(I didn’t know until I lost it)

Episode 21

? Katelyn’s pov ?

We got to Becky’s apartment and without further hesitations I came down from the car and so did Dylan…

He stare at me for a while and I just kept staring at the floor clearly avoiding his gaze….

“Are you sure you’re gonna be alright?” He asked and I just nodded slowly.

“Okay… I’ll come over to check on you tomorrow” He added and i kept nodding like a lizard..

I find it hard to speak…
I don’t even know why.

He waved and got into his car and I waved back.

I watch him drive off….

And slowly I signed and got into the compound..


I walked to the door,,, got into the living room…And just when I did I shut the door behind….

I dropped to the floor…
The uncontrollable tears I’ve been trying to hold this whole time roll down my cheeks freely.

I cried so hard and I don’t know why…

I just needed to clear my head…

I really don’t know but I’m hurting…

“Kathy??” Becky rushed out of the room and walked up to me.

She dragged me up from the floor…

Even when she kept asking what happened I didn’t reply…
I just hugged her and cried in her arms

I took the glass of water from Becky and gulped some down…

She sat close to me on the couch and tucked my hair behind my ear…

“What happened Katelyn…did you had a fight with Dylan??..”
She asked and I shook my head..

“Then what happened? Why were you crying so had like you had lost someone so close to you?”

I took a deep breath before replying her ..

“I saw Leo today at the cilema”

She scoffed and adjust on the couch.

“So?? Was that why you were crying?? What did Leo do to you that made you cry so much…

“No nothing….it. Just…” I sighed.

“When I saw him I was reminded of Tyler”

Becky placed her hand on her forehead.

“Oh God,, I command sence into this girl right now” She said and I sniffed

“Kate…. why did you have to spoil the day with that good for nothing guy? you still have him in your mind??” She asked.

“Oh please Becky… don’t judge me okay?? I don’t know but the thought just niggled me” I replied and she stood up.

“Katelyn for goodness sake why do you have to think of Tyler?? That mo.nster who didn’t think of you or your child for once??.

Did you have to ruin the day by thinking about him?? What is wrong with you girl??

“You still have him in mind?? For the pass three months now he left you and didn’t care…he didn’t even look for you?? Isn’t it high time you move on Kate? Look on the bright side…

Dylan has been always here for you…he stayed and was relieving you of your pains…he never left you for once… aren’t you gonna give him a chance already??” She snapped like a mother who was deciding her child.

“Katelyn don’t be like this” She added and I just let tears roll down my cheeks…

She bushed her hair with her fingers and sat back down…

She wiped my tears and arranged my hair…

“Kate…. Tyler doesn’t love you anymore….if he doesn’t he would’ve come looking for you… don’t wait for him ….and Don’t waste your love on someone like him…he has forgotten about you and your daughter don’t you get that?

Please give Dylan a chance and be happy again because you deserve to be happy”

“I hate seeing you this way and you know it… don’t do this to yourself”

She said and stood up..

“I am not saying all this for you to cry over it okay? Think about this Kate..” She concluded and with that she walked out… heading to her room..

I sat back and cried…

? Dylan’s Pov ?

The ray of the sun light reflected on the louvers and I could feel it on my face…

I had my eyes opened this whole time…

I couldn’t help but think about her all through the night…


There’s no doubt that she’s still in love with that guy…

Her reaction said it all…

But wait…
Where have I gone wrong…

I’ve been always with her…

Doesn’t she knows that I’m in love with her already??
Must I blab it out?

Why have she not given me a chance already?

I mean…I’ve tried all I could but she doesn’t seem to be seeing my feelings for her and it hurts alot…

I’m hurting so badly…

I’ve fallen in love with her…

I sighed and turned to the other side of the bed.

The door to my room opened and Alfred came in…

Does this guy ever knock??

“Hey don’t tell me you’re still sleeping?” He asked and i just sighed…

He came to sit at the edge of the bed.

“Dylan seriously I’m mad at you. Why didn’t you pick any of my calls last night where you that busy with Katelyn to see my call??…why didn’t you send the picture of the sketch to Cali…Huh? Must I do everything?” He asked thous of questions and I scoffed.

“Please Red I’m not in the mood to reply to any silly questions of yours…it’s still early”

I said and he gasped,,placing his hand on his chest and acted like he wanted to cry and I cracked.

This boy..
Must he always be funny??

I guess am really fund of laughing too much I can’t even pretend like I was mad…

“You dare call my questions $illy huh??” He said and hit me on my forehead..

“Ahh!…..get out of my room you dummy!” I said and kicked him out of my sight

“What?? Did you just kic…… come here I’ll teach you a lesson!!” He said and jumped on top of me.

He started tickling me..

“Give me your phone right now I’ll send it myself..come on… give it..give me now!…I’m serious…give it! I won’t let you go until you give it…” He said still tickling me.

“Red stop it I’m not joking…get of me….I’ll sIit your throat if I get a hold of you…..Ahh…stop it” I said while laughing seriously..

I hate tickling!


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