By Succie Brown



Stacey Keeps ironing Angelo’s jacket smiling so brightly.

“Aren’t you going to stop, you have been on that for hours?” Stacey’s mom said.

“Is the jacket of my crush mom, so I have to make sure is strengthen very well” Stacey smiling.

“Are you referring to that Angelo Guy? The one your obsessed with”

“Mom. I’m not with him” Stacey said with a frown.


“Yes you’re. You have his photos glued in every walls of your room and since your good at drawing, you drew a picture of you both getting married and not only that, your refusing to go Iraq because of him”

“We have talked about this before mom, I’m not going to Iraq, I’m going to stay here in Chicago and get married to my dream man… Angelo Dawson” Stacey said smiling.

“Suit yourself then, But I hope with your obsession over him, you won’t get hurt in the process” Her mom said tutting, and leaves for her room.

Stacey heaves out a sigh when she was done ironing the jacket, she hugs Angelo’s jacket so tightly.

“Your mine no matter what Angelo, I’m going to do my very best to have you to myself…. I love you” She hugging the jacket more tightly.




Angelo falls on the bed when he entered his room, he place his hand under his head and gave out a long sighs.

“I hope she’s okay? And I guess she’ll be surprised that I talked to her today, Not knowing I’ve been indirectly talking to her”


Angelo was on his way to the CAD’S lounge, when he sees Sabrina taking to their homeroom teacher.

“Can you give me some more time, I promise to buy the rest of the textbook, I don’t have enough money right now” Sabrina said with glassy eyes.

“Am sorry Sabrina but we can’t postpone the end of this session because of you”

“But Ma, if you give me an F in GPA, My scholarship might be rescinded”

“That’s why you have to find a way Sabrina… I heard your Dad is still alive why don’t you talk to him about it” The homeroom teacher said and leaves.

Sabrina sighs fighting back her tears, and Angelo watch her as she cries silently.

The following day, Angelo enters the class and when he sees no one inside, he dropped the entire textbooks Sabrina needed in her desk and wrote in a piece of paper.


Sabrina enters the class and sees the textbook and also the short note, she looked around wondering where the note came from, Angelo hides so Sabrina won’t see him.

After anticipating on what the short note was about, she jumped to her feet laughing, and her happiness brought extremely joy to Angelo.




Angelo was going back home, when he sees Sabrina running through the spaces of the cars, panting and crying at thesame. His heart almost left him, when she was almost hit by a car.

“Where’s she going?”

And without hesitating, he followed her and discovered her brother was in the hospital because of food posion.

And after Sabrina left because she got a call from her boss, Angelo entered the ward.

“Who’re you?” The doctor asked

“Begin the treatment on him, I’ll double it if you want, but just make sure she doesn’t cry because her brother’s ailment”

“May I know who you are?”

“Angelo….. But don’t disclose my identity to her, she must not know I helped her” Angelo said.

And that was also how he paid for Sabrina’s rent, although her brother already identified his face, but he (Seth) doesn’t know his name.


Angelo sighs again and he keeps staring at the ceiling.

“What I hate is seeing you cry Rina, You may not know this, but I love you, I fell for you the very day you walked into the class as a new student. I’m ready to do anything just to make you happy, and I hope I’ll be able to confess my undying feelings for you someday” Angelo said staring into space.




“What’s all this mom? Are you planning on opening a handbag store?”

“No son”

“So why did you have so many bags on the bed?” Carding asked again.

“Is for my daughter in-law”

And Carding creased his brows.

“Daughter in-law? Do you have another son apart from me whose married?”

Odessa laughs.

“Am taking about Paige son”

“Paige? Your calling page your daughter in-law, but she’s not even my girlfriend”

“That’s because your being slow, You can’t even ask her out”

“I don’t want to get heartbroken mom, She only sees me as a friend”.

“Then try making her fall for you”

“How mom?”

Odessa looks at him and smiled.



“Angelo! Angelo!” Stacey calls, running to meet him.

Angelo stopped walking on seeing her.


“Hi Angelo, how’re you?” Stacey asked smiling.

“I’m Good” Angelo said and tries to leave, but Stacey held his hand.

“Wait a second Angelo” She said and Angelo looks at him.

“I’ve something to give you” She said and brought out his jacket, that was folded neatly.

“I gave this to Rina last night, Why’re you the one giving it to me?” Angelo asked.

“That’s because she won’t be in school today”

“Why? Is she sick?” Angelo asked getting worried already.

“No she’s not. She’s job hunting”

“Don’t she get tired of working?

“She has a brother to feed and take care of, she’s the one sending little Seth to school, that’s why she over working”

Angelo sighs.

“I feel so bad for her” He muffled.


“Is nothing… You can keep the jacket”

“Really, you want me to have this?” She asked smiling and Angelo nods.

“Thanks Angelo, Are you free this weekend?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Emm, I was hoping we watch a movie together, my mom brought two tickets, but she can make it to this weakend Cinema show… Can you go with me?”

“You can with Rina, she’s your best friend, right?”

“Yes she’s, but she won’t be available this weekend, even Desiree and Paige won’t be available” Stacey lied.

Her mom didn’t get any ticket, she herself brought those tickets, so she can watch a movie with Angelo, which means spending more time with him.

“Can you please go with me? I don’t want the tickets to go to waste” Stacey said with pleading eyes.

Angelo sighs.

“Alright, I’ll go with you”

“Really? Thanks so much Angelo, your the best?”

Angelo smiles lightly and leaves.

“Yes” Stacey said squealing.



Screams filled the basketball arena as the students watch the boys playing basketball, but their eyes were more forcus on The CAD’S.

Paige, Desiree and Stacey were also present

Paige cheering for Carding, Stacey cheering for Angelo and Desiree…. Let’s say she wasn’t in any team, she screams for any Guy that gets to throw a ball inside the net.

? Carding, your the best

? Carding your so handsome

? Carding, Please date me

?I love love you Carding

? Carding!!!

The girls keeps screaming his name, Paige looks at them and frown.

“Is he the only Guy playing the basketball? Why can’t they call other guys?” Paige muffled with a frown.

She looks at him and she could feel herself getting wet.

He was wearing an armless sport, which was revealing his arms and his clammy hair falls perfectly on his forehead.

Paige gulped down hard, as butterflies became choristers in her stomach.

Her feelings for him were growing each day, and that’s what she can’t denied. She continues watching him as he played the basketball game, with her smiles and heartbeat increasing every single seconds.

After the game ended, Paige took a lemon Demi soda from her backpack to give to Carding, but Nadine beats her to it.

“Here you go Carding” Nadine said smiling and Paige frowns.

Carding just looks at her.

“Aren’t you going to accept my soda, from what I remember we weren’t fighting, right?”

“No” Carding answers.

“We’re childhood friends Carding, I hope you don’t forget that, you should at least treat me more nicely since we’ve known each other for long”

“Fine. Sorry if I’ve been a little bit distance”

“Is fine Carding, Accept my soda, that way we’re back to being friends” Nadine said smiling.

Carding chuckles and was about taking the soda from Nadine, when Paige screams in pain.

“My tommy ahhhhh, it hurts, My tommy hurts so much” Paige winces falling to the floor, holding her stomach.

Carding quickly rush to her, not taking the drink from Paige.

“Paige… Are you all right?”

“No I’m not, my stomach hurts a lot, I feel like I’m going to die, ahhh” Paige winces.

“Don’t say the word dying Paige, Can you walk? I’ll take you to the school’s clinic”

“No I can’t, my stomach hurts so much ahhhhh” Paige cries.

And Carding quickly carries her in a bridal and leaves the basketball arena.

“Will she be okay?” Stacey asked worriedly.

“She’s fine, she’s faking it” Desiree said.


“Paige isn’t just a crazy girl, but a good actress too… She should go into acting” Desiree said and chuckles.


Paige kept smiling as Carding takes her to the school’s clinic.

“Your not wincing anymore, Are you ok now?”

“Ahhhhhh, it hurts so much” Paige fakes a wince resting her head on his chest.


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