🎓The 12th Dîsciplê✍️ (His Royal Majesty) Prologue👠 By: Faith Lucky The 12th Disciple. What’s it all about? Who’s the 12th Disciple? Well, follow me. There came a time when the most powerful Kingdom in Korea needed a set of loyal servants (instruments) for the progress of the Kingdom. These special servants had to come in … Read more

MR ARROGANT SEASON 2 – Episode 11-20

👔 Mr Arrogant 💓 (Ãnd the strãnge maidën) Season_2 Episode 11 By: Faith Lucky Chelsea’s pov “Seriously, such guts he has. But nevertheless, he doesn’t know what’s install for him. He’s gonna be shocked when he’ll still frame Delaney up.” Brielle smirked. “Yeah. He’s acting all innocent and like a good friend, well, we’ll see … Read more