AGE DOESN’T MATTER: Episode 1-10

MATTER ?????
The cold evening Breeze blew around my body as I stood straight in the front porch of my parent’s house.
I quickly took a big sip out of my coffee, so the wind won’t get it cold.
I sighed heavily as I watched two pretty birds have a noisy conversation they looked happy, I mean their life is so perfect they don’t have to work or go to college they’re just free… And I wish I could be just like them

I’m so tired of being jobless, I see my life the same as vagrants, but thankfully I live with my parents, staying jobless is not what I’ve planned for this month, or this year.
I finished high school three years ago and I could have gotten into any college of my dream, but I plan to work first cause my family is a lot short on money.
We’re not financial stable.
For the past three years I haven’t gotten any job, and honestly I don’t know what to do.
To my own point of view, every job interview I had gone to, I know I nailed every interview but still yet I didn’t get the job. I don’t want to lose hope but somehow all hope is lost.
I sighed heavily as I carried my coffee and head inside.
Inside our small living room I saw my mom sitting on one of our leather couch and chopping carrots on one of her favorite chopping board.

“Honey… Dinner’s almost ready why don’t you go set up the table” my mom said and I dropped my coffee mug and breathed out a “sure” before walking away.
After setting up the table my mom and I started to eat dinner without my dad, he’s at work and he comes home late, super late so we always have dinner without him.
Being an only child isn’t forgiving cause sometimes it will just be me and my mom or sometimes just me. We both ate our dinner quietly until my mom dropped her spoon and looked up at me.
“What?” I asked cause her gaze was pretty strange. Though it looked a bit relieved.

“So I wanted to wait for the right time.” she smiled.
“Wait for what?” I asked.
“I found a job for you Elsa” my mom said and I gasped “Really?”. She rubbed her neck nervously. “well I won’t consider it as ‘found a job’ well I did see one but–
“When?” I cut her off happily.
“Uhm maybe three or two days ago.” she replied with a nervous smile.
“Why didn’t you tell me!” I smiled standing up.
“You know I’ve been busy with work and I also didn’t think you’d like the job” my mom blurted.
She didn’t think.
“Mom I don’t care what kind of job it is as long as it pays” I said and my mom gave me a strong gaze.

I laughed nervously. “Sorry I said that out of desperation”
She nods in an understanding way and sighws.
“Okay so about the job, don’t get to excited cause I don’t know if it’s taken yet but I hope it’s not and also it’s a teaching job.” my mom explained.
“Teaching job?” I repeated and she nodded.
Worst job ever, I know what teacher suffers most from us, from elementary school to middle school and then high school when puberty starts to take charge of our body and we start to get really cranky and annoying, the stress behind it.

My mom sighed. “See u knew you wouldn’t like the job.” My mom sighed worriedly.
She knows me too much and it feels like I make her worry all the time. Including now.
“You know it’s okay, I mean how hard can teaching be, it’s a piece of cake.” I can’t continue being jobless and as long as the pay is fine I’m willing to work for it. That’s just it.

“Okay honey, After dinner I’ll give you the flyer where you’d find the details about the job and everything about it.” my mom said and my eyes widen

A flyer?
“A flyer?” I repeated.
“So you got to know about this job, just by looking at a flyer?” I asked.
“Yes” she nodded.
Okay that’s not considering as finding a job, just by looking at a flyer, and besides it would have been taken by anyone.

After dinner my mom and I headed to her room and getting there I sat on her bed while she rummage through her handbag.

“Here” she smiled handing me a golden looking flyer.
I took it from her and read what was written there.

“Mathematics teacher needed!!!”

“See isn’t that amazing you’re smart, you’re good with mathematics you’re good with everything I bet the person you’ll be tutoring will be so happy to get a tutor like you”. My mom beamed.
“So where’s the payment written” I asked turning the back of the flyer to see the white blank page.
“See it’s kind of weird but this is it” my mom said pointing at a particular coloured writing at the bottom of the page.
I looked at the writings and read it out loud “we pay according to your taste”.
“Huh?” I looked up at my mom
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“It means they pay according to what you tell them to… I Think” my mom grinned with a light shrug.
She thinks.

“Wow I don’t know what to say, mom are you sure this is real and it isn’t some kind of fraud or..
“No it isn’t, I assure you, go for it tomorrow and you won’t be disappointed”. My mom cut me off.
I sighed and stood up.
“Well mom give me your phone.” I said to my mom and she gave it to me, I dialed the number written on the flyer, on my mom’s phone and called them.
I need to take this job before anyone would.
The phone rang for three seconds until a sweet female voice echoed from the other line saying. “Hello!”
“Hi” I breathed out.
“Who is this please?” the voice asked.
“I.. I saw your job vacancy for a mathematics teacher.!!”
The woman gasped. “Oh yes, yeah.”
“Okay so is it still vacant or is it taken?” I asked.
“No… No it’s still vacant and we really need someone for this job.” The woman said.
Wow it must be pretty urgent.
“And about the amount?” was my concern.
“Oh we’ll talk about that when you get here.” The woman said happily.
Wow okay.
My mind suddenly starts to calculate how much I need,

“Okay so how can I get your address.”? I asked.
“Oh its written at the top of the flyer.” she replied and my head looked down at it immediately.
Wow. It’s not that far from here.
Just take a bus and that’s all.

“Okay seen, so when do I start?” I asked.
“Tomorrow.” she yelled making me flinch.
“The earlier the better.” she added
“And what time should I make it there?” I asked.
“You start at three fifteen pm when my son gets back from school, but since you’re staring tomorrow why don’t you come a little bit early.” I could feel the lady’s smile.
A son.
Okay so we’re tutoring a male here.
“Okay sure.” I said with a small smile and the woman thanked me and hanged up..

“Finally!” I breathed out.

“Yes finally.” my mom said cheerfully making me laugh.
“Thanks mom. I wouldn’t have gotten this without you.” I said standing up.
“Of course. Anything for you” my mom smiled, I gave her a small smile.
“Okay I have to go to sleep in early tonight I have a big day tomorrow” I said walking out of her room.
“Okay goodnight honey.” my mom yelled behind me.

I plopped down on my bed immediately I got in my room.
Finally I have a job. I just hope when I get there tomorrow it won’t be anything bad.
And besides I also forgot to ask who I’ll be tutoring if it’s a little boy or a teenage boy or perhaps someone even older. Well I hope my last option is wrong.
That night after taking a cold bath, I got under my covers and before I knew it I fell asleep.
The next morning, the sound of singing birds woke me up even before my alarm gets to ring. And I’m serious when I say those birds are super annoying.
Few minutes later I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth.
I took a warm bathe later and went down to have breakfast, with my parents.
“So Elsa, your mom told me you finally got a job.” My dad said as we all gathered around the small dining table.
I gave my mom a look before turning to my dad.
“I don’t know if I’d like to call it a job yet, cause I haven’t actually met them in person.” I replied adding butter to my toasted bread.
“Well I wish you good luck.” my encouraging dad said and I nod with a smile.
My dad left for work that morning leaving me and my mom and er talked about some few things before she left for work too leaving me home alone as always but today everything is going to change.
I hope so.
I brought out all my mathematics textbooks, guidebook and notebook to help me refresh my brain, not that it needs to be refreshed, I’m doing all this out of a little bit of nervousness.
I studied all my books till it was two thirty in the afternoon and I got a call from my mom saying the woman from yesterday about the job, called saying I should be on my way.
I quickly moved all my books away and found myself in my closet looking for the most decent clothes to wear.
After feeling more educated and decent in a black mini skirt and a blue shirt, I grabbed one of my handbags, fixed my phone and textbooks inside with some other things before heading out.
I took the bus and I clearly remembered the address written on the flyer.

I finally got to the street and wandered about looking for house forty seven. It irks me to walk around like this but I had no choice.
But finally I found house forty seven which was one of the biggest house in the street.
The house gate was huge and thick but it was opened already cause it looked like a car just drove in.
Nervously, I walked in and met a man in uniform. And I kind of figured he’d be a security guy.

“Good day, uhm may I ask who you’re looking for.?” the security dude ask.
“Oh Good afternoon, I’m here for the job.” I replied.
My eyes not staring at his but the beautiful and enormous compound to see its beautiful flowers.
“The job.” the man repeated. “Oh yes the job, please come this way.” He said
As he led me towards the front door of the house he said. “Mrs Huggins has been expecting you”.

We got to the door and he opened it and we both walked in.
My jaw dropped as we both walked in the living room.
It was just so… I don’t know the word for it but Rich and classy would fit.
“Please wait here while I get Mrs Huggins” the man said and I nodded.
I observed the good looking house in front of me and I just couldn’t help but envy the rich.

“Oh my God, you’re here!” I heard a female voice and I looked up and saw a middle aged woman with amazing hair walk down the gigantic stairs at a corner in the living.
“Good day ma’am” I smiled.
She must be the one who called. Her voice matched
“Just call me Freya, I’m not that old to be called ‘Ma’am’ you know” she said and laughed to herself.
I nodded with a smile.
“Okay thank you so much for coming and you too Desmond, thank you for your hard work” she said to the security man. And he nodded and left immediately.

“So young lady what’s your name?” Mrs Huggins asked.
“Elsa. Elsa Hathaway” I replied.
“Okay yes please sit down.” she said and I sat down and she sat opposite me with a huge smile on my face.
Goodness she’s pretty

“I’m so glad you could make it here, we’ve been looking for a private tutor since forever but no one showed up for the job, but here you are, I’m just so happy seeing you here.” she explained with a smile.
I don’t like tutoring someone but, I need money.
“Mrs Huggins.” I called.
“Yes dear.” she smiled.
“You said i would be a math tutor to your son, may I ask how old your son is?”
“Oh my Jason will be turning eighteen next week.” Mrs Huggins smiled.
Jason. So he’s seventeen, going to eighteen.
A teenage boy.
Okay so this can’t get any worse right? I’m going to be tutoring a teenage boy, teenage boys are really not the best.
Well some are. I hope he’s calm and coated.
I really hope so.

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