(My inner eyes are still working)


Meet a twenty-nine-year-old guy called Francis Mitchell.
Mitchell is the type of guy, ladies are falling in love with, he’s so tempting.

He is a billionaire child and can also be referred to as a billionaire himself.

He has a very huge expensive mansion, and that’s where he dwells, but there was a certain incident that happened to him, a particular day he went out clubbing with his friends. He was suddenly checking out those sassy ladies, who was so interesting in giving out their bodies to him, but unexpectedly a dust fell into his eyes and he got blind instantly and he cried out for help.

BLIND RICH GUY : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

That’s how he continued his life living in the darkness for years, which made his parents bring him to their own house and started giving him treatments.

His parents brought him a personal maidservant to watch over him, bath him, cook for him, and do everything he wants. But he refused to let the maid see his nkedness, which made him told his parents his inner eyes were still working, which means he can still manage to bath himself.

He can see with his inner eyes with 10% but it’s not as clear as his blinded eyes ? with 100% clear.

Despite he can still manage to do the chores himself, they disagreed and told the maid to do everything he wants for him, but he had no other choice than to accept.

Ever since the poor beautiful maid servant called Bianca, has been a help to Mitchell, we found out he was always visiting her room.

But he never made it clear to us, if he loves her or not, but one thing was that they had something together, but despite that, he’s always seen in her room.

What is Mitchell business with Bianca?

What’s he always doing there in Bianca’s room?

Mitchell’s parents prefer their son to chill with the sassy girls, even do he doesn’t want to marry them, than a common house help.

Bianca’s life was in a total big mess, ever since, Mitchell’s parents caught her chilling with their son.

Life was so expensive for her, to the essence that she hardly breathed, or else she will be punished.

But one thing also was that, Bianca was caught with Mitchell’s driver, how did you think Mitchell and his parents are going to react?

According to Bianca she said she doesn’t know when and how come she got into Mitchell’s driver’s room.

How come did she get there?
What is Mitchell’s reaction to this after he has been told?

Blind Mitchell only has a fkers, he loves sx, but has no girlfriend and refuses to propose to any woman, every lady is trying to have him, but who did you think is winning the open space in his heart?

What about his blind eyes? What solution is going to be attached to it?

This is a short synopsis, a lot is still going to happen in this story, which are not in the synopsis, don’t miss this love drama.



(My inner eyes are still working)



Everyone is just dressing up, what’s going on?

Can any of you gist me, please? Mirabel raised questions.

We don’t need to gist you. Joyce announced as she wore her shoes.

Please you guys should gist me, everywhere is trembling what’s going on?

Rayna, can you gist me please, since the rest refuses to gist me? Mirabel interrogated.

As for me, I’m going out for clubbing, I don’t know about others. I replied and wore my mini-skirt.

I’m going out for clubbing also. Joyce announced.

Same here. Kenneth implored.

Me too. Nancy whispered.

I’m there too. Clara added.

I hope you guys are not tracing my movements. I raised a question.

Why must I be tracing your movement, that’s nonsense, Everyone murmured and I rolled my eyes and fixed my huge earring on my ears, while starring at the mirror.

I’m clubbing out with Mitchell. Nancy announced and we all screamed.

I’m clubbing with him too, why did you choose to be a thief, it’s my turn to go out with him, you are a thief. Everyone squealed.

Enough of the commotion. I announced and they obeyed without a murmur.

I’m the only one clubbing with him and there’s nothing you guys can do about it. I announced and Clara laughed.

I’m clubbing with him too and there is no fking thing anyone will do about it. Clara announced as she took her bag.

You want to dare me right? I raised a question.

Keep shut, who the h’ll are you to threaten me? Clara yelled and walked away with her bag.

By the time he finally set his eyes on the loads on my chest, never will he be able to stare at another Lady. Nancy announced and packed up her bbs.

You guys are just disturbing yourself, I wonder where you guys are going to find 10 million for Mitchell suites.

Without 10 million , you can’t sit beside him, and since I’m the only one who has up to that I’ll be the only one to see him, so every one of you to stop stressing yourself, he’s mine alone. I announced and started applying cosmetics on my face.

Fk, I look so beautiful

I can’t wait to see him fall in love with my cosmetics.

He won’t be able to shun me just like the previous time.

I know I don’t have up to 10 million , but I’m ready to purchase my bone straight out today and get my cash and pay to go for a Vip suite. Nancy declared and I laughed.

Just look at this girl, you are still going to lose even if you sold out your bones straights, I’m going to be Mitchell’s lover, soon whether you like it or not. I proclaimed and rolled my eyes ?

Even if he doesn’t like me, he should just at least sleep with me, I’m well pleased, with it, I can’t do without that hot billionaire of a guy. Kenneth retorted and I laughed.

Let me go and freshen up myself, I love to see him physically, but I’m tired of watching him on TV, his picture, and the rest, I extremely want to see him in a person. Mirabel announced and ran into the bathtub.

I bet, you guys will end up being sent away by his security man, I’m going to be the one he’s falling in love with.

I’m going to package myself, I bet he will fall in love with me immediately.

Gawd, seriously, that guy stole my heart ??

I’m glad his sister gave me the full details of the club he’s visiting, I can’t wait to be there.

I’m madly in love with Mitchell

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