By Succie Brown



Carding staggeringly enters the house and sees his mom watching TV.


“You’re the worst mom ever!!!”

“Did something happen?”

“Don’t pretend like you know nothing. When you got pregnant by wedlock, you should have just klled way before I was born, maybe I won’t have come into this world and fell helplessly in love with my stepsister!!” Carding yells at his mom, crying.


“Fall in love with your stepsister? What are you trying to say Carding?”

“You told me that Tessa died way before you met dad and that you both had a one nightstand because the two of you both were drunk.

So why did heck is she still alive claiming that Paige is her daughter and Vince is Paige’s Dad!!!”.

“Tessa is still alive, and Paige is her daughter?” Odessa said trying to hide how surprised she was.

“Seems like you knew Tessa had a child for Dad. What’s going on Mom? What really happened 18 years ago” Carding asked crying.

“All I know is Tessa was also pregnant during the time I took in”.

“That means you already knew Dad and Tessa were together and yet you slept with him?”

“I never knew they will be back together after their break-up. And I loved your dad, so I took the opportunity granted to me at that time” Odessa said and more tears falls down Carding’s eyes.

“You should have terminated me back then. You shouldn’t have given birth to me knowing that Vince doesn’t love you!!!”


“You ruined my life mom. Ever since I was a kid, not once have I experienced what it like to have a dad that cares about you.

And now that I finally found someone who I love so much, who makes me happy, the reason I keep having a second thought about living, she turns out to be my sister.

Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is? All this while I’ve been loving and kssing my sister, we almost had sx!!!!”.

“Vince is your Dad Carding and you have to accept the fact that Paige is your sister” Odessa said.

“I rather die than accept Paige as my sister. Is better I end my life than accept that I and Paige are sharing the same dad!!” Carding yells and leaves the house.

“Carding” Odessa said trying to go after Carding, but she stopped and folded her fists angrily.

“Tessa is still alive and Paige is Vince’s little daughter from years ago? How did that happen? No, I can’t let them take Vince from me. Vince is mine!!!”. She shouted insanely.



“Did you find her?” Vince asked Tessa. Both have been searching for Paige, but couldn’t find her.

“No I didn’t” Tessa said and Vince resumes his cry.

“Is surely going to be hard for her to forgive me. And I won’t blame her if she loathes me so much. I did a lot of terrible things to her.

I almost st.rangle my own daughter to d.eath. What kind of a father am I? I couldn’t even have the slightest feelings that I was with my baby Cassandra all this while” Vince said crying.

“But what changed you Vince. The Vince I knew years ago wasn’t this ruthless. What happened to the man I fell in love with?”.

“After I lost you both, life became meaningless to me. And slowly I transferred into a monster.

If you and Cassandra are alive now, then who was the woman and the baby whose heads were chopped off years ago” Vince asked with tears falling down his eyes.

“It wasn’t I and Cassandra, Vince. I guess the woman who tried to kll me years ago was the one who manipulated everything”.

“A Woman?”

“Yes Vince. I couldn’t see her face that night Cuz she was masked up. After I fell inside the deep ocean, I was rescued by Clark and his late mom, who told me I already spent five years of my life in coma.

After I got back to my feet, I began searching for my daughter and in the process of doing so, I found that you had a child with another woman who was also the same age as Cassandra.

And thinking about that, I couldn’t go back to you, I just forcus on my architect career and looking for my daughter” Tessa said.

“I’m sorry Tessa. Sorry I didn’t tell you about Odessa getting pregnant before we got married” Vince said with a crying voice and Tessa hugged him.

“What matters now is to win our daughter’s heart and find the woman who tried to kll me years ago, Cuz I know she still alive” Tessa said.

Vince hugs her tightly with tears falling down his eyes like rain.

“I missed you so much Tessa. Thank you for coming back to me” Vince said hugging her tightly, crying.


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