A WIFE FOR MR POPULAR: Episode 41-The End

Episode 41

Claire’s POV

The next morning??.

I opened my eyes and turned around blinking all over again to see if it was a dream..

I was on Gray’s bed,in Gray’s room not wearing anything and he wasn’t drunk..

‘Mmmmh’..I murmured as I slipped off the bed and slid into a robe while he was still asleep…

I yawned loudly approaching the kitchen and quickly stopped at the doorway as soon as I heard Maria and Rudolf gossiping..

‘They slept in the same room for the past two days and yesterday he asked me to send her flowers,now they’re in the same bed this morning tangled up against each other doesn’t that ring a bell?? They’re not getting divorced!!’.. Maria argued and I smiled..

‘Hmmmm you’re right kinda, cause the news blog spotted them kssing in a sushi hangout so I think they aren’t getting divorced at all’.. Rudolf agreed and I walked back into the room only to see Gray in his pajama pants but still shirtless..

‘Good morning’..I murmured leaning onto the doorway..

Can my life get any better without this sxy man around me??..

‘Morning,how was your night??’..He replied as I walked over..

‘Mmmh pleasurable and yours??’..

‘The best night of my life’..He replied trying to get a shirt on but I slapped it off him..

‘What is it??’..He asked and I pushed gently onto the bed as he sat upright..

‘Claire it’s morning’…He whispered as I wrapped my l.egs around his t©rso..

‘So?? Your lips are very dry’..I whispered back and before I could do anything else he took the invitation and crushed his l1ps hard against mine as his slid into my robe..

‘G…..Oh my God!!’.. Grandma Suzanne yelled as she walked in and we both jolted..

‘Grandma?!!’..Gray groaned..

‘Sorry,sorry I’m off’..She said and I walked over to lock the door..

‘Now where were we??’..I asked going back to my original position..

‘Here’..He replied and our lips locked again..

Gray’s POV?

At Night?
‘Ahhhh there’s nothing like what I feel right now Martin’..I sighed happily as I sat on my friend’s couch..

‘What??’..he asked..

‘Well business is going well and I have a wife who makes me feel wonderful now.. there’s no way I’m divorcing that woman’..I replied..

‘Now you see?? This is what I’m talking about??,you’ve never looked happy in years and this is why I was against you divorcing her in the first place’…He said..

‘Mmmmmh we’re not going on with the divorce anymore and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful wife’..I leaned back and he frowned..

‘So you don’t love her??’..He asked..

‘i don’t know seriously but there’s a new feeling I get whenever I’m around her’..

‘You are in lo—

‘Nah I’m not in love’.

‘You are Gray!! You love your wife!!’..

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