AMAZING STORY : THE LOVERBOYS Part 1 (Episodes 1-10)

The Loverboys
(What happened to them?)

By: Faith Lucky.

Episode 1

Jeanne’s Pov:
‘Come on, Jeanne; you’re too slow. Does it really have to take you ages to get me a cup of coffee?’
Susan groused as I hurried with a cup of coffee to her.

‘‘And where are the headphones I asked for?’ Ivy asked, opening her palms.

‘Sorry, Ivy; but I couldn’t find them in the room’ I replied dazily, , touching my forehead.
‘What? Have you gone blind? What do you mean you couldn’t find it?’ she groused.

‘Come on girls. Maybe the fact that she is going to the Alpha High School has suddenly made her blind’, their mom said and they laughed lightly.

‘I wonder why she insisted on going there. Does she think she will be able to win any of the lover boys?’ Ivy asked and they laughed again.
I bent my head and sniffed.

No, I couldn’t afford shedding a tear; not on a special day like this.

‘Enough of the jokes; I’ve warned you to stop doing this’, I heard his voice and I smiled to see the only man I could call family.
Although, he wasn’t my biological family, he had insisted I call him dad. Whenever he’s around, his wife and daughters never get to bully me.

He climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and touched my hair.
‘Are you ready?’ he asked and I nodded with a smile and took my bag from the table.
I looked at his daughters and their faces were already swollen with rage.
I bent my head and walked out of the room with dad – Mr. Raymond.

Mr. Raymond is actually my adopted father. He told me he had found me lying close to the river banks four years ago and he had taken me to the hospital.

But when I regained consciousness, I lost my memories and couldn’t recall a single thing from my past. So, I had no idea where I came from.
Mr. Raymond had even put me up on TV but no one came for me. So, he took me in as his daughter but his wife and kids never accepted me for once. They all saw me as a nuisance and didn’t want to associate with me.

His kids actually study abroad, but just come over for the long vacation.
I’m just a sad, lonely girl who wonders where her family might be and why they never came for her.

Well, thank God I fell into the hands of someone as kind as Mr. Raymond.

Right now, I’m going to Alpha High School and you wouldn’t believe the millions he spent just to get me admitted.

It’s actually one of the best schools in the country, but unfortunately, Mr. Raymond is a very busy person and he travels out of the country a lot. As a matter of fact, he will be leaving the country again by tomorrow, and that’s quite sad for me because, each time he isn’t around, his wife and kids make my life a living hell.

I got into the car with dad and sat at the back seat. Then, I let out a sweet wide smile.
For once, I had the opportunity to be happy about going to the Alpha High School.
It’s a school for only the rich;like, very rich and I only got lucky because Mr. Raymond is one of the rich.

I connected my headphones as my dad started the car.
Yeah, that’s me; I’m actually a music freak. I love singing with passion.

I played one of my favorite songs as I closed my eyes, enjoying the song. It was “kiss me again” by The Loverboys.

Okay, who are the love boys?

The Love Boys is the most popular band in the US, originally made up of five young, crazily handsome and sparingly wealthy boys – Theo, Alex, Carl, Daniel and Malcolm.

Wondering why I said “originally”?

Well, that’s because Theo is no longer with them. He unexplainably left the band four years ago, and since then, nobody has ever heard from him again.

He was actually the leader of the band, but since he left, Alex took over as the leader.

According to what, I heard, Alex and Theo were childhood friends and were both lovers of music and as a result, their parents teamed up and signed up with the Alpha Records and opened a band – The Love Boys.
Then Carl, Daniel and Malcolm who were also close friends of theirs back then, also joined the band.

So, the Love Boys started at a very young age and they were doing pretty well.
But, uncannily, things changed about them and it all started four years ago. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but we’re all sure something big must have transpired between them, especially Theo and Alex.

Theo uncannily left the band and since he left, Alex also changed. Alex was a happy flirty guy, but since Theo left, that happy personality of his died off, and he became a sad quiet introvert.
I even heard he was forced by his parents to take over as the band leader.

Another strange thing that happened since Theo left is that, all the girlfriends Alex ever had all ended up dead.

Yes, since Theo left, he’s had about two girlfriends and they all ended up dead and as a result, he’s been abstaining from the company of girls. He’s been trying as much as possible to avoid any contact with girls and I actually heard even in the Love Boy’s mansion, there are no female workers there; even their cook is a boy.

I really wonder what could have happened between him and Theo, and what could also be the cause of the death of the ladies he loved. Or, could it be just a coincidence? Or could there really be something or someone behind it? And why did it start happening after Theo left?

Well, it’s not like what happened stopped Alex from being the ladies’ crush. The Love Boys were all charming, but Alex was the cutest, trust me, I play his video every day.

But when Theo was around, I heard it was difficult making a choice between him and Alex because they were both charming and breathtaking.

Trust me, if I were to choose between Theo and Alex, I wouldn’t know why to choose.
Too bad Theo left, but it’s a good thing Alex was still around to fill up the space. But, I’m still wondering why Theo left and where he is.
Will he ever come back?

‘We’re here’, my dad’s voice broke into my thoughts and I opened my eyes and discovered that we had already gotten to the Alpha High School.
Oh, heavens!
Was this a school or a hotel?

I came out of the car and stood like a statue looking around with amusement.
This building was magnificent. it looks prettier than it seems on TV and magazines. I can’t believe I’m actually here.

AHS – Alpha High School is owned by Alpha Records, the company where the Love Boys worked under.

People from outside the country travel down here just to attend AHS because they get to see their superstars almost every day.
I heard they Love Boys move around very freely over here and are only accompanied by the guards on rare occasions. But, I also heard that Alex is rarely seen.
He always isolates himself from everyone, and on most occasions, he doesn’t attend classes. He had really turned out to be an introvert.
But whenever he comes around, they entire place is always set on ovation, and I also heard some female students even end up collapsing.

I hope I also get to meet face to face with him one day.
Dad held my hand as we headed for the Principal’[s office and I couldn’t stop admiring the entire place. Securities were everywhere and pretty boys and girls could be seen walking in pairs and taking pictures.

Dad and I got to the principal’s office but at that time, he was kind of settling an issue between two parents and their kids. So, we were asked to wait outside.
We sat on the three-seater chair outside the office together with one other man and I just couldn’t wait to see the principal so that he’d assign me to my class.

While we were seated there, three pretty ladies walked by and one of them had Alex’s name written on her hand.

Then, two other boys walked by and they were talking about Kimberly.
OH Kimberly.
My role model!

She was my teacher at the Love girls – a female music band created from the Love Boys.
It was made up of eight girls and Kimberly Percival was they leader.

She’s actually my best song-writer and I love her so much.
I hope I also get to meet her here as well.

The meeting in the office was taking long and I was kind of getting impatient already.
I stood up and walked to the window in the passage, taking a look outside. I was so beautiful.

I looked back at dad and he was busy with his laptop.
well, like I said, he’s a very busy person.

Then, I decided to take a look around. Yes, just around the passage. I started walking and noticed the passages were free of students. They were probably in class.

I came to a staircase and sat by it bringing out a book from my bag, it was my song book.
I opened it and started writing new lyrics that came to my mind while I sat. I really love singing a lot, and I wish I would have an opportunity to explore it.

I was still writing in my song book when I heard a soft sound that caught my attention.

It seemed someone was playing they keyboard.

I listened carefully and noticed it was coming from upstairs.

Who could it be?

It was so enchanting.

I stood up and slowly, I started climbing the stairs.
As I drew nearer, the sound got clearer and it kept bemusing me.

But just as I finished climbing the stairs, I saw a signboard that read:
“Restricted area.
Stay back”.


But there was someone in. Why does it have to be restricted?

I stood still and the sound of the keyboard kept enchanting me.
Only an expert can play this good.
It was a slow emotional song and I wondered who it could it be.

There was a big room ahead and the door was slightly open and it was obvious the sound was coming from there.

I looked around and couldn’t find anyone.
Then, creepily, I walked pass the signboard and entered the room.

Like I said earlier, it was big and at the entrance were just scattered books, shelves ,canters, cartoons and papers. It looked more like a storage room.

I walked further and finally, I found the expert. Hah!
At last.

I smiled and looked at him and…wait!
Isn’t that…

Oh, my God!
It’s Alex.

I quickly ran and hid behind a canter.
Oh, my God!
Am I dreaming or what? am I really looking at Alex with my bare eyes?
The leader of the Loverboys?

It’s a good thing he was backing me, else, I’d have been caught.

Oh, my!
No wonder it was a restricted area.
He wanted to be alone.
He always wants to be alone.

Then that means I shouldn’t be here. If I get caught, I’m definitely going to get punished.

But at that moment, I couldn’t help but admire him.
Despite the fact he was backing me, I could still manage to have a side view of his face.

Oh, my!
He was so charming and cute.
He had a tattoo on his neck and a diamond ring on his ear.

Now I understand why the sound was so emotional.
All the songs he led have always been emotional.

All the ladies have been dying for him. But too bad they only get to see him from a distance or on TV since he doesn’t like associating with girls anymore.
I heard it’s kind of made him cold hearted to some extent.

I wonder what really happened to them.

Suddenly, he stopped playing and I wondered why.
I was kind of enjoying it.

“Do you realise this is a restricted area?” He asked and I swear, my heart stopped beating.

Does he know I’m here?

I gasped and turned around in fear, leaning my back on the canter.

Oh, God!
How did this happen?

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