By Kebby NG

What has she got herself into? What if she can’t handle him? She should stop before it gets out of control.

She stopped and he gave her a ‘What is wrong?’ look. “You are right, we should really go to sleep” she said and his eyes widened.

What? Is she kidding him? He pulled her hand back to her thing.

Her eyes went down there immediately and she returned her gaze to him. “Let’s finish what we started” he said as he stood up taking his shirt off in the process. She wondered where he is going but unknown to her, he isn’t going anywhere.



They went on for more than forty minutes trying different styles before they both cvm.

Jasper stared at Sharon who was sleeping peacefully. He smiled as the thought of the hot session they just had flood through his mind.

“You are finally mine” he whispered stroking her hair. She turned around and hugged him tight. “I know my secret is safe with you” he mutter pecking her cheeks.



That same night. Alex stood beside the window of his room as he watched the busy city below.

He remembered Alice and his heart started beating faster than usual. He smiled that he got to see her again.

But there was a hint of sadness in him. what if she is married? Or she has a fiancee. She is not obsessed with him it is just him who is crazily in love.

The thought of that broke his heart and he sat on the arm of the sofa behind him.

He prayed each day for then to meet again and now that they’ve met, there is no assurance that she is still willing to be with him.

They way she looked at him was different and it broke his heart. He really wish there is still a chance for her in his life.



“Good morning wifey” Jasper greeted as Sharon opened her eyes. “Morning” she mumble as she sat up.

He was in his wheelchair again. She closed her eyes immediately and reopened then again.

“Did I drink yesterday?” She ask. He replied, “no, why?”

“I had this strange dream that you can walk and we…. ” She paused and raised the duvet to stare at something which I don’t know.

“You ba$tard! You took advantage of me!” She yell trying to hit him but he wheeled his chair back.

” Take advantage of you?” He scoffed and continued “think again wifey, we made a deal and I won. I didn’t take advantage of you, you gave me willingly” he said.

” Willingly my foot? You must have used some sort of magic on me. I said I will sleep with you only if you can walk and you tricked me into believing you can. Darn I was rapped by my own husband” she cried.

” Magic? Listen to yourself. I didn’t rappe you. You enjoyed everything we did yesterday, you even m®an my name in your sleep” he blunted.

” I didn’t, I don’t sleep talk” she snapped. “I never said you sleep talk,I said you sleep m®an” he wink and she rolled her eyes.

” Get out of my way.” She said removing the duvet and her body came into view.

“Wifey, do you want us to go on another round?” He asked and she squeeze her face in confusion. She suddenly felt cold and that was when she realized that she was nked.

“Pe.rvert!” She yell grabbing the duvet to cover herself before standing up. But she fell on the bed almost immediately.

“Are you in pain?” He asked with concern. “Don’t you dare pretend to care, when it’s all your fault” she spat.

” My fault?! Why is it my fault?” He inquired, ” I wanted to stop but you begged me to continue. You even $uck my thing” he blunted.

” Ewww, don’t say it like that” she squeeze her face in disgust, ” how should I say it?” He asked

“You $uck me? You eat me?” He teased. “Shut up! Just don’t say it” she said before standing up again.

She was successful this time but she could not walk properly, she limp and Jasper chuckle. She will never change.



That same morning in a bar room. Aiden groaned as he rolled in the b.ed. He stopped when his body touched something.

He opened his eyes and sat up immediately. He stared at the strange woman beside him.

‘where am I? This is not my room. Who is this? Why is she sleeping beside me?’ a lot of questions ran through his mind as he stared around the room then back at the strange Lady.

“Hey wait up! Who are you and where are we?” He asked shaking her vigrously.

” What is it?” The lady mumble as she opened her eyes. ” Who are you? And why are you sleeping beside me….. nked?” He stutered as he saw a glimpse of her bb.

” Hi I guess we forgot to introduce each other or was it just me? Anyway I remember your name it’s Aiden, right?” She ask.

” Who are you and how did you know my name?” He asked. “Claire by name and you told me your name yesterday while you were fking me” she said shamelessly.

” Fk you? You mean I touched you?” He ask as his eyes widened in disbelief.

” Yeah” she answered. ” What the is wrong with me? Why do I keep on repeating this same mistake?” He mumble and Claire Chuckle.

” You don’t have to beat yourself up, no strings attached” she said getting up with the duvet. Aiden quickly grab his shirt on the floor to cover his thing.

She picked her clothes and purse before walking into the bathroom. Few minutes later she was done, she walked out looking sxy.


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