15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT SEASON 2: Episode 41 – The End

?15 Days With Mr Arrogant??
(A fight for perfect love??)

By Authoress Berry Julie

Season 2 Episode 41

Dasha’s POV
“I just can’t marry you Theo”I said in my mind

How foolish of me!

Am I really going to say that to the love of my life

I think I have no other option

Please Desha”

I smiled slowly

“Yes I will”I said slowly

“O my God thank you baby”he said as he slipped the ring in the finger then stood up

I stared at the beautiful ring

“You like it?he asked and I chuckled

“I love it!!

Thanks for giving me a second chance”he said and I smiled

“Come here”I said as I hugged him

“I love you”he whispered

Am engaged to the Almighty Mr Theodora Kings”

Why won’t I be happy?

“I love you too”I whisper back as he kssed my neck

“I miss feeling you”

“Not be silly”I said hitting him as I disengaged from the hug

“Am hungry what do you guys cooked?I asked knowing there is no food

I just gained my appetite

“Uhmm nothing but I will send for a meal straight away”

“Don’t be…….

“Over here!!Sasha yelled as she turned on the dining light

O my gee

What the!! I turned to Theo who smiled

“You j.erk! I giggled as I rushed to table


There are different type of wines,foods ,snacks ”

Sasha why are you in an apron?

“I will be the chef today”she said smiling


Obviously cause my brother is engaged”she said as my cheeks turned red

I smiled as I face the meal

Okay where to start?

Ummm this smells so great! I think crabs will be better for a start

“Babe won’t you invite me to the table?Theo asked as I and Sasha laughed

“Just sit and watch me”I said as I grabbed the crab

“Thats not fair”I pouted as Sasha laughs and walked out

“Come on join me but be sure you will feed me”I said


Sasha’s POV
I checked the time and it was 1:45Am

I stood up and sneak into Desha and Theo’s room

They were asleep cuddling each other so tight,,I smiled

They look so cute together……

Okay this is not why am here….I tiptoad to the neaby table and took my brothers phone

Slowly I sneaked out and walked downstairs luckily the phone wasn’t on password


I went to contact and luckily sparkle’s number add still there

I immediately put a call through her and luckily she picked up

“Oh daring you decided to call me”

“Aunt sparkle is me Sasha!I said and she went mute

“Aunt I need you to come to our house please…I don’t like Desha for him…I want you”I said sobbing

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