By Succie Brown

“Am I late?” Paige asked rushing to where Desiree was.

“No but is about to start… But where did you go?” Desiree asked.

“I went to see a friend, his name is Carding?”

“Carding Wendell?”

“You know him” Paige asked.

“Of course I do, everyone whose eager to go to Empire High knows him, he and his friends, Angelo and Dylan are popular here in this school, and they’re known as the CAD, Carding is more popular since his dad owns this school”.


“Carding’s Dad is the founder of Empire High!” Paige said with eyes wide opened.

“There’re lots of things you need to know, and I being the gossip Queen, I’ll tell you all the latest gist, but let’s forcus more on the exam first” Desiree said and Paige nods.

Both were about entering the exam hall, when Stacey approach them.

“Am I late for the exam?” She asked trying to caught her breath.

“No, we’re just about to enter” Paige said.

And she let out a relief.

“Thank God, Anyways am Stacey” She said smiling.

“I’m Desiree AKA Gossip Queen”.

“I’m Paige, AKA crazy noise maker”

Stacey laughs.

“You both are funny, I think I like you two already, You don’t mind being friends with me right?” Stacey asked smiling.

“No” Paige and Desiree said.

Stacey giggles and held their hands.

“Thanks alot, am also going to show you both my Best friend, she gained scholarship last session, she’s isn’t the lively one, but she’s the best” Stacey said smiling.

Paige and Desiree returns the smile.

The time for the exam was announced, and the three went in to write the exam.

And all through the exam, Paige was ticking any options that comes to her head.



Nadine screams so loudly as she enters the restroom, she was burning in great anger, and the fact that Carding defended her worsten everything.

“How dare she call me a brain connected with wire and not only that a broom stick, Carding even went as far as supporting her, he took side with her instead of me, who have been his childhood friend, I must find a way to get rid of that girl, I can’t let her be in this school, Carding is mine and mine alone!!!!” She screams angrily.

She takes her phone and dial someone’s number.

“Hello, Aunt Odessa” Nadine said.

“Nadine, Why did you call?”

“Cuz I seriously need your help, Will you help me?”

“Sure, What do you want Nadine?” Odessa asked.

“I can’t tell you over the phone, Can I meet up with you?”

“Sure, you can come over to the house” Odessa said and Nadine smirks.



“How was the exam?” Carding said walking in the school hallway with her.

Stacey already left for her part-time job, and Desiree left too to help her dad out in his shop. Paige didn’t want to go home, so she decided to walk around the school premises with Carding, who accepted to.

“I won’t be surprised if I fail, cos I didn’t know what I answered”.

“Your going to pass” Carding said.

“Are you going to use your influence as the son of the owner of Empire High to make sure I pass?”. She asked

Carding looks at her.

“How did you know?”

“I have a friend who seems to know all the latest gist, So she told me, Why didn’t you tell me Carding?”

“I felt it wasn’t necessary, Are you mad at me?” Carding asked.

“Why should I? Is your choice to tell me and is also your choice not to…. Let’s cerebrate”


“Your going to take care of I passing right, So we should cerebrate that I have pass”.

Carding smiles.

“You amaze me Paige”


“Here I thought you were going to get angry if you find out that I cheated your way in Into Empire High”

“And why should I? I don’t have the brain to pass an exam, and someone offers to help, of course I should be more than happy, it only happens in movie Carding, where the girl will want to pass with her brain and blames the guy for helping her through illegal means… In real life, no one will stress their brains, if they have backups, and since you have my back in the exam, we should cerebrate, but is going to be on you, I don’t have money” Paige said and Carding laughs.

“Your crazy Paige”

“I wasn’t jocking when I said I was crazy, am the craziest of them all…. So drinks on you right?”

Carding nods smiling.

“This is why I love you so much” Paige said.

“I better get use to your naughty words, or I might take it to heart” Carding said and Paige giggles.



“Cheers!!!” Paige screams clicking the glass with Carding as she gulps down the entire liquor in the glass cup.

She’s has been drinking since they got to the bar, Carding tries stopping her from drinking, but she keeps insisting on drinking.

“Is late already Paige, let’s go home” Carding said.

A Paige looks at him and smiles.

“Your so handsome” She said giggling.

“Your drunk, I’ll take you home, Where do you live?” He asked.

“Down down down down the street” Paige said laughing.

“I shouldn’t have let her drink” Carding mutttered, helping Paige stand on her feet.

“I don’t want to go home, let’s drink some more… You should also sing too, I so much love your voice” Paige said laughing.

“Let’s just go” Carding said holding her, but Paige jerk his hand off and climbs on the table.

“Everyone!!!” She screams laughing, attracting the other customers.

“I’m the MC of today, and our upcoming Soloist Carding Wendell, is going to sing for us, come up on stage, cheer for him woah!!!” Paige screams and all eyes fell on Carding.

“I’m not a singer” He said and carries Paige.

“His a singer, his really good, his stupid Dad is the one stopping him, Your going to love his voice” Paige said as Carding takes her out of the bar.



Carding breaths in and out after he managed to put Paige Inside the car, she has been displaying outside the bar.

“Why did you drink when you can’t handle it?” He asked.

Paige looks at him and giggles.

“Cuz I wanted to… Carding” she called him and Carding looks at her.

“Thank you” She said smiling.

“For what?” He asked.

“I know we just met, and don’t know much about each other, but you have been a great friend to me, You help me without asking for anything in return, I wish you will be given a chance to do what you want, I really want to see you sing” She said smiling.

“Is impossible Paige… So tell me where you live”

“I don’t know… All I want to do right now is kss you” She said and Carding looks at her.

“Your lips are so tempting and am sure is going to taste like my favorite vanilla lollipop” Paige said giggling.

“You want to kss me?” He asked

And Paige nods.

“A deep wet one” She said staring at his lips.

“You won’t kll me tomorrow right?” Carding asked.

Paige giggles and shakes her head, she held the collar of his shirt and claims his lips taking possession of his lips.

It took some seconds before Carding reciprocated, he wrapped his hands around her body, pulling her more closer to himself, kssing her back hungrily.

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