THE PASSION FAIRY: Episode 11-20




Tina and Lilian both are in the Business Admin. department . That is why they are in the same class. They had three lectures before break time, and they seemed to enjoy it.

Lilian was in the art department. She had flare for drawing and always wished she could be a real artiste. She also had three lectures before recess.

“Let’s go to the canteen. Im famished” Tina said as they made their way to the canteen.

“The maths teacher has a very funny taste. Didn’t you notice the way he drags his trousers when he teaches?” Tina said as they took their food and made way to a table.

“I must admit he sure was. All i could stare at was his glasses” Stephanie said as she laughed.

Stephanie sensed it again. I sense a really huge magic in this canteen. Where is it coming from?” she asked herself as she looked around.


“Take this” Priya said as she threw her plate on Lilian, attracting attention

“You wanted to go to college right? You are here now. Daddy isnt here to save you so you’re done for bitch. Read ma lips, im gonna make your stay in this school a living h.ell” She said as she pushed her to the ground and she fell.

Priya laughed and left the canteen. Everyone was murmuring as each person looked at her and laughed.

Lilian hugged her legs as she sat on the floor crying. She looked at everyone there and dropped her head in embarrassment.

“Hey” Someone called to her.

“Here, let me take you to the bathroom” She offered as she lifted her up.

“Thanks” Lilian thanked the stranger after she had cleaned up.

“Im Stephanie” she introduced as she stretched her hand.

“Im Lilian” She said as she accepted the handshake.

Suddenly, Lilian’s necklace sparkled as Lilian freed her hand.

“I sense so much magic. Who are you?”Stephanie thought as she stared at Lilian.

“Hello, are you thinking?”Lilian asked as she waved her hands over Stephanie’s eyes.

“Oh! im really very sorry”

“Why was that girl bullying you?” she asked.

“Its sort of a sisters misunderstanding”

“Oh! she’s your sister?”

“Yes” Lilian answered.

“What about your parents?”

“They are alright, thanks for asking. I must get to my class now, thanks for everything” Lilian said as she smiled and walked towards the doorway

The sun shone as ever before as Lilian walked towards the door. She turned back and smiled.

Then she turned and headed back to her class, waiting for the next lesson.



“That cant be Keira,her name is Lilian, and she has parents and a sister too” Stephanie thought as she walked around her room.

“But she is so different. The magic i sensed when i stood so close to her cant be described. It looked as if i wanted to fall when i was close to her. And did everywhere radiate when she was in the room, but darkened when she left.

“This is hard to figure out. She looks humanly and id it possible she has powers? Even if she is a fairy, what type?”

She asked as she folded her hands.

“Lilian you have so much powers, powers that i can never describe” I will watch her for sometime” she said out loud.

“Who are you watching for some time?” Tina said as she sat on Stephanie’s bed.

“No one” Stephanie answered

“Is there anything you wanna tell me?” Tina asked suspiciously.

“No sis, i just was trying to remember a play” she lied.

“Ok, if you say so. So care for video game?” she asked.

“Sure thing” she said as Tina took the snakes and ladders from the table and dropped it on Lilian’s bed.


Stephanie became friends with Lilian and she was always seen with Lilian. Priya continued causing trouble for Lilian. Stephanie and Lilian’s relationship made Tina jealous because Stephanie seems to like Lilian more than her.

“Stephanie, i wanna go see a play after school. Will you follow me?” Tina asked as they climbed down the stairs,leaving for school.

“Sorry sis, but i cant, i wanna go see Lilian after school. I promised her” She told a sad Tina who muttered an ok.

Later that day, Lilian and Stephanie were having lunch at the canteen. Tina sat opposite them but didnt really contribute to their discussion.

“Hey, you see those cute guys over there?” Lilian asked as she pointed at the green devil’s table.

“Yeah i can see them”

“Arent they cute?”

“Maybe they are”

Kelvin turned around and his eyes locked with Lilian’s. Then he turned away.

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