THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 31-38

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted)

Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
I felt so nervous as I sat next to him in the moving car.

Where could he possibly be taking me? I thought we weren’t meant to leave the institute??

So, people like him can break the rules, right?

I watched him as he turned the sterling. G0sh! This guy’s d@mn cute!!

After a very long while, the car came to a halt and I looked out the window to discover we were in what looked like a field.

Hmm. A greenish field.

“Come out” Miquel said as he opened his own door and stepped out of the car and I also did same.

Oh!!! Now I can have a clearer view. Its actually a golf field – a round.

Hold on….

Is he here to play golf???

The field was empty like he’d ordered everyone to leave before coming. Wow! But it was beautiful.

I’d only been to a golf field once – when I was 10.

Dad had taken Owen and I out for fun and we played a little golf.

“Open the bag” Miquel instructed and I quickly placed the bag on my feet and opened it b

Oh!! Now, I get what’s in the bag.

Golf equipments, bottled water, shirt…

He walked to me and took the things he needed from the bag.

I stood by and watched him as he set to work, playing with the golf.

He’d strike it with the stick and ask me to get the ball when it’s rolled into a hole.


Is this the reason he brought me here?? So I could be some golf girl for him or something??

G0sh!!! I was so hungry.
It went on for a long time and when he was done, he took a seat while I panted heavily.

“Get me the water from the bag” he requested and I quickly reached for the bag and brought out the water.

I was still breathing and sweating profusely.

He’s actually the one who came out for fun. Yet, I’m the one breathing like a lizard.

I gave him the water and he opened it and gulped it down. And as his pink lips rounded on it, I felt my throat becoming dry and thirsty.


My waist was hurting, but I didn’t know if he’d find it offensive sitting next to him. So, I just remained standing.

He sighed after drinking from the bottle and when he was done, he stood up.

“Let’s go” he said gruffly and headed for the car and of course, I followed.

We both entered the car and zoom! He took off.

Well, I guess we’re headed back to the institute. G0sh! I was so hungry.
I rested my head on my palm as the smooth drive continued and I noticed something. This wasn’t the route to the institute.

He was taking a different route.

Huh??? Where’s he going again??

I looked at him and felt like questioning him, but suddenly held my tongue.

G0sh! I’m so do0med.

He finally pulled over in front of a restaurant and my eyes beamed.

Oh my geee!!! Tell me we’re eating, please.

I gasped in excitement as I followed him out of the car. Seeing the restaurant actually increased my hunger.

He walked into the restaurant while I followed him behind, running my eyes round the sparkling place.

G0sh! It was so beautiful and classic.

He took the lead and found a table where we sat facing each other. And immediately, a waitress rushed to us.

“Good evening, sir. Good evening ma’am. What’re your orders, please?” She asked politely, her book and pen set to write.

Well, of course, I didn’t say a word but awaited Miquel to make the decision. I don’t think I have a say, do I?

“Tell her what you want” Miquel suddenly said and I felt my heart skip.

Huh??? Did he just….?

Oh my geee!!!

I felt my cheeks heat up instantly as I looked at the waitress.

“Um….I think I’d go with some rice and beef stew” I replied and licked my lips.

The waitress scribbled it down in her jotter.

“Okay. And you, sir?” She turned to Miquel who just sighed and brushed his fingers into his hair.

“Same thing she ordered” he replied and the waitress nodded and left.

Hold on…


Did he just say *same thing she ordered?*

No. I probably didn’t hear him clearly 

After a while, the waitress returned with our orders in trays and that was when I confirmed it – he’d ordered for the same thing i did!


“We don’t have much time. Eat up” he said coldly and trying to take in the surprise, I took my spoon and started eating.
Well, like you’ve already known, Miquel isn’t the talking type. So, we both ate silently.

He just kept picking at his food while I rushed mine. Trust me, I chomped and devoured mine. I was 100% hungry.
By the time we were done, I felt a little full and relieved.

Hah! Thank goodness.

the waitress came for her bill and after paying, we left the restaurant.

Oh my! It was already dark outside! So dark already.

What a nice way of celebrating my birthday, huh??


Just on our way to the car, a little boy ran up to us, holding some dangling things in his hands.

“Hey, mister. Good evening. Um…so sorry to disturb you. But would you love to get something for your girlfriend? I’m sure one of these would fit her a lot because she’s so beautiful” the little boy said fanatically, making my cheeks heat up again.

Huh??? Where the hell did he come from?? Oh God! These people wants to kill me.

What if Miquel gets angry and increases my punishment?

He was just silent and stared at the things the boy was holding.

“Miss, if you convince him to buy from me, I’ll tell you a secret” he said with a wink and I scoffed.

“I’m not his….”

“I’ll get this” Miquel cut in cut in coldly when I was about speaking up.


Hold on…did he just say he was buying something? Oh! He’s probably buying something for himself.

He selected something from the boy – a pretty necklace and turned to me.

Okay….No, no. This is probably a joke.

He came close and locked the necklace around my neck and my eyes beamed.


Holy Molly!!!

It rendered me speechless and gob smacked that I couldn’t even blink.

He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and brought out a huge sum, handing it over to the boy.

“What???? Mister!!! Thank you so much!! Thank you so much, mister!!” The boy exclaimed happily, his eyes beaming with excitement.

“This will go a very long way. My mom will be so happy, mister. You’re god-sent”.

Hmm. God-sent indeed

The boy’s happiness brought smiles to my face.

“For this, she won’t be the only one I’ll be telling a secret, but you as well! So….you’ll be getting double secrets from me!

“I’ll tell you a secret about her, and I’ll tell her a secret about you” he enthused and I arched my brows in surprise.
Is he being serious???

He smiled and went closer to Miquel, beckoning on him to bend a little because of his height and Miquel complied.

He whispered something into his ears and to my greatest surprise, he cracked.


Miquel cracked!!!

Holy….Molly!! He cracked and almost laughed.

My eyes widened in shock as curiosity got the better side of me.

Hold on. …what exactly did he tell him? What secret of mine could he possibly tell Miquel??

I tried reading his thoughts, but discovered I couldn’t.

Who’s he??

“Your turn, miss” he beamed and beckoned on me to bend a little and I did.

And softly, he whispered into my ears:

“He may act grumpy,
But he hates being alone”.

I felt a cold and enigmatic feeling struck me as soon as I heard those words.


What did he…
What did he just say???

I lifted my head to look at Miquel and caught him staring at me.

Then, I quickly lowered my gaze.

“Goodnight, mister. Goodnight miss. I know you aren’t dating yet. But….you two will make a fine couple. Oh!! And don’t worry, I’m not a diamond. Its just a special gift that runs in our family” he chirped and ran away.

For a while, Miquel and I stood silently, just staring at the kid as he got lost in the dark.

*He hates being alone*

Those words replayed in my head. Miquel hates being alone??

For real??? When he’s always pushing everyone away?


“Let’s go” he interrupted my thoughts and proceeded to the car while I slowly followed.

He turned on the ignition and in a giffy, we were on our way.

So many thoughts kept clouding my mind that I didn’t even realize he was taking a different route from the institute.

The silence that ensued between both of us this time around was different and I could feel it. This time around, I felt nervous.

After a long ride, he parked the car and asked me to step out with him and I did.

Where’s he going again?

Its so dark already and…the sky. It looked like it was gonna rain soon.

He inserted his hands into his trouser pockets and did the gentleman style.


I felt honored walking beside him. But then again, I wondered:
“Where’s he taking me?”

Where’s he going?

We walked for a long time that my legs were already hurting.

But finally, we got to our destination – where I presume was his destination because he stopped walking.

Huh?? It was actually a bridge.

Hold on…………

A bridge!!!!

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