Health Benefits Of Okro (ladyfinger) OKro is loaded with Nutrients – Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Iron and Zinc. Rich in vitamins – A, C & K.. Benefits: * Works against Cancers * Relaxes Blood Vessels and Arteries * Works against High Blood Pressure * Controls/Cures Diabetes * Good source of Probiotics * Works against Asthma * … Read more

JUST US: Episode 11 – 20

JUST US 👫 ✨ (Do you believe?) BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸 🌸 EPISODE 11 💜 Bella. 💜 Sunday morning was as usual as always, didn’t do much and after taking my bath and having breakfast by myself. I did nothing else but locked myself in my room. I stared at my phone not knowing what … Read more


Gonorrhea is an infection caused by a bacterium, the gonococcus. It is transmitted during s*xual interc0urse. Gonorrhea is also called gonorrhea, gonorrhea or hot-piss. The gonococcus bears the sweet scientific name of Neisseria gonorrhoeae This infection can be transmitted during all types of s*xual interc0urse (gen!tal, anogen!tal, oral gen!tal) with a person infected with the … Read more

JUST US: Episode 1 – 10

JUST US 👫 ✨ (Do you believe?) BY RUTHIE LEE 🌸 🌸 EPISODE 1 “Bella’s POV” Sometimes I think my life is like a Cinderella story, Only Cinderella lived with her step mother and two step sisters, and her life ended up in a juicy beautiful way. While me…. I’m staying with my aunt in … Read more

HOLLYWOOD WIFE: Episode 21 – The End

📹🎬HOLLYWOOD WIFE📹🎬 (She’s a crzy strpper) From TC 🖤Episode 21🖤 Khristine’s POV So how did you feel when you worked with Angelina Jolie in your last movie??’..i asked Brad and he smiled.. ‘Uhhh it was okay by the way and besides Angelina is my sweetheart’..he replied.. ‘Hey i was in the movie too??’..Jeremy interrupted but … Read more