin almost breaks out on my face, but I suppress it with a small smile.

Feeling excited, I come to the counter and pull out my card to pay for the coffee.

Ria types it and we wait silently for the coffee. It takes one minute.

She hands him the coffee and we both walk out of the shop with him behind. Once we are out I look up at him.

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I don’t know which question to ask first.

Why are you staring at me like that? What made you change your mind?

The first one would only create awkwardness.

“What made you change your mind?” I ask. He doesn’t answer just wanders his gaze all over my face, not just my eyes.

“Who doesn’t want a free coffee?” He says looking away. He doesn’t want to answer it and I understand that.

“Hope you like the coffee. You ordered what I have.” I try to make a conversation.

“I will.” He is keeping it short. Maybe he is not interested.

“Have a good day,” I say smiling and he nods.

“You too.” He says without any emotion in his voice and walks away sipping his coffee. I shake my head.

What an odd day? I am such a stupid?

Am I just that crazy? Oh my God, when will I ever have boyfriend.

Clara! You have other things to worry about!

I walk into our company building and go straight to the lift.

I press the lift button and sip the coffee waiting for it to come down.

Slowly tension started settling in my heart as I think of facing that ass again.

I have to talk to the CEO about it. Being the head of the Human Resources Department, I can’t believe he is behaving like this.

I sigh and the left dings, Walking in I press the button to my floor.


Once I reach my floor, I go to my department office greeting everyone in the way a good morning. Everyone in the office is very kind here.

Pushing the door open I look at Drew’s place, the head of the HR department, our team and find it empty. Why is he not here?

He is normally always on time . I see all my colleagues sitting near Tina’s desk, my friend and colleague. They are talking seriously.

Tina is the only person that knows how Drew behaves beside me.

Everyone in the office thinks he is a perfect person. But only we both know the face behind that mask.

One of them, Kevin looks at me.
“Hi, Clara!” I smile at him and set my bag and coffee down on the table.

“Hi, Kevin! Hi guys! What’s going on?” I sit down in my chair. Tina is smiling at me happily.

“Flash news, Drew got fired.” Nick, one of my team members and friends spoke. That got my mouth dropping to the floor.

Drew got fired?! He got FIRED?! HOW?! WHEN?! WHY?! Although it is a good thing. Best thing to hear in the morning. It’s like the God has answered my prayers.

“Yes. That was our reaction too.” Kevin spoke. I look at Tina and she is grinning. She was also the victim of his behaviour.

She tried to complain once and it backfired costing her the job.

She needs it very much to feed her mother and pay for her brother’s fees. So she kept quiet.

It happened before I joined here. She is the only one that understood my pain as she has gone through the same thing.

“But why did they fire him?” I want to know the reason though. No one knows what’s past his perfect exterior.

“Apparently he was getting out of bounds-” Nick is cut off by Tina.

“He was molesting girls. Someone reported him.” She completed. I nod my head at her understanding.

“But also there is another news.” She says and I frown at her thinking what it can be.
“We got two new bosses,” Kevin says and my eyes went wide.

Two new bosses?! What does that mean?
“What?!” I ask taking my coffee to sip.

“Yes. Many things happened last night. Do you know the BRYANT Group?”

I look at Tina and nod my head at her question listening to her feeling interested in what she has to say.

“Well, they bought our company yesterday. All the paperwork happened this weekend and yesterday morning Drew got fired.”

I frown at it again. “Yes, we were all thinking the same thing. It sounds like it’s done intentionally.”

“But who buys a whole company to just fire an HR? You know how influential they are.

They could just say a word to our CEO and the things might have got done.” Nick says and we all get keep thinking for a second.

“Anyway. The second boss is our new HR, who is still not here yet.” Kevin looks at the HR head cabin.

Great! Now we have new HR and new Boss! New challenges every day! Why GOD?! Just when I think you have answered my prayers .

I look at Tina and she is thinking the same thing. We both sigh.

I hope this day gets better. Thinking so I sip my coffee and the tension in my body leaves once I realize that I do not have to go to the C. E. O. This is a good day.

Smiling, my mind goes back to The Handsome Man. I bit my lip from smiling more and feel giddy inside.

No one ever made me feel like that.
Oh, I hope we meet again .


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