By Succie

Chapter 41


Emily quickly enters the hospital and sees Cora sitting on the floor crying, and her clothes were all filled with Clark’s bIood.

Cora has earlier called her, that Clark was shot by one of the thugs, who tried to rape her.

“Cora”. Emily calls her name.

Cora looks at her, and quickly stands up from where she was sitting, and went to hug her mom crying.

“Is all my fault mom, is all my fault why Clark is in danger right now, if something bad happens to him, I won’t be able to take it mom, am just going to die as well”. Cora said crying.

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Emily disengage the hug, and cleans the tears in Cora’s eyes.

“Nothing is going to happen to Clark okay, where is he”.

“The doctor is still operating on him, he got shot because of me Mom, I have never been good to him, but he still tried to protect me”. Cora said crying.

“That enough Cora, Clark will be fine”.

Cora cleans the tears in her eyes, still hicupping in tears.

“Mom do the school by chance have Clark’s parents number, I couldn’t find it in his phone”.

“You didn’t know”.

“Know about what”.

“Clark’s parents are already dead, they died in a plane crash when he was 4 years old”.

“What,,,, Clark is an orphan, but how come he is able to attend Genie high”.

“That because his parents left a huge inheritance for him before they died, he manages his late dad’s company during the holidays, he told Mr Jung about his life, and I got to know about his life in his files, didn’t he tell you”.

And Cora shakes her head.

“He didn’t mom, I guess no in class knows too, Clark is an orphan”. Cora muttered and broke into tears.

Emily pulls her into a hug.

“Stop crying already Cora, Clark is going to be fine, have you called anyone from school”.

Cora disengage the hug and looks at her.

“Yes I have, I called Audrey too, and she is on her way here”.

“Then I will have to inform Ryan about it, since he is friends with him too.

And Cora nods with tears falling down her eyes.


Leah sits in the bed, staring into space, when Ryan enters the room.

“You aren’t asleep”. He asked.

Leah looks at him and sighs.

“Am not feeling sleepy Ryan”.

Ryan looks at her for a while, before sitting with her on the bed.

“Why Leah, are you still thinking about what my mom and Emily did, you are mad at them right”.

“I already told you Ryan, am not the kind of person that holds grudges, am no longer mad at them”.

“So what are you thinking about”.

“Is my best friend Mina, and mother superior, I bet they will be so worried about me, and I can’t help but Wonder how they are,,so I will be going back to Daegu tomorrow”.

Ryan looks at her and gulmps down nothing, Leah could see how sad he looks, and she held his hand.

“But am going to come back here Ryan, I just want to see how they are doing and come back”.

“So you will continuing living here”.

“I already have a life here Ryan, and I can’t bear being far away from you,,,I just hope Mother superior understand when I tell her I no longer want to be a Nun”.

“Then I will go with you Leah, we will explain things to her together”.

Leah looks at him and smiles.

“Thank you so much Ryan”.

Ryan smiles and caress her cheeks, and then his phone rang.

He looks at the caller and then to Leah.

“Is Aunt Emily”.

“Go ahead and answer the call”.

Ryan nods, and swipe the answer button.

“Hello Aunt Emily,,,,,what!!!!!!!!”.

And Leah quickly looks at him.

“Which hospital is he in,,,fine,,,we will be there”. Ryan said and ended the call, and looks at Leah who was so eager know what was going on.

“Clark got shot”.

“What!!!!!!, How??”.

“I don’t know the full details Leah, but is somehow connected with Cora, we have to go to the hospital Leah”.

Leah nods her head.

And both leaves the mansion, and headed for the hospital.


The moment the doctor came out from the operation room, Cora quickly approach him.

“How is he doctor”. She asked sobbing in tears, while Emily patted her from behind.

“We have successfully removed the bu.llets from his body, and fortunately, the bu.llets didn’t affect any of his vital organs, so he is saved”. The doctor said.

And a huge smile appears on Cora’s face.

“So he is going to be fine”.

“Yes, he is going to wake up soon,,,,,excuse me for a moment”. The doctor said and leaves

“Mom, Clark is alive”. She muttered looking so happy, and Emily caress her cheeks smiling.

Audrey quickly approach Cora panicking, and seeing the bIood stains on Cora’s clothes, made her heart beat runs to 360 degree.

“Where is Clark, what happened to him”. Audrey said already shaking.

“He is finally out of danger now Audrey”. Cora said.

And Audrey let a sigh of relief, as tears Falls down her eyes.

“So he still alive”. She asked again.

And Cora nods her head, while Emily looks at Audrey, she could easily tell that Audrey has feelings for Clark.

“Where is Clark”. Ryan asked immediately they approach them.

Emily looks at Leah before answering Ryan’s question.

“He is fine, fortunately he is out of danger”.

Ryan gave out a sigh of relief, and he looks at Cora.

“Are you happy now”.

“What are you trying to say Ryan”. Cora asked cleaning the tears in her eyes.

“Clark is in the hospital because of you, I can’t believe he tried to protect you after everything you have done to him,,, he was always there for you Cora, but all you gave him was nothing but heartaches and pains, you don’t deserve Clark’s love Cora!!”. Ryan half yells at her.

“I know is all my fault, I know I was always mean to him, but right I want nothing else but to see him alive again, that all I want!!”. Cora yells hicupping in tears, and runs out of the hospital premises.

“Cora!!”. Emily calls her name.

“You shouldn’t have talk to her that way Ryan”. Leah muttered.

Ryan looks at her and sighs.

As for Audrey, she just sits in a corner sobbing in tears, all her mind was occupied with the fact that Clark was ready to lay down his life for Cora, despite everything she has done to him.


A boy of 18, sits in the hospital bed, he looks at the door for a while, before disconnecting the drip attached to his hand.

He came down from the bed, and slowly opens the door, and when he looks left and right, and sees no sign of his mom coming, he smiles and went back to the bed.

He brought out his phone which he hides under the pillow, and quickly dials a number, with his eyes not leaving the door, for fear that his mom might see him using a cellphone.

“Hello love bug”. He quickly said the moment she picked.

?Yes Ivan. She said over the phone.

“How are you love bug”.

?Am fine.

“Am sorry about what my mom did to you, am so sorry”.

“Is fine Ivan, am okay anyway,,,how are you”.

Ivan smiles and said.

“Am fine, but am still in the hospital”.

? Hospital, you are going to get another surgery.

“Yes, you know I have a weak heart, so my mom is just conscious of my health, but don’t worry, after the surgery, it will take some time, before I have another surgery”.

?Am sorry I can’t be there for you Ivan, it hurts me so much knowing am not there with you.

Ivan smiles and said.

“Is fine love bug, am just so happy to hear your voice again, I miss you so much”.

?I miss you too Ivan, I wish I can be there with you right now. She said over the phone with a sad voice.

“Are you crying”.

?I can’t help but cry, I can’t be with you in your sick bed for fear that your mom might do something to me, I really wish I can be there for you Ivan. She said sniffing back her eyes.

Ivan cleans the tears in his eyes.

“Is all my fault too, because am of my weak heart, I can’t do anything to protect you from my mom, am sorry love bug”.

?You don’t have to apologise Ivan, because no matter what your mom does to me, am always going to love you, I love you so much Ivan”. She said over the phone sniffing back her tears.

“I love you so much too”. Ivan said, and Cleans the tears in his eyes.

?I have to end the call now Ivan, I have something to do, but I will create a chance to come see you in the hospital,,,bye Ivan.

“Bye love bug”.

And the moment he ended the call, a woman in her late 40s enters the ward, and she happens to be Ivan’s mom.

The moment Ivan sees her, he quickly hides the phone, before he could see her, and also use the pillow to cover his hand, so she won’t know he has disconnected the drip attached to his hand.

The woman turns to him and looks at him for a while and asked.

“What are you doing”.

“No….thing Mom”. He answers looking scared.

“Were you talking to that no good girl again”.

“You already took my cellphone, laptops and everything from me, so how I can reach her, since am stuck here in the hospital”.

“That good to know Ivan, because I won’t think twice of sending that girl to her Early grave, if I found out that you are on speaking terms with her”.

And Ivan just look at his mom, without saying a word.

“Get ready Ivan, your surgery is in 10 minutes”.

“Do I really need to undergo a surgery mom, this will be the fifth heart surgery am having this week”.

“Then you shouldn’t have had a weak heart Ivan, if you don’t continue with your treatment, you might die from it, so shut up and be thankful am that am trying to help you live, so get ready, is that taken”.

“Yes mom”.

“Good”. She looks around the ward for a minute before walking out of the ward.

And when she left, Ivan quickly brought out his phone from where he has earlier hidden it, thanks to his personal bodyguard, he was able to gain access to a new phone.

Ivan continues looking at the numorous pictures of the girl he loves so much in his phone, and keeps smiling.

“Don’t worry Love bug, when I finally overcome this weak heart of mine, am going to confront my mom, I love you so much”. Ivan said and kiss the picture of his love bug on the phone.


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